June 2014


I had a major hankering for pizza on Saturday but there was one big problem:  I didn’t have any in the house.  So I whipped up this healthier alternative.  I love this meal and have already made it again!  Here’s what you need:   Two slices of toast (I used Udi’s) About 1/4 cup goat [...]


Weekend Wrap-Up

Did you have a nice weekend?  Ours was easy breezy.  I’ve gotten really good at mentally ‘checking out’ for the weekend, and I have to say – it’s so nice.  We just spend the days relaxing and soaking up our family time (and watching Parenthood marathon-style). On Saturday, we hit the lake.  We joined Julie [...]


Clearly this is going to be a random post!  I just have so many small but fun things to share. Henry found my Where’s Waldo book and is OBSESSED.  I love Where’s Waldo – I find looking at the pictures to be very relaxing.  Yes, I seriously sip tea and look for Waldo as a [...]


The Great Outdoors

Happy Thursday! I had a fun one yesterday.  It started off kind of rough from a mom perspective – my super sleeper had a poor night thanks to scurry dreams, and then he ended sleeping in until 10 AM (unheard of!!).  I thought our day was shot (we normally do our fun things in the [...]


A few days ago, I got an e-mail from a reader who wanted to know about my knee pain.  You see, a while back, I suffered from major knee pain due to running.  My blog was filled with trips to the physical therapist’s office, packs, and knee sleeves.  But now… six years later – I [...]


This post is sponsored by Crest Pro Health. I’ve been reading more and more about how research is linking plaque, bacteria, and inflammation in your mouth to a host of long-term diseases, like heart attack, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and dementia.  I read a Sarah Silverman interview the other day, and she (randomly) said that death [...]


What I Ate: Low Blood Sugar

I’ve known that I probably have low blood sugar for a while; it runs in my family and – trust me – I get the symptoms of hypoglycemia when I go too long without eating or eat the wrong thing!  But lately, due to pregnancy, it’s really been exacerbated. I knew I had a big [...]


Craving – Fulfilled?

My favorite restaurant in all of Charlotte is Luna’s Living Kitchen.  They “specialize in the art of living foods, serving organic, plant-based cuisine, smoothies and cold-pressed juices.”  There’s no other restaurants like it in Charlotte, and it’s so good. My favorite thing to order at Luna’s is the quinoa veggie burger wrapped up in a [...]


Little One: 17 Weeks

17 weeks – already?  Seriously.  Time is flying. Thanks again for your congratulations on our pregnancy announcement and my first trimester recap!  Many of you requested regular pregnancy updates, so here I am.  I’m impressed that I remembered to sneak in bump shots this weekend!  It’s crazy how fast the weeks are going with Little [...]


So Many Recipes!

Cinnamon Chex Trail Mix Bars I recently developed this recipe for the Chex website – it’s so good!  Not too sweet, not too salt, not too crumbly, and not too gooey… it’s the perfect texture and taste.  I love the combination of Cinnamon Chex and pretzels!  So good.  Oh, and it’s gluten-free.   Sweet Potatoes [...]


Two years ago, I gave up makeup, shaving, and all forms of feminine primping for 60 days.  The project – which was called The Naked Face Project – was a personal exploration dreamed up by Molly Barker (the founder of Girls on the Run) and myself when we started to ask each other WHY we [...]


Is This Early Nesting?

It is a million degrees outside.  Seriously.  A million.  Okay, it’s more like 95.  But it’s still really flippin’ hot. Our outside hours are approximately 7:30 – 8:30 AM and 6:00 – bedtime.  Anything else – including simply getting into the car – leaves my fair-skinned little boy sweating and tomato-faced.  We’re trapped!   Speaking [...]


Six Ways to Embrace the Walking Break

I’ve been a fan of the walk/run method for a long time.  For me, I find that it’s more enjoyable, maintainable, and fun than forcing myself to slog through mile after mile – and I hate the idea of emotionally beating myself up for daring to slow down.  I have truly EMBRACED THE WALK.    [...]


Some Stuff I Love Right Now

I have been collecting a list of thoughts/goodies to share with you guys – here are some things that I’m LOVING right now.   First:  I love the fact that our anatomy ultrasound is in TWO WEEKS.  I am so excited because we haven’t gotten to see the baby yet at all.  I just want [...]

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