May 2011

The OMG Travel Day

Woah.  Today was definitely an oh-my-goodness travel day.  By the time it was over and I was FINALLY in Kalamazoo, Michigan, I felt like this: Here’s how it went down:   First flight was at 7 AM.  Sat on plane until 8 AM in the heat because the air conditioning wasn’t working; then, the flight [...]


What Went Wrong on Race Day

I planned to be in Kalamazoo by now, but so far, my day has involved two canceled flights.  If my flight gets canceled one more time, I’m going to be forced to drive (without my luggage) to Kalamazoo to make it to my presentation on time.   I contemplated this lovely fact while eating a [...]


Rise and Fly

Hello!  Guess who’s at the airport?  Yup, me again!  I feel like I spend so much time traveling these days.  At least I’ve finally gotten over my flight-related anxiety.  Nothing like a little immersion therapy. Actually, this trip is a little bittersweet.  It’s probably my last Operation Beautiful speaking engagement of the ‘season’ (engagements are [...]


Name: Amanda Location: Austin, TX Age: 24 Race: New Balance Girls On the Run 5K Personal Tidbit: She is a professional Dating Coach who teaches men and women how to find the person of their dreams In Her Own Words:   I recently ran the Girls On the Run 5K in Austin.  My husband and [...]


Tip This

The Husband and I are SLAMMED at work today, but we made time for lunch.  We really wanted to try a new pizza place called The Italian Pie.   We’re still burnt out on pizza from our vacation, so I was pleased to see the Italian Pie had other good vegetarian options.    I started [...]


Kick Drills and The ASI Test

Morning!  I dragged my booty out of bed and drove to the Charlotte Aquatic Center in quite the sleepy state.  I thought I would wake up when I hit the cold water, but no dice. I was dragging through the first 200 meters.  I really wanted to quit at that point, but I convinced myself [...]


Workin’ It

Work it, Husband.  Work it. The highlight of my day was helping Kristien run an informational booth about his clinic at the most popular YMCA in Charlotte.  We met loads of people who were interested in hearing the Acupuncture 101 basics and learning about the clinic.   While working, I snacked on a salad from [...]


Drills, Spoons, and Forks Over Knives

This morning, I went back to my dentist and got FOUR fillings on my right side.  I had some gnarly cavities after ignoring the dentist for so many years (note to self: go to cleanings every six months).  It was not fun.  Obviously! However, my dentist does have a TV that hangs above the chair, [...]


The TV Diet

Welcome to another work week.  I’m definitely feeling the Moanday blues, especially coming off a long vacation. BUT – I have a plan to kick things into gear. But first – a wonderful breakfast!  I finally brought back the Grilled Banana Sandwich.  I think I burnt out on them for a while.  Now, I cannot [...]


Tri, Tri Again

This upcoming week is officially ‘get myself back on track’ week on HTP.  Care to join me?  I’m committed now that I signed up for a sprint triathlon in three weeks.  I think I’m ready for the swim (750 meters), and the bike (17 miles) won’t be a problem with a bit of training.    [...]


Make This Salad Now

I am RELISHING cooking my own food again following our Dominican Republic vacation.  There are a few things that are never as good away as they are at home (beds, towels, and food) – know what I mean?   One of my ‘career fantasies’ (what I’d do if money was no object, it wasn’t as [...]


Get It Done

Not going to lie – I woke up this morning in a small panic, wondering why exactly I thought it would be a good idea to register for a triathlon last night.  Visions of strangling wetsuits and bike crotch danced through my mind as I stood in the kitchen, nervously gulping a cup of lukewarm [...]


Get Committed

Lately, I’ve had trouble getting committed to my workouts.  It all began in March, when I tweaked my knee during a 12-mile training run and landed myself in Injury World for the last two months.  I switched to swimming, which is… alright, I guess.  But honestly, I just don’t feel as passionate for other forms [...]


Baked Banana Oatmeal Casserole

We’re home!  We’re home!  Our vacation was a blast, but I have to say that sleeping in my own bed last night was pretty sweet.   Plus, I missed the pups.  I think they missed us, too! Guess who is visiting?  Mom!  Knowing my mom would be at our house made the transition from vacation [...]

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