Dominican Republic

Today is the last day of our amazing vacation in the Dominican Republic.  Fittingly, I’m writing this on our balcony as dark clouds drizzle a fine mist of rain.  It’s like the weather agrees that it’s just time to go home.  I’m sad because we had so much fun! Many people asked for a review [...]


I am a reading FIEND when it comes to beach vacations.  And thanks to my new Kindle, it’s easier than ever to plow through awesome books while laying in the sun. Here’s what I read on my vacation!   Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen (Alright, I finished this right before we left but I’m [...]


Play To Win

The Husband and I have always enjoyed different hobbies.  In terms of our sporty hobbies, mine is running and his is golf.  When we first became serious, a few people asked me if it bothered me that we had different hobbies, but I have to admit that I think we both enjoyed it.  Not that [...]


More Sun and Fun

The vacation sent from heaven continues.  We are really loving our time at the resort (I plan to do a full review when the trip is up), and I’m already starting to count down the days until we leave with dread.   We have until Friday, so I’m going to try to soak it all in. [...]


Relax Central

Our vacation continues to be sunny, sandy, and wonderful.  BFF Sarah, her husband TK, the Husband, and I are having a blast. We’re fallen into a happy routine of waking up around 7, grabbing food from the buffet (breakfast is, hands down, the best meal of the day), laying by the beach, taking afternoon naps, [...]


All You Can Eat and Drink

I think I’ve died and gone to vacation heaven.  My vacation just begun and I already don’t want to go home! Swim-up bars might be the best. invention. ever.   A few people have asked, and yes – we’re staying in an all-inclusive (adults-only) resort.  If you ask me, the only way to go to [...]

Healthy Tipping Point