December 2013

Siskey YMCA Indoor Triathlon Race Recap

Well, that was an awesome way to end 2013! I signed up for this race three weeks ago, and I had grand plans of really stepping up my swimming to prepare. But, alas, that nagging chest injury from the Half Ironman flared up again, so I swam twice and stopped.  I crossed my fingers that [...]


Life Hacks of 2013

Just like last year, I’m hosting GymPact Twitter Party to celebrate the New Year. This time around, we’re launching a *new* version of the app that will blow you away. Come join us for the Twitter party on New Year’s Day at 8 PM EST / 5 PM EST.  We’ll be tweeting under the hashtag [...]


Kick Off 2014

Can you believe that 2014 is right around the corner? I can’t!   With January comes New Year’s Resolutions.  I love resolutions, but in 2013, I opted not to set one. I wrote this:   This year – for the first time in a long time – I’m not setting a NYR.  Well, I technically [...]


Mini Millet Loaves and Simple Green Lentils

Two recipes in one post.  TWO! The old blog has been lacking in recipes lately, huh?  You see, I have developed an affinity for potato chips and hummus (the Trader Joe’s creamy kind – know what I’m talking about? So good). And by ‘affinity,’ I mean that I’m regularly eating chips and hummus for lunch.  [...]


Pretty Paper

Merry belated Christmas and Happy Boxing Day if you celebrate, and/or Happy Thursday if you don’t!  I hope you’ve had a wonderful week. Mostly, we’ve just been lounging around the house! We had a quiet Christmas morning at home. Henry couldn’t appreciate presents last year, but he definitely *got it* this year. He was so [...]


Merry Christmas! We drove to the nicer part of town to do a 3.0 mile run. Sometimes, you just have to get out of your neighborhood – know what I mean?  There were SO many awesome Christmas decorations.  Henry had a blast pointing out all the Santas (he can say ‘Santa’ and it sounds adorable). [...]


I’ll introduce this year’s post with last year’s thoughts…   I really loved putting together the Sweet Santa Photo Contest post.  Now more than ever, I so appreciated seeing all the sweet babes with their wonderful holiday smiles.  That being said… there is something really, really funny about Scary Santa photos.  I’m sure Scary Santa [...]


Sweet Santa 2013 Contest {Vote for Your Favorite!}

Do you have any idea how much great it was to compile the Sweet Santa / Scary Santa posts?  I can’t even tell you how FUN it was.  And Henry sat in my lap the entire time, looking at each Santa and talking about every “bebe.”   While it was difficult to choose the finalists [...]


Let’s Train!

Today is my first official day of half marathon training.  Super excited.  I’m doing the Corporate Cup Half Marathon here in Charlotte on March 8.  This will be my fifth half marathon.  My record is 1:58 but that was in flat, flat, flat Florida; most of my other times are under 2:05.  Here’s everything that [...]


Flashback Friday

I *just* realized that Christmas is in five days. Where did the month go? I have two freelance articles to write, bookkeeping to wrap up, and two more presents to purchase before I can really kick my heels up and declared, “VACATION!” Oooooh yeah.   I wanted to quickly pop in and remind you guys [...]


Toy Control

TOYS. TOYS. TOYS!  ‘Tis the season, huh?  I’ve been thinking a lot about toy control as – of course – some new toys will find their way into our home on the 25th.  When I think of “toy control,” it’s really a two-pronged approach: First, how do encourage Henry to actually play with his toys?  [...]


Warm Enough for Shorts!

I keep thinking it’s Thursday. Damn. More fun toddler food!   Henry enjoyed deconstructing and eating his breakfast flower very much. My breakfast was just a normal, boring breakfast.  No art!  There is only so much this mom is capable of when it’s Wednesday but she thinks it’s Thursday AND she’s out of coffee creamer. [...]


To Zoo or Not to Zoo

We recently took Henry to the zoo. It was a wonderful family experience, as Henry had just learned the names of a dozen wild animals and really loved seeing “effephants,” “zeebahs,” “gee-raffs,” and “roarrrrs” in real life. There are actually two zoos (NC Zoo and Riverbanks Zoo) within two hours of Charlotte, which meant that [...]



Haaaaappy Monday. Where did the weekend go?! A few personal questions…   1. How many countries/states/providences have you lived in?  Only one country but four cities in three states – Miami and Orlando in Florida, Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, and now Charlotte in North Carolina.  Florida wins for weather and races; North Carolina wins for quality [...]

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