Mommy Struggles

Note: I realize that this topic – switching from exclusively pumping to formula feeding – is something that probably interests or applies to a very small percentage of readers.  While there is information about this online, I found very few personal, detailed accounts.  Exclusive pumpers are a small group, and exclusive pumpers who decide to [...]


Half a year already? No! It can’t be.  From this to this in a blink of an eye.   I normally discuss how I’m doing for my Mind and Body After Baby updates, but this month, I really want to focus on Henry.  But before that, I’ll quickly give you a body update – I’m [...]


Milestones, milestones.  So many milestones. My little man is now 5 months (and a week…) old.  I can hardly believe it – but I say that every month, don’t I?  It’s just amazing how fast time passes and how quickly children grow.  But in so many ways, it just keeps getting better and better.    [...]


Being away from my baby is emotionally challenging.  I miss his cute little faces and his funny noises; I miss his snuggles and his drool smiles.  But being away is physically challenging, too, because I breastfeed.  Here’s what has worked for me so far (I’ve been away overnight twice, so I’m still trying to figure [...]


Henry is only 94 days old, and yet I already can’t really remember what life was like before him.  I can’t believe that three months have passed since giving birth – he’s grown up so much.  I call him my Big Boy now.  After all, he does big boy things like hold toys and take [...]


Autumn! {Plus, More Baby Sleep}

Only nine days until the official start of fall – but it seems like it’s here in Charlotte already!  I can’t wait for this: And this: As well as:  turning off the air conditioner at night, Halloween festivities, sweaters, scarves, boots (yay, boots!), running outside and not getting sweaty, and – of course – lots [...]


I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while! As I wrote the first time that I tackled the breastfeeding topic:   One of the things that I’ve realized about nursing is that is really can be difficult and trying (both physically and emotionally), as well as totally amazing, and it helps to hear [...]


You Are Getting Very Sleepy…

Lately, I feel like I say/think/write the same sentences over and over again:  “I am so tired,” “Henry gave me a run for money last night,” and “Where the hell is my coffee?”  Completely obvious statement of the century:  babies are exhausting.  I feel a little bad complaining about it because – of course – [...]


The other day, I tried to wrap my hands around Henry’s torso and discovered that my fingertips no longer touched.  He is getting so big and packin’ on the ounces like it’s his job! As of yesterday, Henry is eight weeks old.  It’s crazy that eight weeks have already passed… but at the same time, [...]


Everyone talks about how mommas-to-be experience an urge to ‘nest’ right before their baby comes – and part of this nesting phenomenon is buying baby gear.  I know that I really worried about buying all the right gadgets and gizmos – as well as the right necessities, too.  Being stocked up and supplied makes you [...]


New Mom Wishes

I wish “sleep when the baby sleeps” was as easily done as it is said.   I wish that Henry was born with a manual instead of a placenta.   I wish my dogs had opposable thumbs and could do the housework.   I wish I could gently levitate a sleeping Henry with my mind [...]


The Breast Advice

True story:  This morning, I was at a mom’s group, sitting in a circle with four other women and their babies, when I reached down into my diaper bag to pull out a blanket.  I stood up, shook it out, and out fell a bright blue thong. Of course, I was mid-sentence so everyone was [...]


Very often, the media makes something seem like a bigger deal than it actually is.  And sometimes, because the media makes something seem important, it actually becomes a real-life battle.  Quite the vicious cycle.  In my eyes, that’s how the so-called Mommy Wars exploded into the disaster that it is today. It’s my understanding that [...]


I have a feeling that I’ll begin every post this way, but seriously – how has a month after passed since I gave birth to Henry?!   He cannot possibly be four weeks old yet!  He’s growing up too fast.   You can check out my first post-pregnancy update here – Mind and Body After Baby [...]

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