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Is it just me, or is the week flying by?  I can’t believe it’s already Thursday – AKA deadline day (which means I better get to writing).  Plus, Angela and her husband are coming to stay with me tomorrow! I’m so excited to meet the woman behind Oh She Glows!


Un-overnight oats:


I’m really enjoying swapping high-sugar granola for just regular, raw oatmeal in my yogurt.  It tastes delicious and is so much healthier.


My mix contained:


  • 3/4 cup oatmeal
  • 1/2 cup Greek yogurt (approx? I just piled it in)
  • Strawberries
  • 1/2 a banana
  • Cashews
  • Ground flax


I just mixed everything up and let it stand for about 10 minutes.  Delicious and chewy!


Do You Have a Rebellious Side?


Today’s fun question of the day is:  Do you have any tattoos?


I actually have a tattoo of my middle name/my mother’s name (Joy) on my hip.  I purposely got it in a place that you can’t really see, even if I’m wearing a bikini.


I got it when I was 20 years old, and the Husband actually bought it for me!  We had just started to date, too, and I told him I wanted a tattoo.  So, we drove to this creepy tattoo parlor near the beach and I got inked within 20 minutes.  :)  His spontaneous nature really appealed to me!


Often, I forget I even have a tattoo.  It kind of just becomes part of your skin, and you stop noticing it after a while.  But I really love it and have no regrets about getting a tattoo.   I actually kind of want another tattoo, but I can’t decide what or where. 


Do you have a tattoo?  What’s it look like?  Do you want one? Or are tattoos not really your thing?



  • Jessica @ How Sweet March 25, 2010, 8:23 am

    I don’t have a tattoo … some days I do want one, but I have no idea what I’d get. There isn’t anything (yet) that I’m comfortable having for the rest of my life.

  • megan March 25, 2010, 8:23 am

    Tattoos really aren’t my thing. Actually, pain isn’t really my thing 🙂 i wouldn’t mind a small tattoo near my ankle or something, but don’t think i would ever actually get one! 🙂

  • Roni March 25, 2010, 8:23 am

    I actually have 3 and I’m hoping to get another one soon. A tribal, a sun, my sons name and a lizard.

  • Joanne March 25, 2010, 8:24 am

    That’s funny. When we were on our honeymoon in Tahiti, we went to a reservation and I was going to get a tatoo. I’ve always wanted a yellow rose just at the top of my right butt cheek. Back to Tahiti… I was told I wouldn’t be able to go into the water for a day or so. That did it – no way was I giving up a day w/out swimming to get a tattoo.
    So when we got home, I got my belly button pierced instead.

  • Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg March 25, 2010, 8:24 am

    Oh man…during my freshman year of college in South Carolina, I went to Savannah for St. Patty’s day with a bunch of friends and ended up getting a tattoo of the S.C. state flag (palmetto tree and crescent moon) on my ASS. Alcohol was involved. lol, I actually don’t mind it because I think it’s funny and it reminds me of my fun times in college…plus no one EVER sees it really.

  • Britt @ Runnerbelle March 25, 2010, 8:25 am

    No tattoo for me. I’ve been threatening to get one since HS though and know excactly what I would get. The hubby HATES them. So I most likely will never get one…. but who knows. Maybe when I’m 40 or 50 I’ll get more wild and crazy. 😉

  • swimsutra March 25, 2010, 8:25 am

    Really really want a tattoo. Which everyone who ever meets me would never ever guess. I always said I’d wait until I was a decently responsible age. Pretty sure I’m there! 🙂

  • Rachel @ Suburban Yogini March 25, 2010, 8:27 am

    Seven – both upper arms (a dragon on one arm, the celtic wheel of life on the other), both thighs (favourite band logos), one across the bottom of my back (the musical score from Penny Lane by the Beatles), a butterfly on my ribcage and a possum across my left shoulderblade (it’s my Australian sunsign).

    Yeah, you could say I’m addicted I guess 🙂

  • Cat March 25, 2010, 8:27 am

    I got a tattoo during the last week of my senior year in college. One of my friends bought it for me as a goodbye present. It’s two little flowers connected with swirly lines & little leaves, and it’s to the left of my right hip bone. I don’t even realize that I have it sometimes.

  • Janna (Just Flourishing) March 25, 2010, 8:27 am

    No tattoos for me and I probably won’t ever get one. But when I was 16 I wanted one on my lower back.
    But I do…er did have my ears, cartilage, navel and tongue pierced. I let everything close up though and now I just keep earrings in.

  • Thirtyandhealthy March 25, 2010, 8:28 am

    I always wanted a tattoo but figured I’d better be really sure of what I was getting before I did it. So I’ve never done it! I might still go for it one day!

  • Lee March 25, 2010, 8:28 am

    I can’t think of anything that I really would want so I don’t have any.

  • Lex (sweettoothlex) March 25, 2010, 8:28 am

    I have 2 tattoos – one on my ankle and one on my lower back on the right. I forget about them BOTH all of the time, especially the one on my back!
    When my bf started travelling for work I would go out and get a new tattoo. (that was the 1st two times) – 2 years ago. Since that time he’s travelled about 30+ more times so I guess it’s good that I broke the habit otherwise I’d be looking like the Jesse James mistress chick. :s

    I LOVE getting tattoos and often think I’m a weirdo because I LOVE the feeling. I laughed through both of mine becuase they tickled. Weirdness.

    Have fun with Ang!!

  • Jenn @ Watch My Butt Shrink! March 25, 2010, 8:28 am

    I don’t have a tat now, but one of my rewards for losing all my weight will be to get one that celebrates my achievement!

  • Brittany March 25, 2010, 8:29 am

    I don’t have a tattoo and I don’t think I’ll get one. There’s nothing I can think of that I want. If I did ever get one it would be in an inconspicuous spot- like yours.

  • Kacy March 25, 2010, 8:30 am

    Umm, I actually think I innapropriately showed you my tattoo on the street in Baltimore, lol. But yes I have one that says Que Sera… Sera on my hip. I kind of want another one too, but have no idea what to get!

    So jealous that you’re meeting Angela!

    • Caitlin March 25, 2010, 8:31 am

      i vaguely remember this as well. LOL i think you saw mine.

  • Haleigh March 25, 2010, 8:30 am

    I’ve always taken another path and done things differently than every one else. I don’t think of it as rebellious. I think of it as a part of who I am. But some people find me rebellious by nature.

