April 2010

An Italian Dinner

Meghann and I hit up Orlando Power Yoga tonight.  They’ve re-vamped the studio from a traditional bikram studio to a Baron Baptiste style of power vinyasa yoga.  It was so great that I bought a 40 day pass! Soooo… expect to see a lot of yoga in the next 40 days while I attempt to [...]


Can You Feel the Love?

I completely forgot to show you all this AMAZING Operation Beautiful “protest” a woman, her sister, and mom staged!  It went up on yesterday’s post. Stuff like this makes me so happy…  Imagine if more people took the time to do something extraordinarily nice for strangers!  The ladies said they had a lot of fun [...]


My Food Revolution

I’m having one of those mornings.  I woke up at 4:30 AM feeling hot and nauseous, couldn’t fall back asleep for an hour, and then woke up at 6:30 feeling groggy and crappy.  Hopefully, a nice bike ride will cure me!   Breakfast helped, too: I made a grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich.  Technique [...]



So CLEAN!  My apartment smells so fresh and tidy, I just want to roll around on the (vacuumed) carpets! James says hello!   Does cleaning count as cardio?  Because it should!  I was dripping in sweat after tackling the two bathrooms.  :)  And in addition to cleaning, I got a lot of writing/book work done [...]


Spring Cleaning

So fun to hear about your race experiences!  :)  I really believe racing is a great way to find out what you’re really made of and how much you’re capable of achieving.  All the links were so inspiring!   Lunch was one of my favorite recipes.  My Baked Polenta Pie tastes so creamy and cheesy, [...]


An Easy Recovery

Catching up on weekend posts?   I ran an 8K race. And I rode a Metric Century bike race.   Good morning!  :)  I was quite nervous that I would feel terribly sore from climbing all those hills on my bike, but I feel awesome.  My left knee was also a major concern.  Ashley and [...]


Without a doubt, that was the most grueling, exhausting, and amazing race I’ve ever done! Sugarloaf was 62 miles of rolling hills. I climbed, I cried, I conquered… It was physically painful in many places, but I held on mentally and finished strong!  All in all, it was a great prep ride for next month’s [...]


Jenny’s Story

I’m racing in a Metric Century (100K) bike race right now, but I wanted to share an e-mail Jenny sent me.  I thought it was interesting and inspirational!   About 5 years ago I was in this period of my life where I wasn't going anywhere. I wasn't moving forward and I wasn't going backwards... [...]


Before a big race, there are three things that I absolutely must do:   Lay out all my gear in an organized manner. Eat a satisfying, carb-rich meal. Get a good night’s sleep!   First step:   For a 60-mile bike race, I packed:   Helmet Shoes and Socks Gloves Sunglasses Garmin 305 Sunscreen Tire [...]


A Blue Balloon

Fun afternoon!  I went to the convention center in Orlando to meet with two ladies from the Confidence Coalition.  The CC “brings together all of the organizations, companies and individuals committed to promoting confidence among girls and women.”  Operation Beautiful is one of those organizations, and since we’ve been talking on the phone a lot, [...]


GR8 to DON8 8K Race Recap

The 8K distance is fabulous!  This morning I ran the GR8 to DON8 (Great to Donate) 8K race in Longwood, Florida.  I chose to do this race for FUN, not for time, in my quest to run 26 races before my 26th birthday on April 26.  This was race #24! Because I’m riding in a [...]



Celebration night at Luma!  The Husband passed his third of four board exams, and he’s that much closer to be a licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine! Luma is a great restaurant in Winter Park in Orlando.  It’s a pretty high-class neighborhood.  There was a Rolls Royce Phantom parked outside the restaurant! Dannnnnnng!   Luma is [...]


A Wall of Protein Powders

Megan joined me for a lunch date at Whole Foods… or as Gina would say, Whole Paycheck.  :) I tried to scope out the hot bar before I began loading up my plate.  Otherwise, I end up with WAY too much food.   My final selections: I started off with a side salad, and then [...]


Cinnamon Overload

A wonderful, cinnamon-y, breakfast! I have been going through bottles of cinnamon like it’s my job lately.  I just love the flavor!   Cinnamon has some amazing holistic health benefits!  The Husband told me the other day that cinnamon can help regulate blood sugar and is a natural antibacterial and antifungal fighter.  And it tastes [...]

Healthy Tipping Point