Last Minute Race Advice

I had a wonderful run this morning!  My Garmin was dead, and I went off my normal path to explore some new streets.  When I got home, I used Google Earth to map my run and discovered that I did about 4.0 miles.  Wahoo. All in all, I’m feeling really good about my upcoming half [...]


{Vlog} Why Do You Run?

ZOOMA recently forwarded me this YouTube video:  Why Do You Run?  I thought I’d do a vlog (video blog) answering this question because I found it so intriguing.   Check it out to not only hear my thoughts on why I run, but also to ooo and ahhh at Henry’s cute little old man cardigan.  [...]


ZOOMA for Girls on the Run {Plus, 10% Off!}

Something warm and savory! If you’ve never had Savory Oats, you are missing out!  I know it sounds a bit weird, but trust me – savory oats are so tasty, especially with an over-easy egg on top. Savory Oats   Ingredients:   1/2 cup oats 1/4 cup water 1/2 cup soy milk 1 cup raw [...]


Race Registration: What Type Are You?

Do you plan your races out in advance? A) Of course.  I map out my entire year, do small events every month or so, and culminate my training with one big event. B) Kind of.  About half of the time, I follow 2 – 4 month training plans and plan to do an event at [...]


Our fourth debate of the week!  Our previous debates included: Do you acknowledge strangers when exercising outdoors?, When on a run, do you do a little jig at red lights or come to a complete stop?, and Do you secretly race others at the gym?   Today’s topic: Women’s Races. In recent years, there has [...]

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