October 2011

In college, I practically lived at a bar called Hemingway’s.  You see, Hemingway’s was amazing for two very simple reasons:  on Wednesdays, they offered $1 draft Blue Moons.  Just ONE DOLLAR.  Music to my college ears. Sadly, I went back to Hemingway’s a few years ago, and $1 Blue Moons are now $1.25.  Inflation blows. [...]


One Year Ago…

I ran my second – and fastest – marathon.  Never say never, but I anticipate it will be my second, fastest, and last marathon.  I didn’t think I had a sub 4:30 marathon in me (my first was 4:54) but I crossed the finish line in 4:22:38, what I considered a ridiculous improvement.    My time [...]


Bow Chicka Bow Bow

Could Caitlin break free of the powerful glue known as Sunday Afternoon holding her butt to the couch? Why, YES!    By some miracle, I managed to get dressed, propel myself out the door, and bang out a lovely 3.5 miles.  So proud – the furthest I’ve run in a long, long time (I’ve really [...]


Double Date

Boys at the bar, watching football: Leaving Nicole and I ample time for girl talk.    Hope your Sunday is going well!  I, for one, cannot believe it’s already 3 PM.  We slept very late and did little besides lay on the couch.  Eventually, I dragged myself into the kitchen to prep breakfast: Toast and [...]


Most Random Costumes, Ever

Happy (almost) Halloween! I was so excited to go out tonight – we thought we were going to have to miss the parties.  It would’ve been a shame to waste these epic costumes! We’re German Bavarian.  Never thought I’d see the Husband in lederhosen.  Maggie was my wienerschnitzel.    We rented our costumes from a [...]


Tennis Saturday

Fun to read everyone’s responses on the How Cra-azy Is Your Workout Drawer? post.  Good to know that others are secret race shirt pack rats, too.  Heh!   I forgot to blog about my biggest workout gear mistake.  About a year ago, I bought a pack of cheap socks – about 10 socks with a [...]


How Cra-azy Is Your Workout Drawer?

Mine is pretty nuts. My workout drawer spills over to TWO drawers, and they are positively stuffed.  When I do laundry, I can’t completely close the drawers.  Surprisingly, I purchased a very small percentage of my workout gear; most of my stuff are free race shirts, hand-me-downs from friends, and old workout clothes from the [...]


Running in the Colors

Today is one of those chilly, gray, heavy Fall days.  I love it.  And it appears that – seemingly overnight – all the trees changed from green to mostly orange or yellow or red.  So many colors on the branches.  A warm breakfast for a cold morning:   Scrambled eggs Sautéed mushrooms Steamed broccoli All [...]


Like a Kid

Another awesome day coaching Girls on the Run.  It truly is the best part of our week. Today’s lesson was on being assertive with your feelings.  We learned the ‘magical combination’ of phrases to use when someone is bothering you (like little brothers!):   I feel … When you …. Because it makes me feel [...]


Frito Feet + Miss Representation

Okay – this might be weird… But does anyone really love the smell of hot dog?  Not the kind that go in buns.  But hot dogs.  As in, toasty pets.  James smells like Fritos when he gets hot.  When I get hot, I smell l like old socks.  No fair!    (And yes – James [...]


Life is Not a Supermarket

I have a friend named Becki.  Becki is so kind that everyone calls her ‘Mother Teresa.’  I have never heard her utter a mean word about anyone else.  She is never jealous.  She never gossips.  She is good, through and through.   A few months ago, Nicole and I were on a run.  I spent [...]


A Lazy Wednesday

Hello, Charlotte.  Good to be back.  Very good. I actually managed to finagle my way onto an earlier flight and got home three and a half hours earlier than expected, which was awesome!  This meant I had enough time to dash to the clinic and help out, checking out a few patients.    And once [...]


$15 to Save a Life

Here is an amazing guest post from Elizabeth Bryan, the co-author and co-inventor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul: Count Your Blessings book and game.  I was horrified and amazed when I heard of Elizabeth’s near-death experience… and incredibly moved by her simple call to action.  Here’s Elizabeth!   I wanted to share how [...]


Shroomy Mashed Potatoes

I am very, very excited for the changing season.  Not because I love the cold (I don’t – brr!) but because I love the FOOD.  This post kicks off a returning series on Healthy Tipping Point – Vegetarian Thanksgiving.  And for the initial post, I’m doing a fun ‘giveaway’; see the end of the post!  [...]

Healthy Tipping Point