Trip to London

Tea at the Ritz

Tea at The Ritz was a wonderful way to celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary! Hard to believe that one year ago today, I was walking down the aisle towards my "Future Husband"! Times flies when you're having fun.  :) It has been a dream of mine for many, many years to have Afternoon Tea [...]


Being Committed

The question I get e-mail the most is "How do you stay so committed to your workout schedule?"  It's true that I'm pretty consistent with my workouts, averaging 4 or 5 days a week.  But a few years ago, I never, ever worked out with any regularity.   That "commitment" question was ringing in my [...]


The Ballet

Tonight, we went to the ballet - I was so excited to see The Nutcracker! Kind of strange to see The Nutcracker after the holidays were over, but I really enjoyed it.  I am so impressed with ballet.  The fact that those girls hold their ENTIRE bodyweight on their little pointed toes BLOWS my mind!  [...]


Wembley Stadium

Whew!  I need a beer.  :)  Or two.  It was a crazy day! It was another full day in London that started with a quick breakfast of yogurt, cereal, and banana... And then we made a mad dash to Wembley Stadium - if you haven't noticed, the Husband is obsessed with stadiums and arenas.  Parts [...]


The Natural History Museum

I braved the rather shady neighborhood our flat is located in for a 3.0 mile run this afternoon.  The best part was I kept seeing people stumbling out of nightclubs at 2:30 PM!  I know people in London party hard, but that's ridiculous (OK, not going to lie, the last time I was in London, [...]


New Year’s Eve 2010

Here's New Year's Eve 2009 Recap - it was a blast!   Welcome to a new decade! I had an absolute blast last night at an awesome underground club called Bloomsbury Lanes, which was an imitation 1950s American diner and bowling alley.  It felt funny to be at a club that was trying to be [...]


Groceries in London

Hello again! :)   This morning, we traveled from Manchester to London via the train, the Underground, and then a taxi.  We are now safe and sound in David's flat (who is staying in our apartment in Orlando!).  Three cheers for an apartment swap - we are saving almost $700 in hotels!   Since we [...]


Manchester United Recap

Welcome to the very last day of 2009.  :)  2009 was a really good year for me overall - I got married, signed a book deal, and continued to live my life in a way that keeps me happy and healthy.  Sure, there were some bad moments in 2009, but the up's far outweighed the [...]


Train to Manchester

After a four hour train ride, we are safe and sound in Manchester! We are only in Manchester for one night because we are going to a "football" game tonight.  The Husband's favorite team is Manchester United. Tickets are really hard to come by, but we managed to snag a pair of fourth row seats [...]


Raj Poot

The Husband is obsessed with Indian food and claims that the best kind is found in Britain (of course, he's never actually been to India). :) Tonight we went to dinner at a highly recommended Indian restaurant called Raj Poot.   I was a little nervous about the food.  I typically prefer Thai to Indian [...]


A Most Amazing Day

After my 7.0 mile run, I was quite happy to explore the MacDonald Bath Spa pool and spa area!  But I forgot to pack my bathing suit so I was stuck walking around in my sports bra and running pants.  :)   My favorite part was the indoor/outdoor heated pool.  It is REALLY cold in [...]


Run Bath

This morning was an exercise in quelling my perfectionist tendencies.  :)    I woke up around 7:00 AM and was disappointed to see 1) the sun was still sleeping and 2) it was raining.  Apparently, the sun doesn't really rise in England until 8 AM in the winter.  I ate breakfast and played on Twitter [...]


MacDonald Bath Spa

I have died and gone to hotel heaven! When we checked into the MacDonald Bath Spa in Bath, we were very, very happy to discover the staff had upgraded up to the Executive Suite because it's our anniversary. My jaw dropped when we were led (by a butler!) out of the main building (which was [...]


Across the Countryside

All abroad! This morning, we took the train from London to Swindon to Bath, where we are now staying for two nights.   Before we left for the train station, I had a quick breakfast: I picked up a single serving of Fage at a corner shop and was SOOO excited to have Greek yogurt [...]

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