May 2013

Forgotten Foods and A New Book

Happy Friday.  Do your Friday dance! I am the type of person who gets into food ruts.  Hello, Mmmm Sauce, Panda Puffs cereal, and – um – everything else I eat. Variation is important, of course, but man – I know what I like, and I like what I like, and I wanna eat it [...]


On Maintaining an Active Lifestyle Oh, little Henry!  You are not so little anymore.  I know we have a few more weeks of official babyhood left, but you have been toddling for a while, so I consider you a toddler already.  Every time I look at you, I think, “What a BOY!”  No longer a [...]


Memorial Day

In Eats and Exercise. Memorial Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. Of course, I appreciate the opportunity to be reminded of and be grateful for our troops’ sacrifices.  But I also love how it’s the unofficial First Day of Summer.  The day begs for meals outside, fun and games, and some serious [...]


Juice Juice Juice

A few weeks ago, we watched the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, which is about an overweight, unhealthy guy named Joe who decides to go on a 60-day juice fast to transform his life.  It’s a really interesting (and inspiring!) movie, and by the time the credits rolled, I was on Amazon, browsing juicers.    [...]


Adventures in Raleigh

Goodbye, beach. Hello, Raleigh!   Last week, our adventures took us from the Outer Banks (we stayed in Avon, for those who asked) to Raleigh, North Carolina for the second event in the 2013 Ramblin’ Rose event series.  Ramblin’ Rose is an introductory, all-women’s triathlon series that mostly takes place in North Carolina (we have [...]


Exercising on Vacation

I have two theories about vacation exercise. First – if I pack my sneakers and running clothes, I’ve got to go on a run.  Otherwise, I wasted precious luggage space and hauled around a heavier bag for nothing! When I go on short work trips and actually bring my stuff but fail to us it… [...]


The Outer Banks

First glimpse of the ocean. We are on vacation… and it feels so good.  My best friend Sarah, her husband TK, and their daughter Addison invited us to join them at their beach house in the Outer Banks.  A week by the beach?  Um… yes, please! The kiddos are getting along just fine.  Who knows [...]


Day in the Life

A day in the life of a momma, part-time worker, and triathlete.  Henry is 11 months old! 5:30 AM – Henry wakes up.  I can hear him on the monitor.  I check my phone and realize that it is way, way too early for him to be up.  I give him five more minutes, and [...]


Would I Do It Again?

Would I run another marathon?  Marathons are a funny thing.  After I crossed the finish line at the Disney Marathon back in 2010, I declared, “I am never doing that again!”  I had never run that far before and found the experience of training and racing to be absolutely grueling.  Of course, it did not [...]


What I’m Munching On

Happy Sunday.  Is it warm where you are?  It’s freezing in Charlotte!  Truly – so cold.  And this surprise cold snap couldn’t have come at a worse time because today was the first Ramblin’ Rose event of the season (my new job is with Ramblin’ Rose!).  I was afraid the chill and rain would negatively [...]


My little baby is growing up!   Oh, what a month.  Can you believe little BabyHTP is 10 months old (well, actually, now he’s ten and a half months old…).  The days just seem to flew by in one big, baby blur.  My beautiful Henry seems more and more like a toddler every single day. [...]

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