April 2010

Golden Birthday

Catching up on the weekend? I ran a 5K race! And I created an amazing cookie recipe.   Today is my Golden Birthday!  I’m 26 on the 26th!  :) I actually feel older for once, especially after looking at all these old pictures:   Baby me: 9-year old me: 13-year old me: 20-year old me [...]


Baked Wonton Cookies

These cinnamon-sugar wontons are stuffed with an amazing surprise. Definitely eat these baked wonton cookies fresh out of the oven.  The outside is crispy, and the inside is a delicious, warm mix of banana and almond butter.   Baked Wonton Cookies   Ingredients (for one serving):   3 Nasoya wonton crisps 1/4 of a banana, [...]



My birthday party was so much fun.   A group of seven of us went to two new (new to me?) Orlando nightclubs, Ember and Sky 60.   My sister-in-law gave me this wonderful dress for my birthday!  She should be a personal shopper. Give me a glass of wine and I will begin throwing peace signs [...]


Sweet Potato and Black Bean Ravioli

After returning home from today’s race, I took a wonderful 2 hour nap.  When I woke up, I was starving!  I remember a fun recipe sent to me by Beth for Sweet Potato Ravioli and decided to try a savory version. One of the things I ‘miss’ since reducing my dairy intake is those stuffed [...]


Melbourne Art Festival 5K Race Recap

I did it!  I reached my goal of 26 races before my 26th birthday on April 26!  :)  Unfortunately… I reached my goal ALONE!  Nick didn’t show up when he was suppose to, and I tried to call his cell, but it was turned off.  I paced around my living room for a while, freaked [...]


Nick’s First 5K

Tomorrow I’m running a 5K with my brother-in-law, Nick. Nick is probably one of the most interesting, hysterical (seriously, a truly funny guy), thoughtful, and awesome people I ever know.  Don’t believe me that he’s really just that great?  Check out his 21st birthday recap.  One of the funniest nights of my life!   So, [...]


The Starting Line

I think writing a book is like running a marathon (or having a baby?). You have to forget how hard the first one was to do before you want to do it again.  :)   I went to my beloved Barnes and Noble to look at books and think about my next move.  I know, [...]


Pancake Truffles

Warning:  this breakfast might cause you to lick your computer screen. Do you lie in bed at night, dreaming up recipes?  I do.  It helps me fall asleep, and I’m much more likely to think of a great recipe when I’m not staring into the fridge.   These Pancake Truffles are by far the most [...]


Girls Night In and Yucca Fries

Megan came over over for a girls night in! We did girly stuff like paint our nails and watch Sixteen and Pregnant. Plus, we drank a lot of wine, and I ate crackers and salsa. I also made us a great dinner.  Megan said she was “CRAVING VEGGIES” so I happily compiled: The star of dinner [...]


20 Miles in the Sun

The Earth says hello! I wanted to do a post on “going green” for Earth Day, but I couldn’t think of anything new or special to say.  So here’s one of my favorite quotes on environmentalism:   “A human being is part of the whole, called by us "Universe," a part limited in time and [...]


How to Not Hate Your Long Workouts

This bowl has the most amazing textures and flavors. It was so good, that I ended up eating it so fast that I was surprised to suddenly scraping the bottom.  Should’ve used a tinier spoon for maximum savorability (not a real word). My bowl contained:   1/4 cup Grape Nuts 1/2 cup raw oatmeal (yes, [...]


Hot Mess

Another CRAZY sesh of Baron Baptiste power vinyasa yoga.  These 80-minute classes are killer!  The 90 degree room makes me sweat like you would not believe.  I was forced to give my mat a bath when I got home. Fellow power yogis, what do you wear?  One obvious advantage to wearing more clothes is you [...]


Tempting Tempeh

My Internet blew out this morning, and instead of getting insanely frustrated (I cannot do any work without the Internet!), I decided to leave the house.   The dogs and I went to Fleet Peeples Park, which is an amazing dog park with a forest, trails, a beach, a lake, and a huge field. James [...]


How to Start Eating Breakfast

I love breakfast.  Especially delicious bowls of oatmeal! My oatmeal contained:   1/2 cup oatmeal 1/2 cup hemp milk 1/2 cup water 1/2 sliced banana Toppings: blackberries, strawberries, pecans, cinnamon   This was my first time trying Hemp Milk.  I normally use Almond Milk. The nutritionals: I bought Hemp Milk because the Husband claims not [...]