Weekly Updates

I have a feeling that I’ll begin every post this way, but seriously – how has a month after passed since I gave birth to Henry?!   He cannot possibly be four weeks old yet!  He’s growing up too fast.   You can check out my first post-pregnancy update here – Mind and Body After Baby [...]


Week 39 of my pregnancy compared to Week 1 of Henry’s life:   I really cannot fathom that a little person came out of my pregnant belly.  So strange!  Also, it’s really hard for me to grasp that it’s been a week since I went into labor and delivered Henry.  Where did the time go?  [...]


BabyHTP: 39 Weeks

On one of my biggest parenting concerns…   My, my.  How things have changed.   Today marks Week 39 of my pregnancy.  I’m due in a week.  This, of course, means nothing.  Did you know that only 5% of babies are born on their actual due date?  For what it’s worth, I was one of [...]


On post-baby birth control   I really do feel like I’m in the homestretch now.  Only two weeks ‘til my due date, although I’m telling myself that I won’t go until at least 41 weeks so I don’t get too antsy.  Considering how fast the days go by, I have a feeling the next few [...]


BabyHTP: 37 Weeks

Pregnancy: My expectations v. my reality   Today is a very big day, indeed!  Today marks 37 weeks of pregnancy. That means that I’m officially ‘term’ (although I’m not due until 40 weeks), and if BabyHTP was born today, he or she would not be considered premature.  What a relief!  There are, of course, many [...]


The nursery tour!   I must have pregnancy brain because yesterday, I spent the entire day telling people I was three weeks from my due date.  40 weeks minus 36 weeks is 4 weeks, not 3.  Meh.  Well, regardless, Happy 36 Weeks, BabyHTP!   I’m feeling pretty good this week.  I have really bad carpal [...]


BabyHTP: 35 Weeks

Thoughts on the cord… and not the invisible one that attaches me to my dogs I know that some of you think I give Maggie a hard time – always teasing her on the blog for being a few crayons short of a full pack – but I love her so much.  In five weeks [...]


BabyHTP: 34 Weeks

On sleeping arrangements   What a difference 20 weeks makes!  Today, I’m 34 weeks pregnant and feelin’ pretty good.  It’s amazing to me that I will be in charge of a baby in six weeks or so (when did I become an adult?!).  Baby is now 4.75 pounds and 18 inches long.  The central nervous [...]


BabyHTP: 33 Weeks

On maternity photographs   I feel like I’m in the home stretch.  Only 7 weeks to go until my due date… but only 4 weeks until I’m ‘full term.’  Life is going to change, and it’s gonna change SOON!   I officially feel every inch of 8 months pregnant.  I waddle.  I could go to [...]


BabyHTP: 32 Weeks

On cloth v. disposable diapers   My, what a difference a month – and six pounds – makes!   Here’s what BabyHTP is up to this week: “By now, your baby weighs 3.75 pounds and is about 16.7 inches long, taking up a lot of space in your uterus. You're gaining about a pound a [...]


BabyHTP: 31 Weeks

On having a panic-free pregnancy. Only 9 weeks to go until my due date.  I’m in single digits now!  So very excited.  What once seemed so very far away now seems extremely close.  June 13 is going to be here before we know it… And I’m starting to really understand that baby could come even [...]


BabyHTP: 30 Weeks

On having a ‘birth plan’ per the Bradley Method   Holy crap.  How the heck am I thirty weeks pregnant?  Where did the time go?!  I used to think thirty weeks sounded soooo far away, but now it’s here.  BabyHTP will be in my arms in ten weeks, give or take.  Ten weeks to go [...]


BabyHTP: 29 Weeks

Dear BabyHTP:  On the 29th week of your development, we moved into your first house.  Hooray!   Here’s what BabyHTP is up to this week: “Your baby now weighs about 2 1/2 pounds (like a butternut squash) and is a tad over 15 inches long from head to heel. His muscles and lungs are continuing [...]


BabyHTP: 28 Weeks

Happy 28 weeks, BabyHTP! Truthfully (and I know this sounds so superficial), the most exciting baby-related part of this past week was going shopping for new maternity clothes.  It’s hot as heck in Charlotte, and squeezing into my pre-pregnancy tanks, floaty tops, and shorts is just not an option.  Times (and body parts) have changed, [...]

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