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Life To Do’s

It was a great weekend but, alas, all good things must come to an end.  Hello, Moan-day. Our fridge is (predictably) totally tapped out.  No time to do our normal Sunday grocery excursion because Lauren’s flight out wasn’t until 10 PM, which was really great.  So – put ‘grocery shopping’ on my list of things [...]


Books, Money, Math

I wish I could say that I miss being on vacation… But I’m pretty thrilled to be home.  The dogs are, too – they keep running around the living room and tossing their toys in the air.  I even think Henry is pumped to be back.  Nothing as lovely as the familiar house smell!   [...]


Tracking, Reading, and Nicknaming

Woah.  Monday is flying by.  How is it already time for lunch? The Husband went on a grocery shopping extravaganza that included a trip to Costco, where he picked up a super pack of stuffed grape leaves – my favorite! Dr. Praeger veggie burger Grape leaves Qiunoa and veggies (leftovers!) Weekly Workout Roundup   I’m [...]


Moments, Tats, and Toys

My prayers for a thunderstorm came true.  Overnight, the temperatures dropped thirty degrees thanks to the rain!  Too bad the sun will burn it all up in just a few hours.   Happy Monday!  Who has a short week thanks to the holiday?   Breakfast: Stovetop banana oatmeal:   1/2 cup oatmeal 1/2 cup water [...]



We realized last night that we should begin to settle into a predictable routine with Henry.  There are many different schools of thought on putting babies on ‘schedules.’  Henry is far too young for a clock-driven schedule, but I know he’d probably benefit from some sort of routine.  The first few weeks with a newborn [...]


Wahhhh.  I dropped the teapot this morning and broke off the top handle.  Teapot down!  I would like to say I simply screamed, “Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!” in dramatic slow motion, but it was more like a quick, harsh, and very loud epithet that I desperately need to eliminate from my vocabulary before this baby arrives.   Shut [...]


FAQ Monday + a Name Your 5K Giveaway

Happy Monday! I wish I had an overhead shot of my bed this morning.  The Husband and I were sleeping head-to-toe (because of this problem), James and I were spooning but he was upside down so I was snuggled up to his tail, and Maggie was jammed in between the Husband’s legs (how does she [...]


Your First Race

Happy Moan-day.  I could’ve slept better, so I made it up to myself with this delicious breakfast. Looks fancy-pants, but it’s really just plain old French toast with banana, sunflower seeds, and coconut, all stacked together in a pretty way.    Presentation counts for a lot.  Maybe not for 8 hours of solid sleep, but [...]


Prizes, Sweaty Gear, and Crystal Balls

I have the post-weekend blues.  I looked forward to this past weekend for so long; and now, just like that, it’s over!    Side note: A few people asked if BabyHTP was a boy because some of our shower gifts – but we really don’t know the sex and won’t until birth!  Popular vote amongst [...]


Wise words for the start of the week (thanks, Carin!): (Well, I hear Sunday is actually the first day of the week, but I still feel like Sunday is the last day, making Monday day #1!)   Good morning and happy Monday.  I don’t know how the weather is where you are, but we’re blessed [...]


Three Q Thursday (and a Giveaway!)

After six years of owning the dogs, I finally did this: It’s raining kibble. Hallelujah! It’s raining kibble.   Amen. I felt like I was feeding chickens on the farm.  Here, chickie… chickie.   My breakfast was served in a bowl, not on the floor. Rice Chex (new random obsession) Vanilla Greek yogurt Strawberries Cashews [...]


Races, Guilty Pleasures, and Shortness

You know those Mondays?  When you roll over, hit the alarm, and immediately begin to tear apart your schedule, trying to find a way to eliminate or push back one errand, one meeting, one task?  Yup.  It’s one of those Mondays.  I think I have successfully rationalized skipping Bradley Method classes tonight.  We’ll see. At [...]


Camels, Secrets, and 30 Day Shreds

A mystery I would love to solve:  Why do you wake up with the most random songs stuck in your head?  How does that work physically? I picture my neurons sauntering up to my brain jukebox and hitting ‘random play.’  There’s probably a more scientific explanation for it…   A mystery that I did solve [...]


Munchies, Pants, and MIL Drama

Morning.  As much as I was dreading Monday, I actually think this is going to be a pretty great week.  Here’s to hoping my hunch is right! Keepin’ it simple this morning because, despite waking up up early, I’m running out of time!   Greek yogurt with protein powder mixed in (trying to up my [...]

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