April 2011

Slow Foodie Event

Slow Food Charlotte mission is to encourage people to “eat local and change the world to a place of good, clean and fair food.”  Tonight, they hosted a foodie event that was filled with great local foods and wonderful wine.  The wine was Coturri, which is an organic, environmentally-friendly vineyard in Sonoma.  Diana and Katie [...]


Dippy Egg Topper

Blue skies overheard, a breeze in the air… seems like like a perfect Saturday morning to me!   So, I was going to follow up the Scrambled Egg Tutorial Recommendation and Omelet Tutorial with a step-by-step guide to making my very favorite ‘dippy eggs,’ but after some Googling, I realized that I’m exposing myself to [...]


Race Recap: Jennifer’s Half Marathon

Name: Jennifer (Knack for Nutrition) Race:  Little Rock Half Marathon Personal Tidbit: Runs her own personal training business; tweets from Knack4Nutrition In Her Own Words:   The night before the race, I prepped for my run by doing the two things I know how to do best: eat and organize.  I laid out all of [...]


“Don’t Swim After Eating!”

As predicted, it’s 1:45 PM and I’m dragging as a result of the Royal Wedding Watch Party.  Yawn.  Still worth it, though.  :)  Since so many of you voted YES for fascinators (AKA hats), here’s mine from my wedding: I only wore it for an hour or so during the reception as a nod to [...]


Royal Wedding Watch Party

Did you watch the royal wedding this morning?  We did! Royal waves!   I was so excited that I could barely sleep last night.  When my alarm went off at 5:00 AM, I practically bounced out of bed to prep for the party.    We had a spread of scones, cinnamon buns, breads, peanut butter, [...]


Royal Fun

Have you ever played octopus?  I never played it before coaching Girls on the Run.  I have memories of kick ball and dodge ball, but not octopus.  It’s a fun form of tag for large groups – you need at least ten people! Here’s how we played today:  Two people are the octopuses (octopi?) and [...]


Running Fever

Ever just get the urge to drop all your responsibilities, lace up your sneakers, and go for a run? It’s a glorious feeling to just let it all go and run, run, run until you’re sweaty and tired and happy.  When I run, I work out all the issues in my head and quiet all [...]


How to Make a Pretty Omelet

Omelets are all about technique – the ingredients are quite simple.  What you’ll need to make this Goat Cheese and Mushroom Omelet, ingredient-wise:   2 eggs Dash of milk Salt and pepper Shredded spinach 1/4 cup goat cheese Sliced portabella mushrooms   What you’ll need, tool-wise (TWSS):   Non-stick pan with a small, circular base. [...]


Wet Tunes

I really enjoy swimming, but there’s one thing that I’ve been missing: music!  When I run, I always listen to music when running solo.  In fact, if my iPod is dead, I’ll delay my run until it’s charged!   That’s why I was so excited to try out a MP3 player during my swim.  Everything [...]


Shift Work Workouts

Does anyone else this is it majorly creepy that I found an “A” scratched into the back of my leg this morning?  Seriously – no idea how that got there.  I assume I scratched myself in my sleep but… in the shape of an A? Creeeeeeepy. A for awesomesauce?   Woke up with a little [...]


I had a really nice 27th birthday.  Thank you so much for all your birthday wishes!  :)  It was really appreciated.   I woke up and unwrapped some presents.  The Husband got me a Kindle e-book reader, which I am so excited about.  Of course, I love ‘real’ books but I also think the Kindle [...]


Birthday + Veg-iversary

Today is my birthday. :) In our house, birthdays mean you rule the roost and get to do whatever your little heart desires.  So, I have planned out a day of fun for my 27th birthday:   Swimmin’! (Maybe) Shopping with my Husband (I rarely shop for clothes so I am PUMPED). Lunch with my [...]


Swim Progress

If you recall, I’ve tried to do two triathlons (here and here) and had panic attacks in both of them.  Clearly, I need to do something different with my training!  Whatever I did before (I followed training plans that had successfully worked for friends) does not work for me!   And remember my realization that [...]


Recipe Test Week

Do you know what this week is?!  Why, it’s Recipe Test Week on HTP!  :)  This means that I’m beginning to test recipes for the Healthy Tipping Point book.  I’ll be sure to share some recipes on the blog, too, but some things must be kept secret for now.   In the meantime, you can check [...]

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