June 2015

Claire received a hand-me-down dolly with a realistic face (you know, the kind that opens and closes her eyes when you lay her down), and Claire thinks it’s the weirdest thing ever.  She’s not sure if it’s real or not and will reach out to touch it before shrinking back at the last minute.  Hah! [...]


Baby Gear we Love: 6 Months

Newborn Baby Gear We Love (Claire Edition) Newborn Baby Gear We Love (Henry Edition) 4.5 Months: Baby Gear We Love (Henry Edition) 8.5 Months: Baby Gear We Love (Henry Edition)   Here are the toys and gear that our little Claire loves at the half-year mark!   The IKEA High Chair Seriously, the IKEA high [...]


One last post about the epic The North Face Mountain Athletics app! I originally wrote my review of the app here --> Need Strength Training Direction?  But I wanted to pop in one more time and share some of the best moves from the free app. Download the Mountain Athletics App - it’s free for [...]


Vegetarian Whole 30

So. I am on Day 11 of the Vegetarian Whole 30 (well, technically, Day 4 of my restart but more on that below).  I was inspired to try this 30-day whole eating plan after reading the two Whole 30 books. The Whole 30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom It Starts With [...]


Fun and Work at the Pool

Plus – I have a swimsuit giveaway for you! One way or the other, we’ve been spending a lot of time in the water. Henry goes to the splash park and then the pool for swim lessons every day as part of camp, and then we return in the afternoons so Claire can have a [...]


So, even though I love-love-love my boot camp, I’ve decided to chill out on it for the month of July.  I am not going to buy the unlimited monthly pass (which I’ve had since March – you can see my results in this post and this post) and may just opt for drop-in classes, if [...]



Like the new look of Healthy Tipping Point? If you’re having any issues with the design, try clearing your browser’s cache – that should fix it right up! Current Celebration:  Oh – so much to celebrate this month!  We just finished hosting the Husband’s amazing grandparents (all the way from England). And on Thursday, the [...]


Fun vitamin review and a chance for you + a friend to win a trip to a day spa! I always forget to take my vitamins – unless the Husband physically hands them to me (which he does, more often than not <—what a guy!).  That’s why I was so excited to try these Olly [...]


First of all, thanks so much for all the kind and supportive comments on yesterday’s post about training.  I really was surprised by and appreciated the remarks about how I’m doing better than I think I am… I needed to hear that!  Sometimes you just need to have someone say, “You can do it!”  So [...]


Morning! How goes it?  The heat wave in Charlotte continues (we reached 99 degrees yesterday) and it feels like I spend my days running from one air conditioned space to another. Can’t stay outside too long! In fact, I didn’t even try to go outside for my swim.  I did 1250 yards in the indoor [...]


A Boot Camp Workout For You

Good morning!  Happy Tuesday.  This is what I ate for lunch yesterday – it was so good. Roasted red potatoes, butternut squash, and broccoli; baby bell peppers and onions; and three over-easy eggs.  Plus two fresh apricots on the side. I spent Monday in recovery mode from the weekend.  We had a lot going on [...]



This Friday was Henry’s birthday.  Big number three.  Can you believe it?  I certainly cannot.  Nothing makes you more aware of how time truly flies than watching a child grow up.    Here is what I think of when I think of Henry at age 3:  Talkative.  Obsessed with animals (favorite animal is a cheetah [...]


Artichoke + Pesto Bean Dip

I made this recipe over the weekend and then ate it all in two sittings.  It’s really tasty, healthy, and simple to make <— basically, my ideal recipe! In fact, there are only four ingredients – canned artichokes, white beans, pesto, and salt.  From cans + jars to dip in less than 5 minutes!  I [...]


I was recently challenged to try something outside of my fitness comfort zone.  That same week, my friend Jen asked a group of momma friends if they’d be interested in joining her Warrior Dash team.  It was a perfect fit – obstacle mud runs are definitely outside of my norm!    Switch It Up, brought [...]

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