February 2010

A Successful Brick

Sometimes, I surprise myself with my workouts.  It rarely happens so it’s kind of nice when it does!  :) I planned to do a brick workout this afternoon – simulating the Olympic triathlon that I have in two weeks, I set out to do a 20-mile bike and 5.6 mile run.  My initial goal was [...]


Restaurant Loyalty

Fortune cookies are always so appropriate.  It’s so strange how it works! The Husband’s cookie said, “You are lucky – you are on the right path.”  That made us think of his upcoming graduation from Oriental medicine graduate school.  I hope the cookie is right!   Last night, we went out to a Asian Fusion [...]


And Suddenly It Clicked

I just had THE BEST SWIM!  I don’t know what happened, but suddenly everything clicked and swimming 1,500 meters felt EASY.  Actually, it was fun and relaxing!  I wasn’t gasping for breath and didn’t feel sore.  It’s like my body suddenly integrated of all Ryan’s swimming tips.   I shaved a miraculous 4 minutes off [...]


The Big Birth Control Question

Last night was really fun!  A big group of us went bowling at our favorite alley.  The beer and curly fries were flowing.  :)  My game, however, was not.  I never broke 100.   I had a lot of fun trying to make Chai tea for everyone before we left.   I don’t know what happened, [...]


Seven Sandy Miles

Hi friends!  :)  Thanks for all the advice about triathlon clothing.  Meg’s suggestion to wear a sports bra and string bikini bottoms under my wetsuit (thus allowing me to put on dry bike shorts in T1 and pull my bathing suit off without flashing anyone) was GENIUS!  :)  I think that’s what I’ll do.   [...]


Sometimes, I hear about new recipes through the blog world and think, “There is NO WAY that can taste good.”  But, then I try it and – low and behold – and DOES taste good!  (Case in point: spinach in smoothies!)   On Wednesday, Ryan and Meghann were discussing mixing almond butter in marinara sauce [...]


How To Make A Smoothie Stick

I’m totally on a smoothie KICK lately! I go through phases when I really love smoothies, and when I ignore them completely.  Currently, we’re in love.  :)   Smoothies are awesome because you can modify the ingredients and make them into a snack OR a meal.  And – since I always put raw spinach in [...]


Going Green

Evening!  :)   I spent the afternoon working on my latest freelance article, which is on “amazing” dorm rooms – either very luxurious dorms or environmentally-friendly dorms.   It’s a really fun article to write and interview people for – I think I interviewed a dozen students and college reps today!   The dorms I lived [...]


Very Professional

Wetsuits are AWESOME. Imagine swimming with a flotation device all around your body – yup, that’s a wetsuit!  And it kept me warm, of course.  :)  It was SO buoyant in the water, which made swimming so, so much easier.  Plus, I felt super professional.   I got my wetsuit courtesy of WetsuitRental.com, who shipped [...]


When Wieners Attack

I had a lovely bowl of Cherry Banana oatmeal this morning! I bought a bag of frozen cherries for Green Monsters, but I wanted to see if they would work well in oatmeal, too.  I thawed 10 cherries overnight in the fridge and then added them with a banana during the final cooking process of [...]


Operation Beautiful at UCF

I survived my first Operation Beautiful speaking engagement – in fact, it went SO well! The event took place at University of Central Florida and more than 125 students attended!  It was so awesome to see such a large turn-out of women AND men who wanted to be there and discuss body image issues.   I [...]


Girlfriend Getaway and Garmin 305 Winner

What a morning!  :)  I am sittin’ pretty in ‘my’ new car. As explained this morning, I am participating in Chevy’s Girlfriend Getaway, a promotion for local bloggers.  I get to drive the Chevy Traverse for a month, and I’ll be blogging about it on the Girlfriend Getaway website.   Meghann also is participating, so [...]


A Big Day

**PayPal shut down the Garmin 305 Raffle because raffling violates their terms of use, even if it’s for a charity.  If you entered, your raffle ticket was counted, but there are no more tickets being sold.  The raffle raised $1,000 for the Livestrong Foundation, which is AMAZING!  I’ll announce the winner at lunch TODAY**   [...]


Honor Your Hunger

I had a crazy work day (more about that tomorrow!), but once the clock hit 5:00, I was ready to go on a bike ride with Megan.   The first three miles of my rides (and the last three) are always really slow and crush my pace because I weave through a commercial area and [...]

Healthy Tipping Point