September 2013

Florida, I Love You

We are in Florida! So excited to be here. Yesterday, we slowly made our way from Charlotte to Palm Coast, which is a little town an hour south of Jacksonville. We’re staying with my in-laws for a few nights, and then we’re on our way to Miami for the big football game (and the even [...]


Last Week’s Workouts

Plus -  more about the Cookie Monster. So, last week, I pulled it back a bit.  I decided to keep in the ‘spirit’ of Half Ironman training but not really follow my plan.  I needed a mental break,  you know?  Additionally, on Monday night, I was making macaroni and cheese and splashed hot water on [...]


Sunday Snapshots

Coffee that went far too quickly… A morning walk in perfect end-of-summer weather… Arrived early enough to snag my favorite spin bike (front row, second from the left) and I stayed an extra 15 minutes to round my workout up to an hour… Discovered this on Henry’s diapers and went into a 5-minute internal rant [...]

Healthy Tipping Point