Run Happy

PureGrit Review + The Coolest Job Ever

Here’s an awesome job:  Working for a big-brand running company like Brooks and being in charge of designing shoes and apparel – selecting colors and styles, determining where those pockets go, and even deciding the length of cute running tops. I recently had an opportunity to test out the new Brooks PureGrits and, in the [...]


Random Run Thoughts

Thought #1:  You know what I think the key to regular exercise is – no matter what your life and work situation?  When you have an opportunity to run, RUN.  Don’t dilly dally!  We all pack in so much; the window to workout is usually fairly short.  Stop wondering if you should go on a [...]


Run Happy, Run the Chorus

Have I got a fun speedwork trick for you! I enjoy the act of doing speedwork and have gotten into the habit of doing it once a week.  But I haven’t been doing it the ‘traditional’ ways (and by that, I mean around a track or using a stopwatch).  I’ve been doing it to music. [...]

Healthy Tipping Point