January 2012


…. Is the spice of life. The other day, someone asked me how pregnancy has changed my workouts.  There were so many (mainly negative) ways that I could answer – “Pregnancy made me slower,” “I hardly ever run anymore,” “Pregnancy sapped my energy,” or “I haven’t been on a bike since September.”  But you know [...]


Rise ‘n Oatmeal

Only 49 days until Spring. But who’s counting?  You know… besides me.   Good morning! Just your basic bowl of stovetop oatmeal:   3/4 cup oatmeal 1/2 cup soy milk 1/2 cup water 1 banana Toppings: almonds, brown sugar, blueberries   You know how the oatmeal gets stuck to the side of the bowl?  I [...]


Would You Rather?

Would you rather have wheels for legs or wings for arms? Would you rather eat really delicious, perfect pizza every night for dinner or never, ever get to eat pizza again? Would you rather be forced to high-five every stranger you talk to or end every phone call with “Ciao, bella!” for the rest of [...]


The Naked Face Project

Last season at Girls on the Run, I sat cross-legged in front of 15 little girls and held up an advertisement for women’s shaving cream.  The ad showed the model’s disembodied legs up in the air, smooth and shiny.  “What do you think this ad is trying to say?” I asked.  The girls carefully studied [...]


Makin’ Banana Pancakes

First of all, sorry for all the technical difficulties this weekend.  However, now the blog is aliiiiive and well.  I hope so, at least.   I woke up this song stuck in my head. Mmm. So, of course, I had to make banana pancakes for breakfast!  This beauties are definitely worthy of a serenade. We [...]


Friday Eats

My friend Isaac g-chatted me to say, “Don’t hang out outside for too long today.  There’s an intense solar flare going on, according to NPR.”  Of course that meant that I immediately walked outside and looked up at the sun.  I couldn’t help it!   I’ll admit. I had to Google ‘solar flare’ to figure [...]


Since so many readers commented that they like it when I do ‘articles worth reading’ round-ups on Fridays, here’s another edition of For Your Reading Pleasure!  Read on, read on. No one really wants to do work on Friday afternoons, anyway.   The Pregnancy Project: Why One Girl Decided to Fake Her Baby Bump Gabby [...]


Raspberry Waffles

I know I waxed poetic about Greek yogurt as the ultimate waffle topper the other day… but I think grilled banana might run a close second. A fruity topping deserves a fruit waffle!   This one was packed with sliced almonds and raspberries: I mixed frozen raspberries right into the batter and then spooned it [...]


Reader Q&A: I Hate Exercise and Healthy Foods

Emily said, “I really like your personal mantra to never set yourself up for failure. However, I find it challenging to decide when I’m being lazy, and when I’m giving myself a break and allowing myself to just complete one small healthy goal. For example: not setting myself up to fail could be setting a [...]


Southern-Style Cornbread Quiche

The sick day continues. Thus far, I have failed to shower and a giant pile of snotty toilet paper is building next to me (hi, my name is Caitlin, and I am too cheap to buy tissues).  However, I’ve managed to get a good deal of work done, and I’m watching Sixteen Candles. Sick days [...]



When I was a kid, I had a tendency to be… melodramatic.  You know, every injury was life-threatening, every cold was the Ebola virus. So when I ran to my mom, screaming that I had broken my ankle, understandingly, she had her doubts.  She told me to wait on the bed while she went to [...]


The “I Don’t Belongs”

Sunshine on my shoulders! Oh, what a glorious day.  It’s been so cold and dreary here, but today, we were blessed with warm weather, lots of sun, and nearly zero clouds.  I couldn’t wait to grab my laptop and work on the porch this afternoon.   George Santayana once said, “To be interested in the [...]


BabyHTP: 20 Weeks

My – what a difference 10 weeks makes!   BabyHTP and I are finally in the 20s!  Here’s what’s going on this week: “Your baby weighs about 10 1/2 ounces now. He's also around 6 1/2 inches long from head to bottom and about 10 inches from head to heel. If you're having a girl, [...]



Last night was the Girls on the Run kick-off party.  When they say kick-off party, they really just mean a meeting for the coaches.  Heh. I am so excited for this upcoming season.  The Husband will be my co-coach again, but we’re bring on two new co-coaches – my friend Catherine and fellow blogger Katy.  [...]

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