Strikes Again

I spent all last night on the couch, reading a book and watching Boardwalk Empire.  And keeping Maggie warm.  That’s what fur moms are for, right?   Even though I was beat last night (a Sprint Triathlon on Saturday and a Super Sprint on Sunday will do that to you…), I woke up feeling pretty [...]


Fun with Vibrams

I wore my Vibrams to Girls on the Run yesterday – the shoes were a total hit.  They decided it looked like I had gorilla feet. Plus, I get to run/walk about a mile with the girls so it’s a great way to break them in!  I’m still not used to running very far in [...]


Sbux and Toe Soxs

First things thing:  I have to make Evan’s Snickerdoodle Dessert Hummus ASAP.   Secondly, today I locked myself up at the coffee shop and got a ton of work done! The first draft of the next Operation Beautiful book is officially… 85% done.  :)  I’ll take it.  21 days to go!   I also ran [...]


Forays into Barefoot Running

Let’s get our barefoot on! Today was my first day running in my new Vibram Sprints AKA the “barefoot” running “shoe.”  I’ve heard from numerous sources that barefoot running is hard on your joints and muscles (especially the calves) so it’s best to REALLY ease into it. I decided to run one mile, loop back [...]

Healthy Tipping Point