Vegetarian Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2012

First Thanksgiving in our own home. Henry’s First Thanksgiving ever. First Thanksgiving that I’ve been in charge of from start to finish. And I didn’t burn a single dish!  A Thanksgiving miracle. I followed our Thanksgiving menu to the letter.  I made a lot of stuff last night, and for the dishes that I had [...]


Thanksgiving Menu

On the hunt for some new servings bowls, I headed to Home Goods (the interior design version of Marshalls – you must go if you haven’t been!).  I really wanted to hit up Goodwill or a consignment store – it would’ve been so much cheaper – but ran out of time.  Maybe next year.    [...]


But What About the Entrée?

One more Vegetarian Thanksgiving post!  We’re running out of time – Thanksgiving is nearly here (can you believe it?).  The big question for a Vegetarian Thanksgiving is, without a doubt, “But what do you eat for the entrée?”  Normally, I just say, “I eat all the sides… they’re the best part, anyway!”    But, truthfully, [...]


In college, I practically lived at a bar called Hemingway’s.  You see, Hemingway’s was amazing for two very simple reasons:  on Wednesdays, they offered $1 draft Blue Moons.  Just ONE DOLLAR.  Music to my college ears. Sadly, I went back to Hemingway’s a few years ago, and $1 Blue Moons are now $1.25.  Inflation blows. [...]


Shroomy Mashed Potatoes

I am very, very excited for the changing season.  Not because I love the cold (I don’t – brr!) but because I love the FOOD.  This post kicks off a returning series on Healthy Tipping Point – Vegetarian Thanksgiving.  And for the initial post, I’m doing a fun ‘giveaway’; see the end of the post!  [...]


Mushroom Dressing

**Note: the Husband told me he hated this recipe.  I really liked it.  Make it at your own risk**   Another awesome vegetarian Thanksgiving recipe coming at ya! Past recipes (look, our menu is coming together, slowly but surely! Now, I just need an entree and a dessert):   Baked Apples Lean, Green Casserole Machine [...]


Make-Up Free – The Way to Be?

When I wake up tomorrow, it will be just THREE DAYS until my second marathon!  Soooo excited.  And sooo nervous. :) :)   Today was a typical Tuesday – lots of writing, e-mailing, secretary-ing at the clinic, and a little volunteering with Girls on the Run. Ever since I read about the 200 Texas high [...]


Baked Apples

Another fun Thanksgiving recipe for you tonight!  After all, it’s never too early to start planning your menu.  :)    The first “Vegetarian Thanksgiving” recipe I posted was Lean, Green Casserole Machine.  Here’s veg recipe #2:  Baked Apples! Baked Apples   Ingredients:   3 apples (I used Honey Crisp + Granny Smith for the first [...]


Thanksgiving Comes Early

Chilling at the clinic again! That acupuncture doll has freaked me out for the last three and a half years.  Probably because he is butt naked.  There are acupuncture points in places you would not believe.   On a more serious note, today I tried my first attempt at making a veganized Thanksgiving side dish.  [...]

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