March 2011

Practice 5K Day

I’ve been rush-rush-rush with work, but the BEST part of my day was definitely when I got to take a break and coach Girls on the Run.  Today was the Practice 5K Day! Some coaches choose to ‘build up’ the end-of-season 5K a little more than others… I am definitely in the “Let’s get excited [...]


How to Walk a Half Marathon

I’ve completed 32 races, including three half marathons.    My first was way back in October 2008.  I ran the Jacksonville Marine Corps in 2:06:30.  I pushed extremely hard and was very happy with my time. I ran my second Half Marathon a few months later, in February 2009.  I ran the Gasparilla Half Marathon [...]


Pa’s Grilled Cheese

I was rummaging around my appliances cabinet (I have zero storage in my kitchen so I have to tuck stuff far in the back), and I found this awesome sandwich maker:   I’d guess it’s at least sixteen years old now – my grandpa passed it onto me a few years ago.  I love these [...]


Prioritize Showering

Hollar if you put everyday tasks on your To Do list. Yes, I have showered.  And hey, I ate, too!  Check, check, checky-check-check!   (Lots of peopled asked about my Minnesota trip – here are the details!)   You know what made my lunch hour so much more productive (I’m all for productivity when a [...]


Early to Rise

Waking up earlier is getting easier and easier.  It’s taken me a week, but I knocked off 1.5 hours off my wake-up time by setting my alarm 15 – 20 minutes earlier each night (and trying to get in bed earlier, too).  Everyone else is sleeping, so for breakfast, it was just me + oatmeal: [...]


Learn the Basics

The other day, Jen mentioned that her husband watched a YouTube video on how to make the perfect scrambled eggs, and then he made the best scrambled eggs… ever.    Naturally, I was curious about this special method, and decided that I should perhaps re-learn the basics, too.   Turns out I was doing everything [...]


Bread and Soup

I am having a GREAT day!  It’s just something in the air, I suppose.    Maggie pointed out that she hasn’t been on the blog in a while, so here is her cute face: James refused to let me photograph him for some reason… such a diva.   And here’s my easy lunch: I love [...]


The Emotional Side of Injury

Morning, friends!  I am currently slamming coffee and praying the magical Book Writing Fairy comes to my house and does all my work for me.  You?   Amazing breakfast! This Breakfast Banana Bake is one of my favorite breakfast recipes (and that’s saying a lot since I’m definitely a breakfast girl).  The recipe is here.  [...]


Race Recap: Jess’s 10K Adventure Race

Name:  Jess Location: Auckland, New Zealand Age: 22 Race:  Speights West Coaster 10K Adventure Run Personal Tidbit: Training to be a teacher   In Her Words:   When my friend Caz emailed me telling me that she had signed us up for the Speights West Coaster (“one of the finest (and undeniably one of the [...]


Purple Eater

Now that I’m looking at my food pictures, I’m realizing that I had quite the purple lunch.  I started off with a purple smoothie around 10 AM. (Say hi to the Husband!  We’re both working from home today!)   In the blender:   1 cup almond milk 1 banana 1/2 cup frozen mixed berries Chia [...]


Happy Moan-day. ;) This week, I’ll be making a huge effort to change my sleep schedule and wake up early to do workouts (biking + yoga since I’m out of commission for running due to my knee).   Having a yummy breakfast is a good enough reason for me to get out of bed! I [...]


Mehhh Macaroni and Cheese Casserole

I know I promised you a recipe tonight, but this didn’t taste as good as it looked.  It was mehhh. :( I was trying to create a dairy-less ‘macaroni and cheese’ combined with a baked cauliflower casserole recipe I saw in Runner’s World.   It was okay, but not tasty enough to share the recipe.  [...]


Car Eats and Steamy Deets

When we woke up in DC, I was unpleasantly surprised to discover SNOW was on the ground.  Luckily, it was only a dusting and didn’t interrupt our driving plans. Before leaving Emily’s, Nicole and I ate a yummy breakfast.  I had two slices of quinoa toast (which tasted like regular bread to me!) with sunflower [...]


DC Social

I’m dreaming of a pain-free race next weekend in NYC… Keeping my fingers crossed.  :) (Thanks to Nicole for snapping a picture of me while I slept after watching the DC Half. In response, I put her bra in the freezer.  Clearly, we are still in middle school…)   A very fun day indeed!  After [...]

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