December 2009

Groceries in London

Hello again! :)   This morning, we traveled from Manchester to London via the train, the Underground, and then a taxi.  We are now safe and sound in David's flat (who is staying in our apartment in Orlando!).  Three cheers for an apartment swap - we are saving almost $700 in hotels!   Since we [...]


Manchester United Recap

Welcome to the very last day of 2009.  :)  2009 was a really good year for me overall - I got married, signed a book deal, and continued to live my life in a way that keeps me happy and healthy.  Sure, there were some bad moments in 2009, but the up's far outweighed the [...]


Train to Manchester

After a four hour train ride, we are safe and sound in Manchester! We are only in Manchester for one night because we are going to a "football" game tonight.  The Husband's favorite team is Manchester United. Tickets are really hard to come by, but we managed to snag a pair of fourth row seats [...]


Raj Poot

The Husband is obsessed with Indian food and claims that the best kind is found in Britain (of course, he's never actually been to India). :) Tonight we went to dinner at a highly recommended Indian restaurant called Raj Poot.   I was a little nervous about the food.  I typically prefer Thai to Indian [...]


A Most Amazing Day

After my 7.0 mile run, I was quite happy to explore the MacDonald Bath Spa pool and spa area!  But I forgot to pack my bathing suit so I was stuck walking around in my sports bra and running pants.  :)   My favorite part was the indoor/outdoor heated pool.  It is REALLY cold in [...]


Run Bath

This morning was an exercise in quelling my perfectionist tendencies.  :)    I woke up around 7:00 AM and was disappointed to see 1) the sun was still sleeping and 2) it was raining.  Apparently, the sun doesn't really rise in England until 8 AM in the winter.  I ate breakfast and played on Twitter [...]


MacDonald Bath Spa

I have died and gone to hotel heaven! When we checked into the MacDonald Bath Spa in Bath, we were very, very happy to discover the staff had upgraded up to the Executive Suite because it's our anniversary. My jaw dropped when we were led (by a butler!) out of the main building (which was [...]


Across the Countryside

All abroad! This morning, we took the train from London to Swindon to Bath, where we are now staying for two nights.   Before we left for the train station, I had a quick breakfast: I picked up a single serving of Fage at a corner shop and was SOOO excited to have Greek yogurt [...]


Best Mates and Bowling

Meet the Husband's best mate from England, Chris! Don't they look like brothers?  Maybe it's the beard and red hair... :)   Our morning started off with a wonderful ride on the Underground to the Liverpool station, which I remember from our last trip.   Hello, Liverpool station! Side note:  High heeled black boots = worst [...]


Pump Me Up

I got my non-running workout on this morning!  Sometimes, it just so nice to do something besides run. My legs were very stiff when I woke up at 10 AM.  Running 4.1 miles + climbing 500+ stairs to the top of St. Paul's Cathedral did me in!  But I knew that getting some light movement [...]


Oliver! and Buddha Bar

I think I had the busiest day of my life!   After our run through London and nap, we were very excited for our night out on the town!  I had some salt and vinegar crisps (AKA potato chips) while I got ready.  And then we took the Underground to the theatre!  We had tickets [...]


Run London

I think we both had a lot of trouble sleeping last night (we woke up at 3:30 AM, ready to roll) and were relieved when it was finally 'time' to get up.  We got dressed quickly and hit the streets as the sun came up.  The Marble Arch looks so pretty early in the morning, [...]


Vegetarian Paradise

Good evening from London!  :) We've had a very relaxed Christmas day.  After our 4-hour long nap, we had a great Christmas Buffet lunch, walked around the city (I think we logged about 7.0 miles!), and discovered that London is the BEST city for vegetarians - just check out these amazing eats!   Our Christmas [...]


Christmas in London

On Christmas morning at 6:45 AM, we arrived in London! We haven't done much yet except go through customs, travel from the airport, and SLEEP!  The jet lag killed me this morning, but now I think I'm well-adjusted (London is 5 hours ahead of Orlando).   The flight over was really fun! We flew Virgin [...]

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