November 2011

The Magic Soap

Every now and then I write about an all-natural cleaning or beauty product that I’ve been lovin’ lately.  And lately, I cannot get enough of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps. The first time I saw this product on the shelves, I assumed it was a body wash.  I liked the short, all-natural, and mainly organic ingredient [...]


I love doing these weekly updates.  It makes it feel like time is moving very quickly.  Heh.     (I promise that wear shirts beyond tanks but I think it’s good for comparison's sake to repeat outfits.)   I feel like something definitely happened this week.  I’m up three pounds, none of my pants have [...]


Out and About

Good morning.  Sorry about the little disappearing act last night – we were out quite late on a hospital tour.  And in the coincidences of all coincidences, my friend Jen had checked into the same maternity ward merely hours before to give birth to her baby!  We stopped by and said hi (she wasn’t feeling [...]


Brush My Shoulders Off

Hello, hello.  Can you believe it’s already Tuesday?  That much closer to Thanksgiving.  So excited.  Unleash me on the dessert table.  But until then, I’m just trying to get through work.  I’ve got a bunch of freelance writing projects due in early December and am trying to make a dent in my workload before my [...]


Save a Shelter Pet, Week 3

By popular request, this week I am featuring a shelter dog AND a shelter cat!  I’ll admit – I’m more of a dog person than a cat person.  So I guess I was naturally leaning towards doggies for the first two weeks.  But that isn’t fair – cats are great, too, and need our help [...]


Balance It Out

Today’s random food craving of the week is… BBQ chips.  Cannot get enough.  Best chip ever. Balancing it out with vegetables, of course.  A spinach salad with balsamic, cucumbers, and tomatoes, and black-eyed pea vegetable soup.  The soup was from a little store called Berrybrook Farms and was positively fabulous – big chunks of squash [...]


My Favorite Things 2011

To the tune of “These are a few of my favorite things!” here are my holiday gift recommendations for 2011.  Some are duplicates from 2010 but I just can’t help it – they’re awesome gifts!   Medal Display:  I love, love, LOVE my Allied Metal medal display.  Before, all of my running medals were just [...]


Warm November

Is this a short week for you?  It’s a short week for us!  Only two days of work at the clinic.  And then it’s time for Thanksgiving with family and friends. In what is clearly becoming a pregnancy pattern, I do too much on Saturdays and spend Sunday laying on my couch.  I did managed [...]


Pooch and Nooch

It’s a lazy morning over here. Eventually, I will peel myself out from under these puppies and off the couch.  I swear.   We saw an incredible movie last night – Like Crazy.  The ending is rather ambiguous, and I can see why many moviegoers would hate that, but the more and more I think [...]


Not In My Genes

Back in the day, when I spent more time on the couch or a bar stool than in my running shoes, I thought that ‘weirdos’ who enjoyed exercise had a genetic advantage that people like me lacked (and people who willingly run marathons were simply nuts).  Now I know that’s not exactly true. So much [...]


Pumpkin Smoothie

This morning, the Husband practically heel-clicked in the kitchen and whooped, “I LOVE THE WEEKEND!”  And I said back, “ME TOO!”  Weekends are for:  late nights, sleeping in, watching far too much TV, and longer workouts.  Oh, and grocery shopping.  Yuck.  Can’t win them all.   It’s chilly out there today!  Truly starting to feel [...]


But What About the Entrée?

One more Vegetarian Thanksgiving post!  We’re running out of time – Thanksgiving is nearly here (can you believe it?).  The big question for a Vegetarian Thanksgiving is, without a doubt, “But what do you eat for the entrée?”  Normally, I just say, “I eat all the sides… they’re the best part, anyway!”    But, truthfully, [...]


I Cannot Sleep

Long drive this morning. I was up at 4:30 to drive from Charlotte to Columbia, South Carolina for a local news spot about Operation Beautiful and the Operation Beautiful book.  Now it’s 11:13 and I’m falling asleep at my desk.  But the interview went well! And, luckily for me, I managed to convince the Husband [...]


Chase the Teddy

We had a fun day at Girls on the Run.  Some days we focus more on running, other days we play lots of games and ‘sneak in’ exercise.  Today was a game day that incorporated speedwork.  The girls were divided into 4 groups of 4, and each group leader held a baton – a stuffed [...]