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On May 1, my second book – the Healthy Tipping Point book – book was released.  It’s a healthy living guide packed with tips on mental wellness, healthy eating (including loads of recipes), and tricks to making exercise fun.  Also included throughout the book are about 20 inspiring success stories from people of all walks [...]


Our breakfast ‘drink tray’ makes me laugh.  This is the minimum amount of drinks that will be on the drink tray any given morning (water and tea, plus an extra cup of brewed tea – can’t let it sit in the pot with the leaves or it gets bitter).  Sometimes, there are three or four [...]


Time for more success stories to celebrate the release of the new Healthy Tipping Point book!  I truly hope you’re enjoying reading these journeys as much as I am… I find them so motivating and inspiring, especially when I read a sentence and think, “Man, I haven’t gone through that exact same thing, but I [...]


Haaaaaappy Birthday! I hope you had a fabulous Tuesday.  We certainly did.  I love birthdays – it’s nice to focus entirely on a loved one for a day.    In addition to golfing, we celebrated the Hus by heading to Girls on the Run – the girls gave him a cute homemade card– and having [...]


Every year, we go to a golf tournament for the Husband’s birthday – when we lived in Florida, it was TPC Sawgrass, and now, it’s Quail Hollow.  I was really excited to go this year until yesterday, when I realized that it would be 90 degrees… and I’m 8.5 months pregnant.  Definitely not the best [...]


Hey, hey.  How’s your hump day?  Mine has been going swimmingly – minus a scary dog encounter on our walk this morning (poor James got bullied).  After a long day of work, I’m excited to unwind with a friend date tonight and a couch date with the Husband – Game of Thrones, anyone?   Anyway, [...]


More wonderful success stories for you!  I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the release of my second book than sharing these inspiring stories with you.  Today, you’ll hear from a mom who beat cancer, a woman who beat two eating disorders, a woman who shaped up mentally and physically, and a man [...]


Hey, hey.  The Healthy Tipping Point book drops tomorrow!  And to celebrate, I’ll be running reader/blogger success stories all week long – I don’t know about you, but I love a good success story!  I especially adore stories that prove that healthy looks different on different people and encompasses much more than just diet and [...]


A while back, DadHTP passed on an interesting series on Wired – Simon Wheatcroft, a blind runner, was training for the Cotswold 100, a grueling 100-mile ultramarathon in England.  Simon was diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease when he was just a teen.   Simon always had to rely on friends – guides – to help [...]


Today’s guest post comes from Susan Lacke, a regular contributor to one of my favorite sites, No Meat Athlete.  Enjoy! “Running is for crazy people.”  I stubbed out my cigarette and continued my reasoning.  “There’s no reason to run unless someone is chasing you. Those people are like a cult. Have you seen them? They’re [...]


During the More/Fitness Half Marathon, I ran (walked?) into Elaine, who was also running the event with Thomas Bagel Thins. I had heard about Elaine at dinner the previous night; Thomas’ PR gal told me that Elaine was a 73 year-old rock star who had ran over 100+ marathons!  When I spotted her during the [...]


I woke up hoping to see a snowy yard, but alas – it was just frost and dead leaves.  At least I can still go running!   A snowy breakfast bowl: In the mix:   1/2 cup oatmeal 1/2 cup almond milk 1/2 cup water 1 banana Ground flax Toppings:  White chocolate chips   Support [...]


I’m putting this guest post under “Other Healthy Tipping Point” stories because being healthy is a lot more than whole wheat bread and cardio.  Mental and emotional health are so valuable, and I wanted to share Michele’s story in case there are others out there who need to hear this message.  Love shouldn’t hurt!   [...]


I’m currently driving back to Charlotte from Florida.  Here’s a great success story from fellow blogger Cynthia.  Enjoy!   Cynthia wrote, “I was a heavy teen and twenty-something but never remember weighing myself. I knew I was bigger than most people my age and was miserable but didn’t want to do anything about it. While [...]

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