Halloween Costumes for Runners

Morning, friends.  :)    The return of OATMEAL!   Oh, oatmeal. I’ve missed you.  Normally, I buy oatmeal in 5 pound bags from Costco (and therefore basically never have to buy oatmeal), but I recently ran out and could NOT remember for the LIFE of me to pick up oatmeal at the store.  I think [...]


Something SWEET and something SPOOKY for you this morning!   Sweet: A toasted quinoa bowl!  I love to toast raw (yes, raw) quinoa as an alternative to oats or granola.   Here’s how I made today’s toasted quinoa.  Also in the mix:  pecans, canned pumpkin, vanilla Greek yogurt, and chia seeds.   Now… something spooky!   [...]

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