    I have 2 tattoos.. my favorite is a Cherokee symbol on the back of my neck. I always forget that it’s there. I cut my hair pretty short a few years ago and people always reminded me of it. I felt kind of naked letting my tattoo be available for the world to see. Good thing my hair is long again 😉

  • Katharine March 25, 2010, 8:30 am

    I got my first (and only) tattoo last Valentine’s Day. I got the word “hope” (it’s in my own handwriting) above my left butt cheek. Hope is symbolic of many things for me, but the main was is to just remind me to never give up because there is ALWAYS hope. I forget about it all the time, too. Especially since I rarely see it, but I LOVE it and am SO glad I took the plunge. Now I want to get one that says either “live in the present” or “breathe on the side of my rib cage. 🙂 I love hearing what tattoos other people have and why/how they got them.

  • Estela @ Weekly Bite March 25, 2010, 8:31 am

    I have a tattoo in my bikini area 🙂 I got it when I was 21… it was alcohol induced 😉

    At least I was smart enough to get it in a place where no one can see 😉

  • Meredith @ Sweat Every Day March 25, 2010, 8:33 am

    when my dad passed away in nov. 2008, I decided I wanted to commemorate him and in april 2009 I got a tattoo… it is on my left foot: a peace sign and his initials wrapping around the bottom. the foot is a great place because I can cover it easily when needed but let it show when I want 🙂

  • Lauren @ A Fit Foodie March 25, 2010, 8:34 am

    I’ve been wanting a tattoo on my right inner wrist for a while but I just keep thinking about being 50 years old and thinking “Why did I get this where my skin is wrinkly and people can see it everyday?” I just don’t know. Something keeps holding me back so I am content without one for now until I’m definitely 100% for sure!

  • brandi March 25, 2010, 8:35 am

    so exciting about meeting Angela!

    yes, I have one tattoo, but am seriously considering another. Mine is one that I do like, but never got fully finished so I’m thinking of transforming into a new design 🙂

  • Samantha Angela @ Bikini Birthday March 25, 2010, 8:36 am

    No tattoos for me! But, if I did get one, I would get in the same place that you have yours. Somewhere YOU can see it, but no one else can.
    I got an industrial in my left ear when I was in university but had to take it out when it got infected.

  • Scott from YourInnerSkinny March 25, 2010, 8:37 am

    I have two tattoos. A black-work sun I designed myself on my back on my left shoulder blade that I got myself for my 19th b’day and a celtic arrow called “Brother’s of the Arrow” on my right tricep that I got with my brother a few summers ago.

    I’m in the midst of designing another one of my family crest and our family tartan that myself, my brother and our two cousins are going to get. I’m thinking of putting it either on the inside of my left bicep or on my rip cage on the same side.

    I LOVE tattoos but I don’t want to be “that guy” who has them all over his body, so I’m a bit weary about this next one, but it means something to me, so I’m willing to go ahead and get it.

    I’m a creative person (graphic designer) and I have a partial sleeve and shoulder/back piece designed in my head but I don’t think I’ll ever draw it out because if I do, I’ll get it.

  • Kelly @ Healthy Living With Kelly March 25, 2010, 8:38 am

    I don’t have a tattoo but I always wanted one. I want it on the top of my foot but that seems like it hurt like CRAZY!

  • MelissaNibbles March 25, 2010, 8:40 am

    I have a tattoo on the inside of my left wrist. It’s the Thai symbol for honesty. I got it in 2006 on a trip to Thailand to visit my friend that lives there. It wasn’t done with needles though. It was done with these leaf needles where they put the ink on leaves with sharp points then do the tattoo. I’ll never forget the pain or the experience. I don’t think I’d get a traditional tattoo after going through that. It wouldn’t be the same.

  • Teacherwoman March 25, 2010, 8:40 am

    I have gone back and forth about a tattoo. In my early 20’s I wanted one so bad and said that when I finished my first triathlon I would reward myself with one… triathlon related, but I could never decide exactly what I wanted or where I wanted it… so it hasn’t happened yet. The longer I have put it off, the less I want one or think about it, I guess.

  • Beth @ Beth's Journey to Thin March 25, 2010, 8:40 am

    No tattoos for me. I can’t think of anything I’d want!

    Side note, I tried to make your breakfast from yesterday… TOTAL FAIL! so sad but the whole thing completely fell apart when I tried flipping it. I think I had the heat on too high. Sad story. Better luck next time!

    • Caitlin March 25, 2010, 8:42 am

      mine kind of crumbled, too.

  • Heather (Heather's Dish) March 25, 2010, 8:40 am

    well, my eyeliner is tattooed on…that’s hardcore, right? 🙂 i do want one: the word ‘hope’ on my foot. i have a friend who’s designed a cute one, and now i just have to get the husband on board 🙂

    • Allison K March 26, 2010, 6:09 pm

      I have the word hope tattooed on my back!

  • Jenny March 25, 2010, 8:45 am

    Funny! I’m getting one on the back of my neck soon!

  • JAG March 25, 2010, 8:46 am

    I do – I have to and I love them both! I’m wanting a 3rd but it’s knowing what to have and where.

    One is a band around my right arm and the other is a gorgeous star shape on my back – picture here if you want to see 🙂

  • Lauren March 25, 2010, 8:48 am

    I got a personal tattoo about three weeks ago on the lower right side of my back. It’s the NEDA symbol. I struggled with disordered eating, anorexia, and depression for a long time and when I began my path to recovery, I wanted something to remind me of how beautiful I am as well as how far I have come.
    (The purple side is larger, so it represents the overcoming of my eating disorder, which is the smaller red line)

    • Caitlin March 25, 2010, 8:51 am

      i like your tattoo!

      • Freya @ Brit Chick Runs March 25, 2010, 2:10 pm

        Wow – that’s a gorgeous tattoo and a great idea! Love it 🙂

  • Shanna March 25, 2010, 8:48 am

    I have a tattoo on my lower back that I add on to but I forget about it until it’s time to add to it. It says 26.2 and I add a footprint for every marathon I do. I have 17 feet at this point. I love it even though I can’t see it.
    I am designing a second one now as a tribute to being a cancer survivor, triathlete and Christian.

    • Caitlin March 25, 2010, 8:52 am

      you are a BALLER.

    • bobbileigh March 25, 2010, 9:18 am

      that is amazing!!

  • Jen March 25, 2010, 8:49 am

    I went through a tattoo phase. It all started on my 18th bday (10 yrs ago yesterday!) and I got 4 tattoos in the span of one year. They’re so addicting. But, like you, I got them all on my butt/ hip/ stomach area so you can’t see them- unless I’m in a bikini. I often forget I have them too, but I’m glad I do. I’m so much more reserved now than when I was younger so it reminds me there’s a part of me that’s wild. And ironically, my now husband designed one of my tattoos before we started dating 🙂

  • Freya @ Brit Chick Runs March 25, 2010, 8:49 am

    I think some tatoos are beautiful – the subtle small ones, like on a finger or hidden or something. I’d love to get one like that, but the pain scares me!! Do they hurt as much as people say?
    That’s sweet the husband bought it for you though 🙂

    • Caitlin March 25, 2010, 8:52 am

      not really… but i have a high pain tolerance.

