September 2009

Dinner was a total disaster! Per the Learn to Luv Veggies Challenge, I tried to make Eggplant and Potato "pancakes," but they just ended up a gooey, sticky mess!  I won't even share the recipe for fear that someone else will create them and have to eat them! :)   My Eggplant and Potato Pancakes [...]


Look on the bright side.   When I was younger, I was an overwhelmingly negative person.  I generally thought the worst would happen, assumed other people would rip me off, and I said "I can't" more than I'd like to admit.  I held a lot of grudges.  I was actually pretty mean to a few [...]


Dog Park Picnic

Update your Google Readers!   It is such a lovely day outside,  I simply had to take the fur-kids to the dog park (any excuse to escape my office!).  Megan joined me, and we each brought a brown-bagged lunch.  I brought a plate for my lunch.  :)   I had a whole wheat pita [...]


SpiBelt Review

Update your Google Readers!   I was SO excited to go on a run this morning because it was a breathtaking 68 degrees!  Fall has hit Central Florida!  This is exactly why our running season is winter -- running in 68 degree weather is a piece of cake compared to running in the Florida [...]


Bob or Jillian?

Update your Google Readers!   Good evening.  :)  This evening was same old, same old.  No workout because it's my rest day!  Here are my eats for the afternoon:   Granola and yogurt: Melon: And nuts: During my break from night class, I posted this Operation Beautiful note.  I really like this phrase. So [...]


Gym Soap Giveaway

Update your Google Readers!   Lunch was fabulous -- and full of yummy vegetables per the Learn to Luv Veggies Challenge! Today's veggie special was roasted Baby Yellow Dutch Potatoes (with salt, pepper, and olive oil), as well as roasted carrots.  Yum! I also had salad topped with a few spoonfuls of Israeli Cous [...]


Relaxing on a Beach….

Good morning and welcome to the new Healthy Tipping Point!  Same blog, just a new look.  There might be some hiccups while everything transitions from Blogger to Wordpress; I apologize in advance!   I woke up this morning and did some meditation and yoga in my living room.  I used the Visualization technique for meditating [...]


I Hate Physics

Whew!  What a day.  I feel like I did 1 million things today!   I worked about 6 hours at my full-time job (should be done by Wednesday), plus another 4 of blogging/writing the book, and then I drove about 30 minutes to the community college for Physics class. I always sit in the back [...]


Get my booty out of my office chair and do a desk workout!   I sit for a very... long... time during the work day.  It's quite common that I'm sitting at the computer from 6:30 AM to 5:30 PM and beyond.  Humans aren't made to sit still that long!   Every now and then, [...]


I am no longer wallowing in the not-so-hot 15K race I had this Saturday.  In fact, I'm turning the disappointing experience into a catalyst for something more: I normally cut off the D-Chip when I get home, but I'm leaving the timer from Saturday's race on my shoelaces.  Every time I look down at my [...]


If you missed the recap, I ran a 15K Race on Saturday!   Good morning!  Today is shaping up to be a busy day.  I have to work (I'm on-call until Friday), prepare for a meeting with my publisher for the Operation Beautiful book, go to Physics class and lab, and hopefully find time to [...]


No More Fast Food!

Emergency!  Wiener dog without arms on the loose! Just kidding.  :)  She lays down and her arms disappear under her chunky barrel chest.  I love it.   Today was a BUSY day.  And I'm still working!  We took a break from studying + working to go to Costco around 1 PM.  I brought OJ and [...]


Speedwork Payback

After my disappointing 15K race yesterday, there was nothing I wanted to do more today than SPEEDWORK.  Cause I'm hardcore like that. Back in the saddle!   I used the lap feature on my Garmin to time myself as I tried to do 400-meter sprints (about 0.25 mile).  In total, the Husband and I ran [...]


Sunday Morning Reading Material

Good morning!  I woke up at 6:15 so I could start working  -- I feel like I have so much to do (um, like write a 200 page book in 2.5 months?!) and not enough time.  Early mornings are key!   I'm going on a speedwork run, but until I get back....   Operation Beautiful [...]

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