March 2009

Rain Washes the Heat Away

Good evening! I hope you guys had a productive Tuesday -- we're almost over the mid-week hump!   Mid-afternoon snacks:  Chobani yogurt and granola (times two). Orange raisins!  These were delish (and from England). It was sooo hot this afternoon, but luckily the first Florida monsoon of the summertime rolled in and washed the heat [...]


Submit Your Favorite Quote

I truly love SAMMIES! Lunch featured one of my favorite ways to eat a sammie: in a nice, squishy hot dog bun. I also had grapes and celery on the side.  I always feel like a goddess when I eat a bunch of grapes... I just pretend someone else is feeding them to me (and [...]


Do you ever wake up and then immediately start scheming of ways to go back to sleep?  You know... "if I skip my shower, I can sleep 10 more minutes" or "if I eat cereal instead of oatmeal, I can sleep for 5 more minutes." Bargaining with myself never works, so I just pushed myself [...]


Car Wash = Cardio

Good evening!  I'm SO glad Monday is over, how about you?   Mid-afternoon snackies included Shredded Wheat + skim: I also microwaved an apple and covered it with cinnamon and brown sugar. Side Note:  Here's the #1 Weiner in the Whole Wide World: After work, I drove the Husband's car (a 2 seater Toyota MR2 [...]


Do You Fixate?

Afternoon!  All is well in my world, considering it's a Monday.   OK -- by now I'm guessing you're really, really sick of hearing of my Twilight obsession (I subjected readers to it last fall as well, it's just been re-triggered by the DVD release), but I downloaded the Twilight Soundtrack this morning and it [...]


If you've been reading the blog since Christmas time, you know I am obsessed with gingerbread cookies.  Mmmmm.  I decided to give my pancakes a little bit of a gingerbread spin this morning. I added pinches of ginger and cloves, a bunch of cinnamon, and a dollap of molasses to prepared Hodgson Mill's InstaBake WW [...]


Italian Overload (Not a Bad Thing!)

It's been a nice Sunday... lot of laying around, reading, and working on the holistic website.   I had a sweet snack around 2PM. I started with 1/2 a Cadbury's Caramel Egg and a glass of milk, but I ate the other half about an hour later.   And a plum and melon. The Husband [...]


Good morning.  I had a wonderful 10-mile run.  I definitely needed (both mentally and physically) a good run!   Before leaving, I ate a full breakfast. Coffee + banana oatmeal. My oatmeal contained:   1/2 cup oatmeal 1/2 cup milk 1/2 cup water 1 sliced banana Toppings: unsweetened coconut, pecans, and brown sugar I got [...]


Cutting Loose

Thank you SO much for your sweet and kind comments on my life bonk revelation.  It means a lot to me to have your support... truly!   One way to cut down on my stress is to actually get stuff done... I worked all afternoon and checked many things off my to do list.   [...]


I’m Having a Major Life Bonk

Good morning!  I hope you're having a pleasant Saturday so far!  I slept until 9 AM (woo hoo), which felt GREAT.  After groggily stumbling into the kitchen, I made myself a nice pre-run snack. I had coffee and WW toast with 1 tablespoon of PB.  And then I set off on my 4.0  mile run.... [...]


Nap > Run (Today)

I think I was worn out from volunteering + errands, because I fell asleep on the couch!  As a result, I missed my run. But, I'll make it up tomorrow.   Here are my afternoon eats.... I had a major attack of Easter Candy.  I think I need to throw it all out (thanks, mom... [...]


Second Harvest

Afternoon! My volunteering stint at Second Harvest was rewarding and very eye-opening. I arrived at Second Harvest and was greeted warmly by the two volunteer coordinators.  Myself and two other new volunteers toured the facilities and learned about Second Harvest's mission. Did you know that the average family of four who seeks food assistance from [...]


Get It Done

As I mentioned a few days ago, my life is getting busier and busier and I have less time to dilly-dally in the mornings.  I'm making a real effort to just wake up and get it done instead of lounging around.   With bleary eyes and bed head, I popped in the 30 Day Shred.   [...]


WOW - I am so relieved my work week is over.   Work dragged this afternoon.  I ate some fun snacks, though!  Like shredded WW cereal with skim. Dates: Cold bread: After work was over, I met Meghann, new friend Neely, and Neely's BF Jeramey for Happy Hour in downtown Orlando.  Went to to the Relax [...]

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