This post is sponsored by Sleep Innovations. Sleep – precious sleep. As you guys know, I just renovated our bedroom to be more “hotel like” in quest of a better night’s sleep. And guess what? It’s working!    The couch has been downgraded – it’s no longer my favorite place in the house.  This room [...]


Master Bedroom Mood Board

We kind of have a weird thing going on with our bedroom situation.  Our real master is downstairs; once Henry was moved to his Big Boy Room, we moved into the guest room upstairs.  Then, when I got really pregnant, I started to snore all night long, so the Husband moved back downstairs while I [...]


Organize It: A Shelf-Less Bathroom

So this counter in my bathroom has been driving me crazy for months… Over the summer, we moved our bedroom from the master upstairs to the en-suite guest room upstairs. We wanted to be close to Henry after he vacated the nursery (here’s a tour of his big boy room + tips for making the [...]


“Drop-By Guest Clean” in 10 minutes

You guys know I love a clean home. But it’s hard to keep up with things, so every now and then – it looks completely trashed.  And more often than not, that’s when I get a phone call from a dear friend who happens to be in the neighborhood…   “Can I drop by in [...]


Simple Tips for A Cleaner House

Howdy!  How goes your Tuesday?  Mine is going very well, indeed.  Started things off right with a swim workout.  I did about 500 yards, which is way less than what I usually shoot for – I was pretty tired following four nighttime wake-ups (two Henrys + one pee break + one dog shake).  Didn’t want [...]


I’m so excited to share these pictures!  But first - can we all pause for a moment and reflect on what this room used to look like? Ugh.  Just painting the walls Pewter Mug instead of builder beige made all the difference! And again – super huge kudos to my BFF Nicole for helping out [...]


House Tour: Lived In

I’ve showed bits and pieces of our house over the years and written my thoughts on whether I regret our home purchase.  I go through stages where I love and then hate our house.  I’m currently in a liking it phase, so I thought it was a good time for a house tour!   When [...]


Looking Back: Buying a House

I’m “looking back” over some big and small decisions (here’s my first post, on breastfeeding). Today, I thought I’d tackle home ownership. We bought our house about a year and a half ago, three months before Henry was born. We were so excited – after years of renting together, all we wanted was a place [...]


Crafty – Again

The crafty, do-it-yourself craze continues in the Boyle household.  We can’t get enough of Home Depot.  Here are two small projects that we tackled over the weekend.  I love small projects that make a really, really big difference! Up first: DIY Mirror Frame. As I wrote in my last Crafty post, we’re trying to make [...]


Our Amazing Backyard Transformation

I feel like I’m on HGTV.  Open your eyes and see your BRAND NEW BACKYARD!  Hurrah! Oh.  Our backyard.  It has been quite the journey.    You see, when we were house hunting, one of our Top 5 “wants” was a really nice backyard.  Mostly, I wanted the backyard for James.  Sounds crazy to buy [...]


DIY: The Gold Standard

How does this happen?  Really.  How?!  That’s broccoli, by the way. File that one under “Another Reason Maggie is Warming Up to Henry.”   I thought I’d share a little home DIY project with you all!  Perhaps you remember this project, in which we spray-painted our dining room chandelier from tacky-awesome 1990s gold to a [...]


DIY Wall Art

Success! After trying my hand at DIY wall art for the bathroom (and failing), you think I’d be scared to try again… but I found this post on New Domestic that described a super easy way to make modern art.  I figured I would give it another shot.   If you can put painter’s tape [...]


Home Office

So, last night I commented that my attempt at Do-It-Yourself wall art was no better than an elephant painting.  And several people pointed out that some elephants are, actually, really good artists.  (Source)   Hah.   My DIY art is a fail (here’s proof), but the rest of the house is coming along quite nicely!  [...]


Up To Something

Happy Saturday! Here’s what I was up to today: Well, for one, I broke one of My Four Rules of Running and ran back-to-back days.  After yesterday’s awesome 5-mile run, I was feeling extra motivated and decided to attempt to bang out another 4 today, which would’ve brought my weekly total to 15.  I don’t [...]

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