December 2012

Goodbye ‘12

Last night, I unplugged and slipped into a bubble bath.  Complete with many running magazines to flip through and enjoy (and get soaking wet). If you look closely, you can see Henry gnaw marks on the edge of one magazine… Eek.   And on the last morning of 2012, we took Henry to the doctor [...]


Run Happy

When you blog about ‘your life,’ you’re really only blogging about a tiny sliver of it.  That’s just the nature of blogging.  So occasionally, the perception of my life or how I feel gets a little warped.  Lately, I’ve been complaining a lot about my long runs – both on the blog and in real [...]


Long Run Cliff

I was not feeling my long run today.  It’s Sunday, and that means I left it to the very last minute… I was at risk of falling over the Long Run Cliff.  I had to do it today. And yet I still felt compelled to spend the entire morning debating myself. Hmmm…. After a while, [...]


Tackling Childhood Hunger

Hello, HTP readers. My name is Nina, and like many of you, I work full time in a demanding career. I get caught up in being spread so thin that I forget there are others out there who have it much worse. My stressful work week ends every Friday, but so many people carry their [...]


While You Were Sleeping

It’s a fact of parenthood:  when the kid goes down for a nap, you go into overdrive (or underdrive and go back to sleep…).  The babe is napping!  You can do ANYTHING you want!  As Henry drifted off into dreamland, I debated:  Did I want to read more of my book or bake a snack?  [...]


Breaded Baked Tofu

It’s a quiet night in my house.  Everyone is cuddled up and asleep.  It’s only 8:00 PM, guys!   The animals are tucked in; Henry is tucked in.  All that’s left are the grown-ups.  I’m all played out and ready for bed already… But first… I have a great recipe for you!   Breaded Baked [...]


Pals & Coffee

My pal Megan came to visit me!  Megan and I have been friends since we both lived in Orlando a few years ago; it’s always such a blast to see her. She got to Charlotte around 2 PM yesterday, and we spent the night drinking mimosas and playing video games with Nicole.  Oh yeah.  Wild [...]


A Book Reading

You guys!  It’s here!  It’s December 27.  Do you know what that means? It means that the Operation Beautiful: One Note at a Time book for tween and teen girls is OUT.   OUT and ABOUT and walking around the world.  Well, not walking, but hopefully being driven and flown to bookstores and doorsteps all [...]


‘Twas a Dark and Stormy Run

Word on the street is that a lot of the country is experiencing less-than-ideal weather.  We don’t have any snow, but we sure do have rain. Fun fact: Rain is my favorite type of weather.  This is probably because I was born and raised in Miami; tropical thunderstorms are a daily summer occurrence in my [...]


Coconut Quinoa

This dish was part of our Christmas dinner.  I was going to make plain old quinoa, but with some pretty basic veggies sides, I figured that I should spice – or should I say, sweeten – it up. The best part about this quinoa dish is that it’s not overwhelming in favor – there’s just [...]


Our Christmas 2012

On Christmas Eve, I was checking out at Whole Foods and asked the cashier how she was doing.  She said, “The real question is how am I feeling?” In an instant, I thought: ‘Ah, crap.  It’s Christmas Eve, it’s 7 PM, and she’s working.  Of course, she feels like hell and just wants to go [...]


Merry Everything

We hope you have a happy holiday!  Thanks for reading Healthy Tipping Point and supporting Operation Beautiful – it’s very much appreciated. (I know better than to try for a family photo of the entire clan!  I get two creatures to sit in the same frame and one to look at the camera and I’m [...]



Have you finished Christmas shopping?  We’re all done with gifts.  We did brave the retail stores for a few last-minute holiday supplies, though.  It was exhausting.  So exhausting, in fact, that I came out of one store and found the Husband in the car like this: He wasn’t the only one taking a nap in [...]


Ten for the Win

I am having a deep and introspective day.  Dunno why, really.  I just feel really quiet.  I am normally super talkative and go-go-go, so this is kind of strange for me. I had plenty (PLENTY) of time to think about anything and everything during my long run.  It’s been a lackluster training week thanks to [...]

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