Healthy Tailgate 2011

Right In Our Backyard

Last night, the ACC Championship rolled into town.  And a few months ago, we were feeling hopeful about the Miami Hurricanes’ chances (and had a credit), so we bought tickets.  Unfortunately, our team was not in the game (boo!).    But fortunately for us, WE LOVE TO TAILGATE.  Do you know what’s even better [...]


Carolina Blues

I’ll give University of North Carolina this:  they are very friendly to the opposing team’s fans!  Southern class through and through… very important for the Tarheels because MIAMI WON!  Wahoo.  I wouldn’t have been able to stand it if our one tailgate of the year resulted in a loss. The Husband, our friends Sean and [...]


UM v. UNC Tailgate Menu

The Husband and I LOVE to tailgate.  And after dozens of University of Miami games, we host a pretty fun tailgate experience, if I do say so myself.    Think:  great food, silly games, delicious drinks, live television (oh yeah!), and themed playlists, all under a shady tent.    It’s intense.  It’s awesome.  If my [...]

Healthy Tipping Point