    • Stephanie March 25, 2010, 2:02 pm

      It REALLY depends on where you get it.

  • Jessica March 25, 2010, 8:49 am

    Do you use regular oatmeal when you mix it with yogurt? Or quick cooking? It sounds like a good idea that I’ve never thought of.

    I have 2 tatoos that I forget I have. One on my ankle – 18, best friend and I thought it’d be a good idea, and it was!, and one on my hip, a leaf that signifies the farm I grew up on. It looks a little funny, but it has meaning so I love it.

    • Caitlin March 25, 2010, 8:52 am

      regular, raw oatmeal.

  • Becca March 25, 2010, 8:50 am

    I like them, when they’re tasteful…not the creepy old guy with the sagging naked lady on his chest…ick.

    I have two, one on each ankle. one is the greek word for “to hope for”, and the other is a scripted letter B with a heart.

  • Amy B (Second City Randomness) March 25, 2010, 8:50 am

    I have wanted one for quite some time, but I keep going back and forth with what I want. I decided I have to be settled on one thing for an extended period of time before it gets permanently inked…

    My indecisiveness probably explains why I was into random piercings. I had the tongue done for a couple years (thankfully I have that nastiness taken out) and my navel. Just like the tattoo, I never even notice my navel ring anymore. It’s been there so long, it’s just like a part of me… I think it looks funny when I don’t have it in…

  • Katie Davis @ Pop Culture Cuisine March 25, 2010, 8:50 am

    I have two, an ichthus fish on my lower back and a moon and stars on my foot. I got them largely because for me, they were a way I could be rebellious in my overly prim and proper goody two-shoes life. I have wanted one on my neck for awhile (like Posh spice) but the husband vetoed that, saying if I wanted to still be in the professional world it would not be a good idea. He likes my tatoos, because of the “rebel” factor, and although I want another, he keeps telling me he has final veto power 🙂

    • Stephanie March 25, 2010, 2:04 pm

      I am applying for Grad school right now and the whole properness of tattoos is really what stopped me for a while in getting what I wanted. Ultimately if there is something you want, you’ll find a way of covering it. I have a bird on half my arm and I just plan on wearing long sleeve blouses because it’s worth it to me.

  • Deva (Voracious Vorilee) March 25, 2010, 8:56 am

    I got a tattoo when I was nineteen – I designed it myself – it’s on my back 🙂 I forget it, too!

  • Lindsay @ The Ketchup Diaries March 25, 2010, 8:59 am

    Nope, no tattoos for me. I’m an old lady when it comes to this subject. They’re really not my thing. BUT, I do think it’s cute when people have then on the underside of their wrists. I just can’t imagine having ink there when I’m 90. And hot dang, I plan to live that long! :mrgreen:

  • Lauren @ Eater not a runner March 25, 2010, 9:02 am

    Tattoos aren’t really my thing, I would be scared to commit to something for forever (yes I have a slight fear of commitment!!)

  • Danielle (Coffee Run) March 25, 2010, 9:05 am

    I’ve always wanted a tattoo and would totally get one except I’d have no idea what to get lol. I won’t get inked just for the sake of getting inked 😉

  • PhillyGirlRuns March 25, 2010, 9:08 am

    I always said that I’d get a tattoo in a second if they could make ones that lasted for about 5 years or so. I have had my share of piercings, but could never come up with any design meaningful enough to me that I’d want it permanently inked on my body. True story: when I was 19 or 20, I was 450% certain that I wanted a “tribal” design with a VW symbol in the middle on my lower back, and gave myself a year to think it over before committing. THANK GOODNESS I WAITED…I could not imagine having that on my back today, at 28!

  • kirsten March 25, 2010, 9:09 am

    I have 2, a butterfly on my lower back that I got when I was 18, and a claddagh ( that I got when I was 24. I have ideas for a few more.

  • jen trinque March 25, 2010, 9:09 am

    I do have a tattoo, which I also got when I was 20 (making it ten years old now!)It’s on my toe, it’s just sort of a little swirl design. It took me, no joke, over seven years to let my mom know I had it. I also completely forget I have it, and it sometimes surprises me in the shower!

  • Lauren (athlEAT) March 25, 2010, 9:10 am

    I have a tattoo. Got it when I was 18 and had no sense. It is not anything original or meaningful like yours!

  • Leah @ L4L March 25, 2010, 9:10 am

    I have a couple of tattoos and want even more. I already know what I want my next three to be. BUT I can’t justify spending the money on ink right now. I got my first one when I was 14… with my mom! Another when I was 18, another when I was 20. They are all special to me.

  • Paige (Running Around Normal) March 25, 2010, 9:11 am

    No tattoos for me. I really wanted one when I was 16-18, and had the go ahead, but always backed out. The whole I hate needles + so very permanant thing always freaked me out.
    I might stil get one for something significant in my life or something.

  • Julie @ Wearing Mascara March 25, 2010, 9:13 am

    I think it’s adorable that your husband bought it for you when you FIRST started dating 🙂 and you’re still together now! Love it!

  • Christine @ Grub, Sweat and Cheers March 25, 2010, 9:14 am

    I got a tattoo when I left my 1st husband – I got the Chinese symbols for ‘strength’ & ‘wisdom’ put on my hip. They are rarely seen by anybody but I adore them as they are a reminder of a pivotal turning point in my life.

    My two little girls think they are hilarious and a reason why they should be allowed to draw all over themselves with markers. 🙂

  • chandra h March 25, 2010, 9:14 am

    your tattoo sounds nice! in my opinion if you get a tattoo it’s gotta be tasteful like that and hidden – but personally i’d never get one, i have zeroooo pain tolerance and it’s just not my style 😉

    i’ve been eating regular raw oats in yogurt forevs! glad i’m finally seeing it around the food blog world hehe. for a more creamy consistency i sometimes add milk or soymilk to yogurt (it tastes good i swear!) – 1/2 cup milk for 1 cup yogurt. then let the oats sit in that for a few.

    have a great thursday!


