July 2014

Little One: 22 (and a Half) Weeks

Way more than halfway there.  Time is flying.  FLYING! Here’s what I looked like with Henry at 22 weeks v. what I look like carrying Little One.  It’s fun for me to read the old Henry recaps so I can compare what I was thinking and doing then to what I’m focusing on now.  At [...]


This post is sponsored by Millstone Coffee Co. Wake-up!  It’s time for a very coffee giveaway! For the past few weeks, I have been enjoying the occasional cup of Millstone Coffee Co.  I had never had the pleasure of drinking this brand before, but seriously – I’m smitten.  I’ve made cups for the Husband and [...]


Pencil It In

Plus a fun and super versatile recipe! So…   When I’m not training for anything specific, I have long followed the blank training plan concept.  Basically, you create a blank plan with the number of days you’d like to exercise per week, and then you do whatever you want for your workouts, with the only [...]


Race Dreams

Happiness is a giant empty smoothie glass. Yum.   How is your Monday chugging along? I confess – I don’t feel like it’s Monday at all!  First of all, I had a prenatal check-up at 7:30 AM, which sounds brutal but – trust me – it’s not. When you have a crazy, fun, loud, and [...]


I made it to yoga class this morning!  And once again, I found myself thinking, “Why don’t I do this more often?” It feels so good. I’m still taking regular vinyasa flow classes; I just modify the poses as necessary (no inversions and no laying flat on my back).  22 weeks pregnant, and I can [...]



It’s Friday!  Do your Friday cheer! (I cut the straggely pieces off my rug – it was one small organizational/clean-up goal of the week.)   I am so, so glad the weekend is here.  Did you have a healthy week?  I had a lot of fun Focusing on the Can and working towards my 5 [...]


What I Ate: here’s the Truth

When people ask me how the pregnancy is going, I have started to tell them the truth:  That I’m exhausted and miserable.  I have never felt soul-crushing exhaustion like I have this pregnancy.  I thought it was bad in the first trimester – it feels two times as bad now!  I know that you’re “suppose” [...]



Yesterday was a fun day that ended (really, really late) with an awesome concert.  Talk about a fun Tuesday! Double Rainbow!   Our morning was spent running around – literally and figuratively.  Henry and I ran/walk about 2.5 miles.  Pushing the jogging stroller is NO JOKE lately.  I felt really good afterwards, though.  Don’t you [...]


Focus on the Can

My healthy living motto has always been “small changes add up to something amazing.”  I love this philosophy because it’s so attainable.  Even in the face of worries (big and small) and changes (big and small), it’s not so hard to make just one more positive choice.  I don’t have to be perfect.  I don’t [...]


Our Beach House Week

Plus – a few tips on renting a beach house with a toddler. Back in February, Kath and I began talking about doing a family beach trip together.  I was so excited for July to roll around because I felt like this trip had been in the works FOREVER!  But it was worth the wait [...]


I’m Baaaack

We’re back from our vacation!  Thank you for bearing with me while I published ‘flashback posts’ last week.  Since I started this blog in 2008, I have never taken a true long vacation sans blogging (I even blogged on my honeymoon!).  But this past week, I didn’t crack my laptop once.  Not a single time.  [...]


I’m reposting some oldies but goodies this week.  Hope you enjoy! ——————————- It’s no secret that I prefer to exercise outdoors.  I’ve always felt rather trapped in gyms – I know some people love the gym experience, but it’s just not for me.  There are some moments, of course, when I must exercise inside.  Last [...]


Flashback Post: Nifty Blogger Tips

I’m reposting some oldies but goodies this week.  Hope you enjoy! ——————————- In honor of little ideas that can make a big difference, I thought I’d link to seven tips from bloggers – plus one tip from me.  These tips aren’t necessarily life-changing (well, I think my sock bun hair trick is pretty damn cool) [...]


Flashback post: Stuffed Potato Skin Shells

I’m reposting some oldies but goodies this week.  Hope you enjoy! ------------------------------- Oh my.  Oh my.  Quick – get thee to a kitchen! In my opinion, potato skins and stuffed shells are two of the most delicious foods on the planet.  Last Sunday, I was drivin’ around in my car when I suddenly had an [...]

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