January 2013

Does Microwaving Veggies Kill Nutrients?

I’ve been really excited about food prep lately, huh? Here’s the reason… Advanced food prep means less dishes, better meals, and more free time during the week.  Win, win, win.   I’ve been asked to write a little bit about steaming and reheating greens.  I always use this method to steam my greens.  I’ve just [...]


New York Minute

Here’s what I was up to in New York City yesterday! I served as the moderator for a series of roundtable discussions that will be turned into mini-webisodes and be featured on the Glam Network.  The event was sponsored by Kotex and focused on how our perception of and understanding of our bodies and periods [...]


Running With Baby

When I was pregnant, I really did not think I would buy a jogging stroller.  I didn’t check ‘em out at the store; I didn’t compare pricing; I didn’t talk to my running mom friends for feedback.  The idea of a jogging stroller was not very appealing to me because running has always been me [...]


Central Park Ranger

29 Before 29 – #1 accomplished!  I even did a jaunt through Times Square for good measure. I also completed #28 yesterday – that one was easy and long overdue.    Happy Wednesday!  Have a good one.


Reader Q&A: Do Real Runners Walk?

Christine wrote, “I just started really getting into running last year. I'm currently in week four of training for my first half-marathon (and first race ever). I've been getting pretty discouraged when I have to take walking breaks during my runs, especially since one of the friends I'm doing the race with is a powerhouse [...]


Food Prep Love

It’s always interesting to see how couples divide chores, work, and family responsibilities.  For example, I’m in charge of our finances.  I suck at money, so I don’t know how that happened (okay, I do, I’m a control freak).  The Husband is in charge of lots of stuff, but I believe his single most important [...]


29 Before 29

Over the weekend, I realized that I’ll be 29 years old in 3 months.  29 years old.  I’m sure some of you are thinking, “Silly Caitlin!  29 is young!”  and some of you are thinking, “Damn, girl.  You are getting old.”   Hah.  It’s all relative, I guess.  But all I can think is… where does [...]


Two Ingredient Sugar Face Scrub

I was so not a ‘bath person.’  Then I had a baby, and now I am 100% a bath person.  My love affair with baths started when I began to give Henry ‘big boy’ baths.  It looked so fun and relaxing that after I tucked him into bed, I would go take my own bath.  [...]


Double Trouble

Monday morning calls for coffee oats. Yes, that is a baby spoon.   No, I did not grab it on purpose.   Yes, I was too lazy to walk back to the silverware drawer to grab a big person spoon.   Hence, the need for coffee oats.  Yum. All cooked on the stovetop:   1/2 [...]


CRC Winter Classic 8K Race Recap

So I ran a race this afternoon.  It was an 8K (or 4.97 miles), and it started at 3 PM.  Those two factors alone drew me to the race; I was really looking forward to bangin’ it out and hopefully beating my PR, which was 50:21.    DadHTP, BIL Nick, and Henry came with me [...]


Late Race

I took this nice, pretty picture of my bowl o’ oatmeal and cup o’ coffee, which I was eating in front of my computer, but right before I went to hit publish, I realized our mouse pad was visible.  Let’s just say our mouse pad is not safe for Internet consumption, as it features someone [...]


Warm Me Up

We decided yesterday that today would be lawn care day.  We scheduled a babysitter (thanks, DadHTP) and recruited Nick.  And then, of course, we woke up and it was 25 degrees and sleeting. Gaaaaahhhh. The show must go on!  Numb fingers are all the better to scrape up leaves with!  Heck, while we’re out here [...]


Last night, I found myself in my gym’s pool, trying to teach my brother-in-law Nick how to swim freestyle.  I think I’ve only briefly mentioned this, but Nick actually lives with us.  He moved in last August.  If you’ve been reading for a while, you may remember Nick from the Orlando days.  He wanted to [...]


Plate Share

As an owner of not one, not two, not three, but four small businesses (blogs, speaking engagements, the clinic, Vitamins for Vegetarians…whew), I absolutely love it when people take an idea and run with it.  That’s why I want to tell you about my friend, Katie Levans of Sweet Tater Blog, and her genius idea [...]

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