  • Nicole March 25, 2010, 9:15 am

    I love tattoos. Well, some tattoos. My personal taste is for tattoos that enhance the natural curvature of the body. Some tattoos really flow, and others are just randomly placed and cut off the natural lines of the human form. I have one small tattoo on the inside of each wrist, one says “Love” the other is a swirly bracelet that doesn’t fully wrap around my entire wrist. I also have several cherry blossoms (all done in pink and white, no black outline so they look very soft) that sweep across my back as if they were being blown in the wind across my upper back/over my right shoulder.

    My absolute most cherished tattoo is the one I just got last week. It’s in memory of my Mom whose life was taken by breast cancer in December. Starting at the nape of my neck, and going directly down my spine (reading from the side, not up and down) it says, “the rising sun will always speak your name…”


    • Caitlin March 25, 2010, 9:17 am

      thats beautiful

    • Jessica @ The Process of Healing March 25, 2010, 10:20 am

      Oh that IS beautiful!!! I would love to have a tattoo on my wrist but I’m so afraid of what people would think and say, I know I shouldn’t be!

      • Nicole March 25, 2010, 10:26 am

        🙂 Thanks ladies!

        Jess, about the wrist tattoos, your concern is completely normal! To be honest though, most people don’t even notice my wrist tattoos. The ones that do, love them! Even the swirly bracelet-like one is easily covered by a regular bracelet!

        • Lauren March 25, 2010, 11:07 am

          I’ve been thinking about a wrist tattoo for over a year now to honor my grandparents, but honestly am too chicken. I think I have a reasonably low tolerance for pain, and am worried they’ll start and I’ll just pass out (which actually happened right after I got my belly button pierced). Any words of advice or description about how bad it really hurts?

        • Nicole March 25, 2010, 12:24 pm

          Lauren, I was super scared too! In no way am I encouraging you to run out and get your wrist tattoo, that’s a very personal decision. In my experience, the wrist was pretty painful from what I remember. I put it that way because I got the wrist tattoos probably about 5 years ago. I remember gnawing on a finger of the opposite hand the entire time. BUT, wrist tattoos typically don’t take very long. Mine was 30 minutes at most. And tattoo artists (if you go to a good one) have dealt with all sorts of people while tattooing. They expect some people to shake, some to cry, some scream.. Its probably a little annoying, but it happens. FYI, I HATE getting shots, and tattoos are totally different. I’ve also had several piercings and to me, that pain is WAY worse than getting tattoos. 🙂 I sat for 6 hours straight to get my cherry blossoms done!!!

    • Freya @ Brit Chick Runs March 25, 2010, 2:12 pm

      Oh that’s so sad and amazing – what a beautiful way to remember your mum!

  • Angel31@keepingslimandgettingstylish March 25, 2010, 9:15 am

    I have three tattoos, a red rose on my hip which I got illegally when I was 15 years old in the most dodgy tattoo place ever! I also have a black henna style design on my left wrist and another black henna style design with stars on my right foot. I actually designed that one myself, I incorporated a nautical star as they represent a guiding star as well as 4 little stars for each of my goals. I’ve managed to achieve 2 of them already, with the first one losing weight and getting fit!

    Love your blog by the way xxx

  • Emmanuelle March 25, 2010, 9:15 am

    I got my belly button pierced when I was 21, but I don’t have a tatoo. I’ve always wanted one though, a stylish dragon on the lower back, but I have yet to find the right design and take the plunge!

  • Caitlin in MD March 25, 2010, 9:15 am

    Tattoos were never my thing but I got one a few months ago to honor the memory of my father…its small and on the inside of my wrist, and has significance to me/my dad (kind of a long story). My brother and I went together, I got my first and he got his third. And afterwards we stopped by a bar and pounded a beer in celebration 🙂 It was a great bonding experience and I love seeing the tattoo everyday and being reminded of its meaning.

  • clay March 25, 2010, 9:17 am

    I don’t have any tattoos and as of now, I don’t think I am getting one but I am not against them. I think your tattoo sounds cool and I think you should post the design of it… Not the actual picture because clearly that is private but I like how tattoos come out!

  • Tonyne @ Unlikely Success Story March 25, 2010, 9:17 am

    I have 2 actually, I have the pagan Goddess symbol on my back (not as low as a “tramp stamp” but not as high as mid back, sort of in the middle) surrounded by stars that I got the day before I turned 21 in NYC. Then I have a blue peony with a peace sign in the center right below the back of of my neck, I got that after a friend of mine was killed in Iraq.

    I have ideas for several more too. :/

  • Jenny March 25, 2010, 9:21 am

    I’m loving your “un-overnight oats” concept. Such a great discovery 🙂

    I do not have a tattoo, and I doubt I’ll ever get one. It’s just not my thing I guess. However, I love seeing and hearing about others’, it seems that there is always some wonderful story or memory attached to getting a tattoo! 🙂

  • Beki March 25, 2010, 9:21 am

    I have a tattoo of a four leaf clover on my hip, it was my 18th birthday present to myself. I love it and have never regretted it. I am getting another tattoo next week while im in Vegas on vacation!! yay!! Im getting a small sunflower on the inside of my ankle. I love sunflowers, and ever time i look at it i will remember my cousin who we lost to cancer. They were her favorite to. So I know I won’t regret that one. ( I like tattoos that mean something, a story of some where you have been or of something that has happened to you.)

  • bobbileigh March 25, 2010, 9:24 am

    I have 4 two of which I love two of which I dont regret but dont love either. I have a frog (my first one) and I love it. I have a fairy and my best friend has one too we liked the idea of sorta matching tattoos but only we know because when you look at them they are completely different just like our personalities. The two are a tribal and a butterfly both were free and spur of the moment they bring back good memories but dont really mean much to me. I do want another one in tribute to my grandfather but I want it on my foot and because of career reasons I have held off.

  • Nicole March 25, 2010, 9:24 am

    Hahahha!! I totally forgot I have another one.

    Every time my Mom would go to get her gamma knife (sp?) brain radiation they would mark the spots on her bald head with black dots… I got a black dot behind my left ear for each year she lived with cancer.. In totally I ended up with 10 dots. One line of 6, the other of 4.

  • Janet March 25, 2010, 9:24 am

    I have two, a calligraphy design on the arch of my left foot, and a pink flamingo above my right shoulder blade. I’ve never regretted getting either…and someday hope to add one more.

  • Amy Botta @ The Adventures of a Ginger Grad Student March 25, 2010, 9:25 am

    I like your description of your tattoo. I have a tattoo as well it’s the Chinese symbol for father with father in English written under it. It’s on my shoulder blade, but it’s in far enough that no one sees it unless I’m at the beach or wearing a spaghetti strap top. I got this tattoo when I was 18 years old about 2-3 days after my dad passed away. I really like it and have never regretted the decision. In fact, when I graduate from my Masters degree I have another tattoo planned, again in a spot where it’s not really visible!

