September 2011

Melissa’s Voice

A year ago, the Husband and I were apartment hunting in Charlotte.  We thought we had an appointment to see a place but were pretty confused when we knocked on the door and the tenant – not the landlord – answered.  We had screwed up the appointment time!  Lynn offered to show us around the [...]


Tri for Abbey Sprint Triathlon Race Recap

This race was notable for two reasons:   1) It rained nearly the entire bike ride.  I was terrified. 2) I actually whooped butt on the swim (relatively speaking, of course).  I never thought I’d type that sentence! I have a long and storied history with the swim leg of the triathlon.  My first time, [...]


The Blog Sense

The blog and I are enmeshed.  Let me explain.   Last night, I dreamt that my blog crashed and that my web guy (Isaac) called me frantically because he couldn’t revive HTP.  A phone call ripped me away from slumber – and it was my dad, calling to say that the blog was actually down.  [...]


What I Learned After 1,000 Days of Marriage

I can hardly believe it – where did my life go?! – but the Husband and I have been married for nearly 1,000 days (993 days if you’re counting, which I clearly am).  I don’t consider myself a relationship expert by any stretch of the imagination; however, we haven’t killed each other yet, so that [...]


Happy Faces

Do you know what happens when you hand fifteen elementary school girls eight stickers each?  120 hearts and happy faces end up all over the Husband.  I think one ended up inside his ear.   Today’s Girls on the Run’s lesson revolved around positive visualization.  We discussed how you can choose to be positive instead [...]


How to Get Fresh Legs

I was too lazy to run yesterday – although I did go for a walk – and while I was tempted to make up my run today, I knew it would be better if I held off.   Why?  Well, I’m running two back-to-back sprint triathlons this weekend, and I need fresh legs! (Source)   [...]


Quinoa Hummus Breakfast Bowl

Last night, the Husband and I went on a date.  Keepin’ the romantic alive by seeing the creepiest movie ever. Contagion tells the story of a flu-like disease that spreads rapidly and kills off a large portion of the world’s population.   Think:  lots of long, lingering shots on everything the contaminated people coughed on, sneezed [...]


Six Novels About Dystopias

Some people love murder mysteries.  Others can’t put down chick lit.  I absolutely love novels about dystopias.  Thank you kindly, Wikipedia.   I don’t know why I’m drawn to dystopia novels.  It could be the dramatic tale of crisis and suppression.  Maybe it’s the way that dystopian environments draw out the best – and worst [...]


Just Another Manic Wednesday

Oh, friends.  It’s just one of those days!  Very dreary outside, and I think it’s impacted my mood.  I was quite productive this morning, but my attention span and desire to check items off my To Do list are seriously waning. I did, however, find time to work at the clinic and hold several conference [...]


Coaching Win and DVR Fail

My first day back as a Girls on the Run head coach went well!  This year, the Husband is coaching with me on Thursdays only.  He wanted to coach more often but, thankfully, the clinic is really picking up and it’s just not feasible anymore.  Coach Jen will join us on Tuesdays, and Coach Kim [...]


Ode to Margaret

Somebody stole my scarf! She won’t let me have it back…   If the blog post written by James was an ode to my little man, this one is for Maggie ‘Britney Spears’ Thatcher.  Yes, that is her full name.   Top 5 Margaret Memories   5) The way she cried her way into our [...]


Jump Back In

You may have noticed that, about 5 weeks ago, I went from swimming three times a week to nothing.  Nada.  Zero.  Zilch. But don’t you worry – because I’m JUMPING BACK IN!   In my defense, my 5-week long swim hiatus wasn’t my fault.  My pool’s HVAC needed to be repaired so they shut down [...]


Chocolate-Covered Brownie Balls

First things first: I promised you chocolate-covered brownie balls.  I’m not really into baking desserts or keeping cookies in the house.  If I want dessert, I prefer to go to Ben and Jerry’s and buy a sprinkle-covered waffle cone with two giant scoops of Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz (amazaballs).  But every now and then, I [...]


Rookie Mistakes

I’ve been clawing my way back to long distance running.  I got up to 9 miles tonight!  Slow but steady.  I haven’t done long runs in so long that I’m making rookie mistakes.  I know better, I swear!   I used to have longer runs down to a T.  I knew what to eat before, [...]

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