November 2011

Sneak Peek

Yesterday, I ran a very fast (relatively speaking, of course) 3.0 miles.  I was so speedy because it was raining and cold!  It felt wonderful to push myself. However, this meant that I was very sore today!  Between all those kick drills in the pool on Tuesday and doing speedwork yesterday, my thighs were screaming [...]


Pomegranates are my favorite fall/winter fruit.  They taste amazing and look so lush. A few years ago, I got to tour the POM Wonderful groves.  After eating one straight off the tree, warm and juicy from the sun, I have loved pomegranates ever since. (There is some controversy about POM’s labeling practices and as well [...]


Baking BeCAUSE

Last October, I posted Michelle’s guest post for National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.   Michelle wrote, “I am a survivor of domestic violence. Not too long ago, the man I loved more than anything was physically abusive with me and I decided to leave the relationship for my own safety and well-being. Even before the physical [...]


BabyHTP: 10 Weeks

Today, BabyHTP and I officially enter double digits.  I am thrilled, to say the least!  Time seems to move impossibly slow in the first trimester and, truthfully, I felt like 10 weeks would never come.    But here I am!  Ten weeks and feeling pretty good.  Minus that whole running to the bathroom in the [...]


You’re Getting Warmer…

In addition to the normal workload, today I have:   1) Watched The Hunger Games trailer a total of five times (not including the six viewings yesterday).  It gets better every.. single… time.  Squeal. 2) Eaten three slices of pumpkin pie. 3) Weeded my garden. 4) Swam 1,000 meters.  Winning! So, so proud of myself [...]


Save a Shelter Pet: Week 2

If you missed Week 1 of the series, Lula in Philadelphia is still looking for a home.  Several blog readers came forward to meet with her, but none have panned out yet.  On a brighter note, Mr. Knuckles was also featured on the Healthy Tipping Point Facebook page last week, and a reader drove out [...]


Too Green Thumb

Look.  I managed to grow a rose! I really shouldn’t take credit for that bloom, though, because I’ve done absolutely nothing to encourage it.  The rest of my garden looks like this. I’m the embarrassment of my neighborhood. Seriously.  Even the mailman gives me the stink eye.   I was observing my garden this morning [...]


Easy as Pie

Evening! For weeks and weeks, I have been craving pumpkin pie.  CRAVING.  And yet I cannot find it at any nearby grocery stores (Doesn’t that seem wrong? It’s practically Thanksgiving!).    And then, today, the clouds parted and angels sang – Mama Pea posted a vegan pumpkin pie recipe on her blog.  Doesn’t it look [...]


I Need a Training Plan

Real clothes = real work.  Pajamas are not as conducive to productivity (or appropriate at the office). Just a Tupperware lunch: Goat cheese and hummus sammie: Plus raw veggies for lunch.  This was a desperate toss-in.  I don’t even like raw broccoli.  Yesterday, I was thinking about my exercise habits through pregnancy (10 weeks on [...]


Sleep It Off

So – on Saturday night, we actually went out and DID something.  Since spawn growing began, we have become hermits because my energy level dies after 8 PM.  But we got all gussed up on Saturday, went to a swanky dinner with friends, and then saw the Waynes Brothers do stand-up comedy.  They were hysterical. [...]


Food Rules and Pregnancy

This is a follow-up to Giving Up the Java (While Pregnant) One of the other things I quickly noticed about pregnancy is that everyone has an opinion on what you should or should not do.  “You shouldn’t run on concrete,” someone told me. “You can jostle the baby loose.”  Or  “You’re not planning to remain [...]


Sweet Cup

I woke up from my afternoon nap with one thing on my mind: Hot chocolate.  Frothy, creamy hot chocolate. Specifically, soy milk hot chocolate.  My favorite.    I considered running to Starbucks but figured I should try to make a homemade version.  Plus, the Husband and Isaac were watching football (real football – as in [...]


Morning Run

Hi there! I had one goal for today: Get out there and RUN.  I really slacked on exercise this week and am not pleased with myself.  I’ve realized that I cannot wait until the afternoon or evening to workout (like I used to) because the pregnancy exhaustion kicks it (it’s real – really real) and [...]


Falafel Friday

Not an exciting Friday night.  But at least the sink is emptied.  Right? It’s all about me, Maggie, and the couch tonight.  Maybe staying in on a Friday night isn’t so bad after all. In my defense, the Husband and I did make it out of the house a bite to eat.  We were torn [...]

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