    The only thing I can say about tattoos is for me it has to be something meaningful that stands the test of time. If it’s not then there is more chance of regret later in life. I know for me personally I’ll never regret my decision to get a tattoo because it meant so much to me, but I have had friends who have and ended up getting them removed.

  • Jacquie March 25, 2010, 9:26 am

    I don’t have one, but I’ve been thinking about getting on on the inside of my right wrist to symbolize my battle and surviving of my eating disorder. I’m not sure when or if I’ll get it because my grandparents would probably disown me and trust me, that wouldn’t be a good thing!

  • RhodeyGirl March 25, 2010, 9:27 am

    I have wanted a tiny tattoo of a star on the inside of my right wrist since the day my mom passed away. Stars have a lot of meaning for us, and I feel like I would feel more complete with the tattoo. I still haven’t gotten it, and it has been 8 years! I am so afraid of that ink running through my veinssss

  • RhodeyGirl March 25, 2010, 9:28 am

    Also, I want it to be the natural color of the old old tattoos- that faded green color.

  • Michelle March 25, 2010, 9:31 am

    I’m actually considering getting my first tattoo. I want to get a seashell on my side, just below where a bikini top would sit. There are several reasons why I want it. First, I grew up by the beach so it’ll remind me of home. More importantly though, it’ll remind me of my dad. He always called me Shell. He passed away from cancer in January and I want to get the tattoo in honor of him. I’m going to get accent colors of blue + orange (my dad’s favorite colors), and green (my mom’s favorite color) and I plan on getting it done on Father’s Day this year.

    I think the best kind of tattoo is one that means something to you. I never wanted a tattoo before, but when I thought of this idea it just wouldn’t leave my mind.

  • Liz March 25, 2010, 9:32 am

    I have a tattoo and I love it and want more! Me and my cousin (who is my best friend) went on a trip to Israel together in the summer of 2008, so we got matching tattoos that say “cousin” in hebrew. We both got it on our side/rib area, so I often forget it’s there too.

  • katherine March 25, 2010, 9:32 am

    They’re not really my thing, but the right tattoo on the right person can look really great, and I’ve finally come around to the one The Huz has on his back 🙂

  • Morgan @ Life After Bagels March 25, 2010, 9:33 am

    I have two tattoos, one is my birthday in Japanese, it’s on my back – and if you’re Japanese and you read it, it wouldn’t really tell you my birthday . . . because it’s not really grammatically correct. The other one is a star which is on the side of my ribs on my left side. Now that I’m skinnier it looks a little distorted. I don’t regret either of them, but I’m not rushing out for anymore, that’s for sure.

  • Shannon March 25, 2010, 9:34 am

    I have one tattoo, on my inner left ankle. It’s a Claddagh symbol, which is popular in Irish jewelry and means “love, friendship and bravery.” I got it when I was 19, and my mom actually has the same one!

    I want a few more, but I’m not sure where to get them yet: The Latin phrase “Ad astra per aspera” which means “through the stars through difficulty” and the word “Namaste.” I took Latin all through high school and college and that phrase has always been my favorite.

    It’s funny, because growing up I NEVER wanted tattoos – my mom had two when I was a kid (she has five now), and I never wanted any. Suddenly, I hit 19 and did! We still go to the same guy in New York who did all of hers back in the early ’80s even though we live in Atlanta. (He doesn’t charge us!)

    • Shannon March 25, 2010, 9:36 am

      Oh! And my mom and I also got our noses pierced together when I was 20. But I had an internship at a really formal PR agency and they made me take it out. I could never get it back in.

  • Kathleen March 25, 2010, 9:35 am

    Yes I have a small one on my shoulder, I got it when I was 23(18 years ago) it is an oriental symbol that means unique. I have always danced to the beat of my own drummer so,it fit. I forget it is there. You can only see it if I am wearing something racer-back.

  • Stephanie March 25, 2010, 9:36 am

    I love tattoos. I’m addicted. I have three, a lotus on my wrist, a rose on my back and a dragonfly on my neck. I’m working on more. There is a back piece I want done and one on my ankle as well.

    It’s SOOO addicting! i love INK!

  • Gwen March 25, 2010, 9:36 am

    On my first break from college, I came home to find sand paper and pliers next to the door, implying anything pierced or inked would be removed! 🙂 BUT when my mom went through a little mid-life crisis and got her own tattoo, it suddenly became okay – as long as I saw the same guy! I was over 18, not like I NEEDED her permission, but I needed her approval! LONG story short – I got a snowflake on the inside of my right calf. I too often forget about it but I love it. Reminds me of Vermont, where I grew up. I want to get another of the number ten somewhere – our wedding date is 10.10.10 and a 10 miler was also my first race!

  • Nicci@NiftyEats March 25, 2010, 9:37 am

    I have a tat in the same place. A ”pisces sign”,got it when I was 21. I Did it b/c I was feeling spotaneous too and had ended a relationship! I forget all the time that I have one. I would love another tat but I’m not sure where at, or what!

  • sarah March 25, 2010, 9:40 am

    Yes! I have a tattoo of a crab apple tree from my parents’ front yard on my back that was designed from a photo. It is BIG – or at least a lot bigger than I originally planned. But my thought was, hey, go big or go home. Unfortunately, it hurt like the dickens, and I passed out halfway through. Oopsies. Totally worth it though.

  • eatdrinkandbemerrynyc March 25, 2010, 9:41 am

    haaaa i used to have my belly button pierced and now have a little hole to show for it!!

  • Jess March 25, 2010, 9:46 am

    I actually have three little stars in the same place you have your tattoo. They are one for each of my family members who have passed on before me. I got it when I was 18 and also wanted to not be seen even in a bikini.

    I want another one but … I can’t decide where or what yet.

  • Beth March 25, 2010, 9:46 am

    Definitely rebellious. No tattoos. I love them, but I know myself and I am WAY too fickle to ink anything permanent on my bod. I’d love it for 6 months and then I’d get sick of it and want it to go away.

    I like looking at other people’s tattoos though. Some of them look like really beautiful pieces of art.

  • Emily March 25, 2010, 9:47 am

    I’m with you about the tattoo becoming part of your skin. There have been many times that I’m getting dressed with someone in the room and they ask what’s on my neck. I never see it – out of sight out of mind. I don’t think I’d ever get one again and I kind of regret getting the one I had.

  • Anna March 25, 2010, 9:48 am

    I’ve toyed with the idea of getting a tattoo, but I can never seem to decide on exactly what (I wouldn’t do it unless I was 100% set on it!) It’s funny, when I told my mom and sister that I was thinking of getting one, my mom said “COOL!” at the exact same time that my sister said “NO! my little sister is NOT getting a tattoo!” Bahaha.

