March 2014

Photo An Hour: Lazy Sunday Edition

Again – I love taking a photo every hour.  It’s so fun to see what you capture – and what you miss (meals, showers, dog walks…).   7:30:  Henry wakes up. We read books for a while and then…   8:30:  Watch cartoons for a bit. Henry is OBSESSED with Thomas the Train.  Obsessed.  I [...]


Always Legit: Running In Tutus

You probably heard about the big kerfuffle that SELF magazine found itself in this week.  In a piece in the April issue, the magazine asked whether running in tutus was “legit” or “lame.”  They accompanied the blurb – which harshly declared that tutus were ‘lame’ and “if you told us they made people run away [...]


This post is sponsored by Udi's Gluten Free. Now that spring is here and summer is right around the corner, I bet you're loading on fresh fare like salads, yogurt fruit parfait, fresh juices, and smoothies. As the weather gets warmer, I seriously carve these foods - good thing a lot of the ingredients come [...]


One Slow Day in Miami

I spoke at Barry University last night. Always happy to spread the Operation Beautiful story! The idea behind Operation Beautiful is to write a positive or kind message on a Post-It and leave it in a public place for strangers to find.  Some fun and interesting Operation Beautiful facts:   Over 20,000 notes have been [...]


Hello from 30,000 feet in the air!  Gotta love in-flight WIFI!   Another week, another incredible chance to spread the Operation Beautiful message.  This time around, my speaking event shenanigans are taking me back to good old Miami. I don’t know what it is about Miami, but the city sure loves Operation Beautiful.  And I [...]


I Hate Legos + I Love StitchFix

Legos… Every parent’s worst nightmare! They could be even smaller and thus even more painful when I step on them… And Henry really loves sticking them together and pulling them apart.  I guess we’re going to call it a wash.   Ferguson says hi. So I was hoping that this post would include a very [...]


Spring Cleaning List

It’s Monday!  Let’s make it great. We drove home from Tennessee last night, and I immediately went into hyperdrive cleaning mode. My mom’s house is so organized, and it inspired me to pull myself together, too. Up first – all the junk drawers.  How many junk drawers do you have in your house?  This is [...]


Awesome Things on the Internet

A tad heavy on triathlon and parenting pieces, but hey – that’s what I spend a lot of time thinking about.  Oh, and there’s a picture of a cat with a wiener face.  So there.  Now you have to read on!   Twitter recently introduced a tool that allows you to recall your first tweet. [...]


Over the Mountains and Through the Woods

…. To grandma’s house we go! With the Husband at a work conference all weekend, I decided to drive us over to Grandma Jojo’s house for the weekend.  We’ve been doing nothing but eating, playing, and relaxing. (Oh, Maggie – you’re the best!) I hardly every do ‘daily eats’ post anymore, but I actually remembered [...]


My Secret Weapon

Howdy! So, like most of the East Coast, we were slammed for four days of crappy weather.  I didn’t want to do anything inside, and slowly but surely, Henry went stir-crazy.  Gym childcare and walks around the mall was not cutting it.   I was so excited that it started to warm up yesterday! Now, it [...]


Ironman March Run and Swim Workouts

Oh so true, Ironman.  Oh so true.   How’s Ironman March going for everyone?  Keeping up with the program?  I sure hope so!  I’m doing really well with the swimming and running (I only have a mile to go and I’m done with  my runs for the month!), but it’s hard to stay focused on [...]


The Case For Waiting

I know that I’ve made most of these points about waiting to find out our baby’s sex throughout a handful of posts over the last two years, but – I wanted to revisit the topic!  I have several in-real-life friends who are pregnant and about to hit that 20 week mark when you can find [...]


Weekend {plus–MEOW!}

Did you have a good weekend?  We had an AMAZING one. Full of relaxation and fun. Although the weather turned a bit nasty on Sunday, on Saturday, we had great weather and spent most of Henry’s waking hours in the backyard. It’s the little things in life, huh?   I owe you all a full [...]


This post was sponsored by Aldi. This is my last official Aldi-sponsored post, but it certainly won’t be the last time that I talk about the discount grocery store. I am truly an Aldi convert (just got back from shopping there this morning, actually!).  I’ve learned over the last month that I really, really cannot [...]

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