March 2010


Oh She Glows is in my apartment!  My blog world and my real world are colliding! :) Before Angela and Eric arrived, I cleaned the apartment and drank a Chocolate Cherry Bomb: Which contained 1 cup almond milk, 1/2 banana, 15 cherries, Nesquik, and 2 cups raw spinach.   As well as 1/4 a melon: [...]


Crooms Fools Run Preparation

Next Saturday, I’m doing a 15-mile trail race with a bunch of bloggy friends.  Today’s long run was the last trail run I’ll be able to fit in before the big day! Last year, we did the race at a fun, casual pace.  We want to keep the atmosphere relaxed again this year – but [...]


Pre-Long Run Flips and Fuel

As I’ve mentioned before, I get really bad insomnia before any long run – not just races, training runs, too.  It’s incredibly frustrating – I just flip and flop in bed all night long, wake up two hours before the alarm clock, and struggle to rest.  Marathon training was the worst!   The other issue [...]


Honey Stir-Fry

Whew!  I finished my article before my deadline.  I think it’s pretty good.  Starting an article always seems so daunting, but I just keep writing and writing and then suddenly – WHAM - it’s done!  Same with the book.  :) Writing is funny that way.   I went for a lovely 18.0 mile bike ride [...]


Yellow Dog Eats

Blog reader/friend Neely invited me to Yellow Dog Eats, a restaurant in west Orlando that is actually owned by her boyfriend, Fish. Fish is not his real name.  :)  His real name is Chris.   Yellow Dog Eats is a two-story building filled with funky, eclectic decorations.  Fish said he named the restaurant after his [...]


Your Secret Rebellious Side

Is it just me, or is the week flying by?  I can’t believe it’s already Thursday – AKA deadline day (which means I better get to writing).  Plus, Angela and her husband are coming to stay with me tomorrow! I’m so excited to meet the woman behind Oh She Glows!   Un-overnight oats: I’m really [...]


Hump Day Slump

I am sooooooo tired and drained.  I’ve definitely hit the Hump Day Slump.   Nothing a beer can’t help, right? My appetite is a little off today, so I probably not refueling the way I should after my 9-miler (i.e. I need more protein, but we don’t have any tofu and beans look very unappealing).  [...]


In September, I decided I was going to run a 1:21 15K (2:30 faster than my personal record/PR).  This was a very lofty goal.  I was training for a marathon at the same time (i.e. going for distance and not speed), and on race day, it was unusually hot outside.  As a result, I crossed [...]


Hot Oatmeal Pancakes

Morning!  I have a feeling today is going to be a GREAT day, so let’s get crackin’!   Breakfast: I made a big, yummy oatmeal pancake.  I wanted real oatmeal but I was out of banana (and only really like oatmeal with banana!).  This was a nice change, though! Ingredients:   3/4 cup oatmeal 2 [...]


A Restless Ride

Since my triathlon, I’ve been struggling to get motivated to do the longer, dedicated workouts I need to do for my upcoming races:    Crooms Fool Run – 15 Mile Trail Race (April 3) IronGirl - 15K (April 10) Echelon Gran Fondo – Century Bike Ride (May 23)   I think I’m suffering from post-race [...]


Eating Healthy on a College Campus

Hello from University of Central Florida!  :) I’m at the student union because I’m doing two Operation Beautiful presentations today.  My presentations are a part of “Healthy Knights” Week.  Super excited to be doing more speaking engagements!   Since I had a presentation scheduled at 11 and another at 1, I decided to not pack [...]



I know this smoothie looks like muck… But I swear it tastes like chocolate covered cherries!  I swear! My Green Monster contained:   2 cups raw spinach 1 cup almond milk 1/2 banana 15 frozen cherries 1 scoop Nesquik (I’m sure there’s a healthier alternative, but the Husband hearts Nesquik, and we always have it [...]


A Nice Monday

I had an unexpectedly wonderful evening.  :)   It started off with a 3.0 mile run.  My schedule called for 6.0 (I am doing a 15K in a few weeks), but I wasn’t really feeling a long run.  My body is still adjusting from all my traveling.  Also, my iPod was dead so I was [...]


Vegetable Cravings

My body is going through intense vegetable cravings!  Considering that I don’t even really like most veggies (ice cream is much tastier), this is pretty awesome. Lunch was a whole wheat bagel with hummus, sundried tomatoes, and steamed asparagus: Asparagus is an excellent sandwich topper!  Very flavorful and fun. Plus, some B. Sprouts on the [...]