  • Kelly March 25, 2010, 9:48 am

    I got mine when I was 19 and a Sophmore in college. It’s a pink and black butterfly on my hip with celtic knots in the wings because I’m Irish. I still love it and I want another one, on my foot I think.

  • Mackenzie @ The College Authentic March 25, 2010, 9:50 am

    i JUST got my first tattoo! it’s possibly the nerdiest thing ever. i got the dewey decimal number (those classification numbers on the side of library books) for “harry potter and the deathly hallows” on the left side of my ribcage!

    i’m planning on going to a library sometime soon, showing it to a librarian, and asking them where i should go to be shelved 🙂

    hahaha and i promise it has a much deeper meaning than it sounds! 😀

    • Caitlin March 25, 2010, 9:52 am

      hahah that is awesome.

  • Cyclist Kate March 25, 2010, 9:51 am

    I love tattoos! I have three–some forget-me-not flowers on my foot (funny story–the forget-me-not is the Alaska state flower, which is where I’m from. My mom and I were both going to get some tattooed before I went away to college. My mom has never had a tattoo, and after seeing me get mine, seeing the puddles of sweat under my palms and the look of pain on my face (foot tattoos hurt!), she said, “um, maybe I’ll get mine later.” Later never happened.

    My second one is an om symbol on the back of my neck. It was my first one and I got it at a point when I had been practicing yoga 5 days/week for three years. Now it seems like everybody has om symbols!

    My final one is a bicycle on my low back. I love bikes! Yeah, I have a tramp stamp ;).

    I’m kind of glad I couldn’t afford more when I was 18–I’d be covered!

  • ActiveEggplant March 25, 2010, 9:52 am

    I have one tattoo and I’m dying for another – I think I’m going to build on what I already have. Sounds weird but it’s the chain-ring from my mountain bike, inbetween my shoulder blades. I got it to commemorate a 35mile trail ride I did at Croom in 2008. I have ideas for “expanding” this one to incorporate some other “athletic milestones” I’ve reached…but we’ll see…

  • Amanda March 25, 2010, 9:53 am

    I have a tattoo on my shoulder blade of my son’s footprint from the day he was born and his name Lincoln beside it.

  • Amanda March 25, 2010, 9:55 am

    Oops, I meant to add that I’ve been thinking alot recently about a 2nd tattoo. I have an idea in mind for a running tattoo but I can’t decide where to put it. Also … one day after I have my tummy tuck (post weightloss surgery) I want to have the Weight Watchers stars for the amount of weight I lost across my tummy tuck scar (115 pounds).

  • Rose March 25, 2010, 9:59 am

    I have a tattoo in the same exact place for the same exact reasons and almost always forget it’s there.

  • Nancy March 25, 2010, 10:00 am

    I used to be against them, but then I went with my Boyfriend to get his first tattoo in December for completing his first Ironman Canada triathlon. Then I thought that it’d be neat to have one (hidden) too. I have absolutely no idea what I’d get though.

  • Jessica March 25, 2010, 10:02 am

    I actually have 4. My first tat was when I was 19 and of a shooting star wraped around a music note. My second was “Think Positive” on my left wrist above where I used to self injure as a teen. I promised myself that tattoo would be the last time I ever purposly inflicted pain on that arm. I also have”love” behind my right ear and a Celtic knot bracelet around my right wrist. Gettin. More soon lol

  • Jesse March 25, 2010, 10:03 am

    i have 5 tattoos! i love them and cant wait to get another one this summer. my most recent one was last summer, the husband and got tattoos together ~ he got one 1/2 of a yin yang symbol and i got the other. my next one will be a foot with a wing and 13.1 under it since i just finished my first half marathon a couple of weeks ago! (my other ones include my horoscope sign, scorpio, on my left foot ~ three purple stars, also on my left foot ~ the polish flag (i’m 1/2 polish) on my right foot ~ and a tribal design on my lower back). i love, love, love them all!!!

  • Sarah March 25, 2010, 10:05 am

    I don’t have any tattoos. I’d like to get one, but I can’t think of anything I’d want to have on my skin FOREVER. I’m thinking maybe once I have kids, I’ll get tiny ducks or lady bugs on my feet. Or maybe a sparrow? They mate for life and I love the line about God caring about the sparrows, so of course he cares for us.

  • Midgetkeeper March 25, 2010, 10:07 am

    Love your tattoo story. Mine is very similar. I had always wanted one and I always talked about it to my Husband (who I had just started dating at the time) one day after we won some money at a casino while on vacation visiting him, he suggested we use the money to get that tattoo I’ve always wanted.

    I have swallows very low on my hips, Love that they aren’t visible and they have so much meaning now. I want to get a few more, but we’ll see.

  • Lisa March 25, 2010, 10:07 am

    I actually just got my first tattoo just a couple of weeks ago. My mom passed away a month ago tomorrow, and my sisters and I all got tattoos in her memory. I got a “R” on my ankle for her (her name was Rina), and my sisters got teal ribbons for ovarian cancer awareness. I think of my mom every time I see my tattoo 🙂

    • Caitlin March 25, 2010, 10:09 am

      im sorry about your mom 🙁 but thats a wonderful way to honor her memory!

      • Laura March 26, 2010, 2:08 pm

        I was just going to comment as well, but I see my sister already did! 🙂 I love my tattoo and I definitely do think of her every time I see it.

  • emily March 25, 2010, 10:08 am

    I have two, they are both small outlines and I love them! I got a star on my hip when I was 17, and last week I got a bow on my lower back (tramp stamp) to celebrate finishing my first half marathon.

  • Matt March 25, 2010, 10:09 am

    Lol I don’t have a tattoo beacuse I am afraid of needles….

  • Caitlin March 25, 2010, 10:11 am

    I have two – one I got the day after I turned 18 (rebel much?) of a celtic knot on my lower back aka a tramp stamp – HATE that term. I often forget I have it, too. The other one I could never forget as it is on the inside of my left wrist – also another tattoo of a celtic knot that means “pure” as my/our name means “pure” in celtic. That little guy hurt like a bia.

    I am planning to get another one this summer of script down my ribs and side of a line from Le Petit Prince that means a lot to me – I’m sure I’ll be screaming in pain that day!

  • katie March 25, 2010, 10:12 am

    amen to that… i have a tattoo on my right butt cheek.. LOL! im not joking either-got it on my 18th bday and my mom didnt know until i got a colonoscopy and she saw it while i was drugged up and i started cracking up about it-i dont remember this at ALL!! but its nice when im about to take a bath and i peek at my tattoo..i like it!

