Swim workout

Open Water Swim

All summer, I tried to get my butt in a lake. There are quite a few organized open water swims in Charlotte, but they always fell on a Saturday that we were out of town, entertaining guests, or I was sick.  I wish I had tried harder to do more open water swims, but to [...]


This is one of those “do I say, not as I do” posts because I sure make these swimming mistakes, too! But I’m trying hard to completely nix them from my time in the pool.  Because these errors can cost you time, effort, and sanity during the swim leg of the triathlon.   Mistake #1: [...]


New Pool, Old Bay

It’s a beautiful day out there! Yesterday was Swim + Yoga day.  I did a really fun and challenging swim workout that was created by Coach Marni.  I wanted to share it because it made my time in the pool absolutely fly by!  Here it is: I mentioned yesterday that this is “testing” week for [...]


Last night, I found myself in my gym’s pool, trying to teach my brother-in-law Nick how to swim freestyle.  I think I’ve only briefly mentioned this, but Nick actually lives with us.  He moved in last August.  If you’ve been reading for a while, you may remember Nick from the Orlando days.  He wanted to [...]


Speed Swim

Let there be light!  We lost power for two and a half hours tonight due to a big thunderstorm.  And wouldn’t you know it… I found five flashlights in the garage but only one had batteries in it.    I managed to make it to the pool before the thunderstorm… Whew.  Remember how my indoor [...]

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