May 2011

Today is the last day of our amazing vacation in the Dominican Republic.  Fittingly, I’m writing this on our balcony as dark clouds drizzle a fine mist of rain.  It’s like the weather agrees that it’s just time to go home.  I’m sad because we had so much fun! Many people asked for a review [...]


I am a reading FIEND when it comes to beach vacations.  And thanks to my new Kindle, it’s easier than ever to plow through awesome books while laying in the sun. Here’s what I read on my vacation!   Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen (Alright, I finished this right before we left but I’m [...]


Play To Win

The Husband and I have always enjoyed different hobbies.  In terms of our sporty hobbies, mine is running and his is golf.  When we first became serious, a few people asked me if it bothered me that we had different hobbies, but I have to admit that I think we both enjoyed it.  Not that [...]


Acupuncture 101

When the Husband and I first started dating as undergraduates, I really didn’t know much about natural medicine and acupuncture.  I thought it was a little weird, actually!  After all, Chinese medicine, acupuncture needles, and strange-smelling herbs are completely unlike the medicine that most Americans grow up experiencing.   But now that I know more about [...]


More Sun and Fun

The vacation sent from heaven continues.  We are really loving our time at the resort (I plan to do a full review when the trip is up), and I’m already starting to count down the days until we leave with dread.   We have until Friday, so I’m going to try to soak it all in. [...]


Egg-cellent Labeling

Ever since reading and viewing the Books, Movies, and Blogs That Changed the Way I Think About Food, I’ve come to care not just about what the food I eat does to my body, but where it comes from, too. One specific food that I really pay attention to the source of the product is [...]


Relax Central

Our vacation continues to be sunny, sandy, and wonderful.  BFF Sarah, her husband TK, the Husband, and I are having a blast. We’re fallen into a happy routine of waking up around 7, grabbing food from the buffet (breakfast is, hands down, the best meal of the day), laying by the beach, taking afternoon naps, [...]


Grooming Rituals: Which Do You Do?

Have you heard about the pageant mom who gives her eight year-old daughter botox to ‘smooth her wrinkles’ and leg waxes to remove ‘unladylike’ hair? The mother, Kerry Campbell, confessed to GMA to performing the ‘beauty’ treatments on her daughter, noting that ‘all the mothers’ in the pageant circuit do it.   The mom is a [...]


All You Can Eat and Drink

I think I’ve died and gone to vacation heaven.  My vacation just begun and I already don’t want to go home! Swim-up bars might be the best. invention. ever.   A few people have asked, and yes – we’re staying in an all-inclusive (adults-only) resort.  If you ask me, the only way to go to [...]


BFF Vacation

What do you have when you put two long-distance BFFs and their husbands together for one whole week in the Dominican Republic?   The makings of a wonderful, much-needed vacation!  My father-in-law is taking care of our house and dogs while we are gone, so I can’t wait to just RELAX.  It’s going to be [...]


Hot and Hotter

Gold stars to Nicole and me!  I was so happy that she dragged me to 6:30 AM hot yoga.  Sometimes, all you really need is a workout buddy for that little extra motivation.   Class was hard.  And HOT.   I’ve decided orange juice is the perfect pre-hot yoga snack: And a really filling smoothie [...]


Countdown to Friday

My, my.  Today was a very long day indeed.  But tomorrow is FRIDAY. I had to do it. I cannot believe that thing has 136,000,000+ views.   So… I’ve been taking it easy with workouts.  Since my knee is still not 100%, and I’ve been traveling too much to really swim, I kind of declared [...]


Your Cycling Tips

Over the rivers and through the woods…  I’m back in Charlotte!   Mom, being the awesome mom that she is, packed me a lunch.  I had a PB sandwich and an apple. And later, a Clif bar: Safe Outdoor Cycling Tips   I compiled a few of my favorite tips from the “Indoor is Safer” [...]


Mom’s Amazing Quiche

Yesterday, I drove to Powell, Tennessee to see my mom and wish her a very happy belated Mother’s Day!  We had a wonderful dinner together on her back patio, which just reaffirmed my commitment to purchasing a home with a backyard. Backyards RULE.  All the better for running in! Yippee! Funny story.  My mom met [...]

Healthy Tipping Point