  • D March 25, 2010, 10:14 am

    no tattoos, but ive got my nose, tongue and tragus pierced!

    i LOVE my piercings. i look like a total girly girl (and am really) so it always freaks people out when they realise. i got my nose done with friends, then got my tongue done by myself on a whim…and then got my tragus on a whim as well, but to piss off my boyfriend (who hates piercings). he said that getting my tongue done didnt really make me as “bad ass” as i thought i was. THAT came back to haunt him

  • Tricia March 25, 2010, 10:16 am

    Yep! Tattoo in the same place as you. Mine is a little daisy flower that I got when I was 21 and about to jump a plane to meet a guy in LA that I had a fling with in my hometown before he moved. Very young and I would not do it again but a nice reminder of my young days. I always tell people that if you MUST get one, get it where no one but you can see it because you will probably regret it if you put it in an obvious place. We do all grow up.

    BTW, my gyno loves to tell me that if I get pregnant my daisy will become a GIANT daisy all over my tummy. Ever think about that…JOY.

  • Heather Stowe March 25, 2010, 10:16 am

    I have 3- I have lips with a beauty mark on my foot (for Marilyn Monroe), a pisces sign on my right wrist, and a pale pink lily on my other wrist that my friend did for free. I am eventually going to cover it up with another, better looking lily 🙂 I will for sure be getting a few more in the future.

  • Ginger March 25, 2010, 10:16 am

    I put my Aquarius sign on my hip and I’m in love with it. I’m so glad I did got to experience it. I often thought when I reach my marathon goal I would get 42.2 inked on me somewhere since its such an accomplishment, we will see. 🙂

  • Katie March 25, 2010, 10:17 am

    I really want a tattoo. This summer I am going to get a dove on the inside of my left wrist. I haven’t decided on the design yet. It may just be an outline…or I may get creative and have them add a pattern to the inside of it. 🙂 Someday, I want to get a tree of life on my mid back, right side with one bird flying out of the branches. Then, when I get married, I will add another bird. And, for each child that I have, I will get more birds added.

  • steph March 25, 2010, 10:18 am

    ohhhh my god. my middle name is Joy and it’s also my grandma’s name!! so weird, i’ve only met 1 person with the same middle name as me. i’ve actually thought about it getting it tattooed as well!

    • Caitlin March 25, 2010, 10:21 am

      yay cool!

  • Jessica @ The Process of Healing March 25, 2010, 10:18 am

    Oooo I’m about to get a tattoo!!! I went to Ireland like 4 or 5 years ago and I fell in LOVE with it. I left my heart there, as corny as that sounds. I’m going back this June and I’m going to get a tattoo while I’m there, because that would actually MEAN something to me. I’m not sure what I’m going to get yet though. But it’s gonna be SMALL because I don’t like needles. I’m thinking either around my shoulder blade or on my hip.
    Did yours hurt?

    • Caitlin March 25, 2010, 10:21 am

      not really 😉

  • Ildie March 25, 2010, 10:19 am

    I actually have three. I love them and have a lot of friends in the “ink” business. The largest is on my shoulder and is close to a half sleeve in size. It’s of cherry blossoms and a bonsai tree. 😉

  • Becki March 25, 2010, 10:20 am

    I have 5.
    I just wrote that I had 4, but had to erase it because I totally forgot about one.
    I have dolphin jumping in the ocean on my lower’ish back, 2 ballerina’s on my shoulder’s (I have been a dancer since I was 3, danced competitivly through life and now teach for a living) on the top of my left hamstring area, I have an angel staring up at a rainbow and it says “Daddy’s Bear”I got that one year ago today to remember my dad on the fifth anniversary of his passing, and then behind me right ear, I have a script that says love laugh dance live. I believe that it’s almost my “mantra” of how I live my life.
    I looove tattoos, and would like more, however, do not think I will get them. 5 is enough.

  • Liz March 25, 2010, 10:24 am

    I just got a tattoo on Tuesday! I moved back to CA this year and I absolutely love it here, I got 3 California poppies done on my left side/ribs. It is beautiful, I am so white and the colors really pop.

    However, I was planning on a spin class followed by power yoga (my fave combo) in a few hours… but after some googling I found that it is suggested to wait a week before strenuous sweating and activity. Bummer. So I am compromising with a long walk to get some coffee.

  • Lacey March 25, 2010, 10:29 am

    I knew I wanted to get a tattoo as soon as I was legal. On my 18th birthday 4 friends and I all went and got the same toe-ring sun tattoo on our right 2nd toes. I am so happy with my decision!! It was summer before our senior year and even though we’ve all gone our seperate ways, we’ll always have our toe tats and that memory.

    Unfortunately right after my toe tattoo was done I think I got strung out on the ink and decided on a whim to get a cliche butterfly tattoo on my ankle. I somewhat regret it, but am thinking of adding my favorite quote to it. Refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies”.

  • Becky @ flybynyght March 25, 2010, 10:33 am

    I have two: a black sun on the back of my left shoulder, and 3 stars with a virgo sign on the inside of my left wrist. I got one a week after my eighteenth birthday and one on St Patrick’s day (totally a coincidence – it was 10am and I was sober) when I was 28. I really want another…maybe when I’m 38? Ah, hopefully sooner!

  • Melissa S. March 25, 2010, 10:37 am

    totally want a tattoo…actually two! one of a hummingbird stencil and the other of my family crest. i’m just to lazy to get them!

  • Jill Will Run March 25, 2010, 10:40 am

    I have the Japanese kanji for “beauty” and “balance” on my inner right ankle. I love it and I totally want more. It took me about 11 years to build up the courage to get that one, so hopefully it won’t take me that long to do it again!

  • Cynthia (It All Changes) March 25, 2010, 10:41 am

    I have a tattoo of a filagree cross and the word Redeemed in Hebrew. I thought about it for years before finally getting it and bought it for myself for my 25th birthday since I thought I’d never see that day. It’s on my left hip right at my bikini line. You can see it depending on what bathing suit I wear and if I want you too.

    I like tattoos but can’t think of another one I’d really want and Hunni doesn’t like them so I won’t get another.

  • Jenn (from March 25, 2010, 10:41 am

    Your un-overnight oats look delish!

    I don’t have any tats, but I would get one some place that no one could see, like yours. 😀


  • Heather C March 25, 2010, 10:42 am

    Too funny, I have one on my left foot & forget about it also! Then someone who has never seen it will say “YOU have a tattoo!” 🙂 I have my maiden name on my left foot…my dad passed away 5 years ago & I got it in memory of him/where I came from. I love it…I want another too, no idea what though or where!

