February 2013

A Great Thursday

I hope you had an excellent Thursday! We had a greeeeeat day.  We may have jammed more activities into a day than every before in Henry’s life.  He went to the gym’s daycare so I could spin, we drove the Husband to work, and then Henry and I went out for Thai food.  This is [...]


Train Like a Mother

Two great days of workouts! First things first:  Yesterday, I ran a 5K with my neighbor Christine.  Everyone, please look at Christine’s jogging stroller.  Yes.  That is a TRIPLET stroller. My stroller weights about 45 pounds with Henry; hers weighs over 95 pounds with her babies in it. NINTY FIVE POUNDS! Also, when I ran [...]


Ironman March

The other day, a reader made a really awesome suggestion, and I loved it so much that I’ve decided to make it a personal challenge for March.  I hope you’ll join me! I’m really (REALLY!) pumped for triathlon season, and trust me – if I could start doing races RIGHT NOW, I would.  But the [...]


Hot Jams

Need some fresh tunes for your workout? Here are my favorite songs from the current Billboard’s Top 100 list: My favorite on that list is the Swedish House Mafia song – I love to drive with the windows down and practically scream the chorus.  And then do an epic fist pump. Reminds me of early [...]


Just as Nice

So glad to be home!  My taxi couldn’t navigate the streets of Charlotte fast enough. Everything is just how I left it. Pippa is still in charge, Maggie is still always underfoot, James is still aloof, Henry’s sweet as ever but his new haircut still looks doofy, and the Husband is still… well, I’m not [...]


24 Hours

West Chester University – you were incredibly awesome last night! Nearly 350 women (and a few guys) showed up for my Operation Beautiful event.   I’ve been to Philly countless times before so I didn’t feel pressure to get out and see the city. My old friends live in the area, but everyone’s schedule was [...]


JayBird BlueBuds X Review and {Giveaway}

Earbuds are a seriously hot commodity in our house.  We probably have five or six pairs of the white Apple earbuds but, for some reason, no one can ever find a pair when they want one.  Why?  Well, because they’re such a hot item, we hide earbuds from each other.  And then we end up [...]



I feel like I’m just surfacing. My weekend was consumed by a huge last-minute freelance project. I’m not complaining about the chance to work, but man – it was crazy. I wrote ten pieces over two days (that’s a LOT!). After I hit publish on this post, I’m all worded out… until tomorrow. I spent [...]


Operation Beautiful is proud to be a partner of NEDA Week for the fourth year in a row!   For More:   The Operation Beautiful book for adults The Operation Beautiful book for tweens and teens Take NEDA’s Eating Disorder Screening Test (© NEDA) Get HELP for your eating disorder (© NEDA) Read our Change [...]


Random Run Thoughts

Thought #1:  You know what I think the key to regular exercise is – no matter what your life and work situation?  When you have an opportunity to run, RUN.  Don’t dilly dally!  We all pack in so much; the window to workout is usually fairly short.  Stop wondering if you should go on a [...]


Note: I realize that this topic – switching from exclusively pumping to formula feeding – is something that probably interests or applies to a very small percentage of readers.  While there is information about this online, I found very few personal, detailed accounts.  Exclusive pumpers are a small group, and exclusive pumpers who decide to [...]


Savory v. Sweet

Breakfast.   Do you prefer savory…   Or do you prefer sweet?   When it comes to everyday breakfasts, I am definitely in the savory camp.  I love eggs and spice, and I’ve found that eating something lower in sugar gets my day off on the right track.  Plus – PROTEIN!  Although I don’t count [...]


From Idea to Impact

What’s the game-changing play that turns dreams into reality? Event photos courtesy of Pop Rock Photography   On Tuesday, I took part in the Center for Intentional Leadership’s “From Idea to Impact” event.  I sat on a panel with three other individuals and engaged with an audience of about sixty people. We all have ideas [...]



Have you ever really looked at your pet’s whiskers?  Whiskers are one of those things that you normally look past – until you really start to study them.  Then it’s all – BAM! Whiskers in yer face. James has the shortest whiskers of my bunch – his are dark and short.  Maggie’s are longer but [...]

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