August 2008

black bean burger patties

Future Hus and I put in some serious cleaning time, and it feels so good to have a clean home. This was not a weekly clean; this was the deep clean kind you do (or should do) every 6 months or so. We wiped down the inside of all the cabinets, scrubbed the inside of [...]


list of doom

Last night, I made a list of all the things I wanted to get done today, so when I woke up--the list of doom was staring me in the face:It was probably a mistake to read over the list before my run, because it completely unmotivated me to run a 10k (as originally intended). I [...]

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healthy BBQ feast

YAWN-O! Back in Orlando and sitting on the couch... it feels so good! I missed our dogs SO much (they stayed with the neighbor).One of the best things about my future in-laws is that they are really health-conscious (and vegetarian). Future Husband's stepfather is a holistic doctor and has written several books. We have really [...]


presenting… the best trail ever.

This is the view from my absolute, #1 favorite running trail:Before Future Hus and I got engaged, there was this one night that I realllly thought he was going to propose to me under that gazebo. I tried sending him powerful secret mind messages ("Do it.... do it...."), but it didn't work! Anyways, here's the [...]



Good morning! I always feel like I'm on vacation when I visit the in-laws. They own a gorgeous home in Palm Coast, a small beach town. The home is within an amazing master-planned community that actually had the foresight to protect a few hundred acres as a wilderness preserve. The preserve backs up to the [...]


baby face

What a nice night with my future family! I met the newest member, a bouncin' baby girl! Future Husband's mom also made an amazing Thai-insipired dinner.Dinner - Thai Red Curry ShrimpI don't know the exact measurements, but she combined thai red curry paste, onions, red peppers, garlic, bamboo shoots, coconut milk, fish sauce, and vegetarian [...]


the happiest day of the week

I've got this sticker on my computer monitor. It's only true 1 day out of the week:LunchLunch was too calorie-dense in comparison to the volume of food, and it left me feeling unsatisfied and hungry. I hate it when that happens! I had a WW sandwich with melty cheese, leftover chicken from last night's pasta, [...]


the white rabbit

"Oh Dear! Oh Dear! I shall be too late!"I'm having a total White Rabbit morning... rushing around like a crazy woman! I woke up a little later than intended and only managed to fit ina 3.75-mile run (instead of a 6.0) and a 5 minute parking lot bootcamp session.Parking lot bootcamp consisted of: 3 sets [...]


much improved

I feel much better; I just needed a day of R&R. I laid on the couch and did a small amount of work. For dinner, I made WW Angel Hair pasta, sauteed chicken, and pasta sauce. It was just the fulfilling meal I needed.I try to always balance pasta with veggies...I had a raw salad [...]



I've added a fun FAQ section! Plus... before and after pictures! Dum dum dum! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask! :)


mental health soup

This is strange--I sat down at my computer to begin work, and I just felt terribly ill. My head hurts and there's a strangle rumbling in my tummy. :( I tried to work for an hour and once I realized I had only read one e-mail and was still trying to understand it... I called [...]


keep your head up!

One of the only things that motivates me to GET UP and GO on my morning runs is knowing I just won't be able to run later. Recently, Thursday evenings have been dedicated to working on Future Husband's and my new business, so I had to get my 6.0 miles in bright and early.Pre-Run Snack [...]


black bean quiche and college memories

Good evening! I whipped up a yummy Black Bean Quiche before my friend Harry and I went to go visit Future Husband's little brother--he just got a new apartment. Black Bean QuicheThis recipe is so easy and can be modified in many different ways. Plus, the slices freeze well and make a yummy, protein-packed breakfast [...]

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training james

Good morning! My Wednesday 6.0-mile run is going to be pushed to tomorrow because I didn't get to sleep until 11:30 last night. I won't have a chance to go this evening (I'm hanging out with friends after work), so today is my "rest" day. I try to stay fairly active on rest days, so [...]

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