January Joiners

Hey, January Joiners

Wine – awesome for drinking.  Wine bottle – excellent for emergency foam rolling. Wahoo! I’m home. And I’m so excited. Kristien and Henry had a blast while I was gone – three nights in a row – and did lots of fun activities. They went on numerous nature walks, attended swim school, and bought new [...]


How to Keep Your Eye On the Prize

Gratuitous cat picture because – hey – why not.   It’s April 11.  That means we’re 100 days into 2013, and we’ve got 256 more to go until 2014.  Odds are, if you made a New Year’s Resolution, you have already fallen a bit off the bandwagon.  I confess – I have.  My big resolution [...]


Even More January Joiners 2013

The last of the January Joiners, and a question for all of you at the end of the post.  Happy 2013 – may all your goals be accomplished and your wishes be fulfilled! Kerry wrote, “During my college years, I had a horrible time.  I met some lifelong friends there that I cherish, but I [...]


More January Joiners 2013

A JJ is someone who joins the gym in January, and while some regular gym rats hate the influx of newbies, it’s been nice to read that many of you make an effort to include them.  After all, some of them do stick around!  Some people are even leaving the JJs Operation Beautiful notes in [...]


January Joiners 2013

Are you sick of New Year’s Resolutions already?  I sure hope not.  It’s only January 9!  And actually, my #1 piece of NYR advice is to wait to start your resolutions until mid-January, especially if you’re trying to get healthy.  There are too many leftover Christmas treats and uncorked bottles of champagne hanging out.   [...]


Love for the January Joiners

What’s a January Joiner?  A JJ is someone who, well, joins the gym in January.  I heard on NPR that approximately 50% of new gym memberships are sold in January alone.  Crazy.  As I wrote last year:   I’m always a little sad to hear healthy livin’ veterans complaining about the gym influx of JJs [...]


Love for the January Joiners

When I first decided to get healthy and change my unhealthy ways, I joined a small gym.  So many of the people at the gym were supportive, friendly, and kind, and it really influenced me to come back, day after day.  A January Joiner (JJ) is a person who jumps on the fitness bandwagon as [...]

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