Speedy 5K/NMTZ Challenge

Fast and Long (*TWSS)

Over the weekend, I figured out what was “wrong” with my Speedy 5K training plan.  As I wrote last Friday, “I need to find a way to get over the hump – I feel a little stuck at my current level.  I know I have it in me to be faster and run longer without [...]


Surprise Guests on My Run

I was sitting on my porch when I saw Kath and Matt turning the corner! They ran 2.8 miles to my house to surprise me and say hello!  Since they were there and sweating, I decided to throw on my running clothes and do a quick run with them.    Kath and Matt are super [...]


Hello, Joe.

Have you heard of Trader Joe’s? Trader Joe's describes itself as "your neighborhood grocery store" or "your unique grocery store".  Many of the company's products are environmentally friendly.  Trader Joe's maintains low prices by having smaller and plainer stores, using plainer packaging, and carrying a smaller variety of products and getting more turnaround on products [...]


Afternoon!  :)  My day has been filled with work, errands, and moving activities.   If you’re moving and want cheap boxes – hit up the liquor store! We’re trying to spend as little as possible during the move.  In fact, I’m anticipating that we’ll only be spending $150 $20 (just sold our bed frame and [...]


After doing my first No More Trouble Zones workout last night, I woke up today feeling sore on every inch of  my body.  Mostly, I felt it in my triceps, biceps, abs, and back of my thighs.   Many people commented that they found it “scary” that I thought NMTZ was so hard.  I know [...]


Initial Thoughts on NMTZ

On Monday, I’ll be starting (and posting) my official training plan for the Speedy 5K/No More Trouble Zones Challenge, but I received the workout DVD No More Trouble Zones by Jillian Michaels this afternoon and thought I’d test it out. Oh… my… gosh.   First of all – LIGHT YEARS HARDER than the 30 Day [...]


Speedy 5K Baseline

So, as mentioned this afternoon, I want to train to run a faster 5K in the next two months or so.  Today was my baseline test – I ran 3.1 miles without stopping to walk once (so hard, by the way).  It was overcast and rainy, which is perfect Florida summer running.  :) It took [...]


My New Fitness Challenge

I’ve got exciting news!  But first… A wonderful lunch!  I love salads when it’s so hot outside.  This mix was absolutely divine and super filling. The mix contained:   Spinach, arugula, and mixed greens Raw broccoli Stir-fried artichokes Sundried tomatoes Stir-fried corn   And on the side, I had two pieces of hearty bread with [...]

Healthy Tipping Point