  • Bronwyn March 25, 2010, 10:42 am

    I’m the proud owner of 2 tattoos:
    -flowers on my back
    -a cat on my calf

    I love them. I’ll probably get at least one more, but I’m waiting to see what I want. Something with writing…

  • Amber March 25, 2010, 10:43 am

    I have a dolphin on my ankle and a maple leaf on my shoulder. I got my first tattoo when I was only 14!!! But I like them both, other then the maple leaf is a bit crooked. I’ve actually been meaning to get that fixed…. I might get one more tattoo on my hip or lower back one day. Not sure!

  • Jess March 25, 2010, 10:44 am

    I am a petite Catholic, ballet teaching scientist. But I got my belly button pierced in college. I TOTALLY forget I have it and it suprises every one (EVEN ME!!). I always forget its there….glad Im not the only one who does that.

    Im not into tattoos, but if I got anything it would be a Pittsburgh steelers symbol!!

  • Orla March 25, 2010, 10:49 am

    I have 2; A horses head on my right hip as I worked with Race horses for about 10 years and they were and are such a huge part of my life and who I have become. THe other is on the base of my back and was designed by an album designer friend especially for me.(he was more than a friend and I think of him fondly when I look at it) It has no start or end point. I like it beacause he made it especially for me.
    My mother spotted them when we vacationed in Italy a couple years back and I told her they were henna as she freaked. That christmas I was in a change room with her, totally forgot about them and she freaked again and wanted to know why they hadnt faded… oops!!! I really really want another….

  • Therese March 25, 2010, 10:51 am

    I have three tattoos and love ’em all! I have my zodiac sign on my right big toe (cancer), I have a martini design with music notes between my shoulder blades (representing my love of music) and my left ankle is a shamrock anklet with themes of ancient illuminated manuscripts around it. I love history and love the design (it was also an add-on tattoo. I already had the shamrock but the tattoo artist put it too far up my leg so I had the anklet added to make it look like it was supposed to be there).

    I can see me getting one more tattoo to represent the massive changes I’ve made for myself over the last five years (basically involving growing up but I lost a bunch of weight, took up running, live an amazing healthy life and have changed my way of thinking from consistently negative to positive. I am not the same person I was before and am all the happier for it). Something to do with courage and strength and I’ll probably have some Japanese elements to it as I started to change my life when I moved to Japan for a year!

    I think tattoo’s are an incredibly wonderful, personal marker of life events. I’ll never regret my tattoo’s because they all represent specific points in my life and those will never go away!

  • Tyler Ramey March 25, 2010, 10:52 am

    I really want a tattoo, and may break down and get one when I do my first marathon soon! I need to think of a distinctive place to put “26.2”….any suggestions?!?! haha

    • Caitlin March 25, 2010, 10:54 am

      ass cheek?

      • Tyler Ramey March 25, 2010, 12:17 pm

        hahahahahahahahahaha, if you will come and hold my hand, then it shall be done.

  • Sophie March 25, 2010, 10:57 am

    This is my first time commenting! But I’ve been a reader via googlereader for awhile. (I’m not sure whether thats the same thing as following …the whole thing confuses me)

    I have a tattoo on my right hip of a fleur de lis (my sorority symbol)with royal purple, pink, and yellow shading (some of the colors of a real fleur-de-lis/iris!) And I had wanted a tattoo for awhile, but while strolling to dinner with friends in Costa Rica for spring break my senior year of college, we decided to all be spontaneous. Since I got it in a foreign country does that mean I can’t donate blood?! Haha I keep wondering that. But surprisingly the tattoo parlor we got our piercings/tattoos at was less sketchy than the other tattoo parlors back in Pittsburgh!

  • Carrie H March 25, 2010, 11:03 am

    I don’t have a tattoo but I have always wanted a tiny spreading fleabane flower somewhere inconspicuous. (Sounds like a venereal disease, but I swear it is a pretty flower, like a tiny purple daisy.)

    Fleabane grows at high elevations like in Wyoming where I live, and I picked one and added it to my wedding bouquet when I got married in the mountains three years ago. I have seen amazing beautiful fields of them in the summer while hiking in really remote areas. I also run outside year-round and when the fleabanes bloom is my favorite running time of the year!

    My sister *might* move to Africa in a few months to join the peace corps, and if she does, we might get tattoos together. Not matching, but I might then have the courage to actually do it! Ha ha, that’s a lot of mights!

  • Shannon, Tropical Treats March 25, 2010, 11:04 am

    no tattoos.. maybe one day! if so i’d get something really simple and tiny on my foot.

    Did u ever see the friends episode where Phoebe and Rachel get tattoos? It is epic. Here’s the youtube vid of it:)

  • Erica March 25, 2010, 11:04 am

    Yep! And I love it!! I have “Mark 5:36” on my foot to remind me of God’s faithfulness during my breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. My hubby got the same thing on his shoulder. I love it!

  • Dominique March 25, 2010, 11:06 am

    I have one tattoo on my lower back. It takes up pretty much the entire area so it’s pretty big–black and white. It’s symbolic–3 stars and swirls. The stars representing the people who have guided me in my life (even though I’m not religious it’s like the stars guiding Mary and Joseph). Mine are for my parents and my BF. I got it almost 10 years ago and honestly I often forget I have it because I can’t it.

  • Stina @ Girl Can March 25, 2010, 11:09 am

    I have three stars on my right hip. Similar to yours it’s never really seen even in a bikini. My best friend has the mirror image of the same tatto on her right hip. We got them together when we were about 19. It looks kind of crappy because we went to this shady little tattoo parlor who would actually tattoo us (in IL you have to be 21 to get a tattoo).

    I definitely want another tattoo. I’ve been putting it off those because I’m not 100% sure where I want. I also need to find a good artist/ shop. Plus I’ve got that nagging “adult sense of responsiblity” telling me there are more important things on which to spend my money.

    I’ve also got 12 piercings – three in each earlobe, two in my left cartilege, one in my right, my left tragus (the little nubbie), my belly button, and a “below the waist” piercing. I really want to get an industrial on my right ear. I promised my mom I wouldn’t get my tongue pierced (She threatened to make me repay them for my braces if I did.) otherwise I would have gotten that done at some point.

  • Amber K @ sparkpeople March 25, 2010, 11:10 am

    Totally not my thing. I could never get past the pain! I definitely have wanted them in the past and think about them every time a friend gets one (or another one!) but, it would just never work. I’d jump out of the chair and be running in the first minute!

  • Whitney @ Whitinspired March 25, 2010, 11:11 am

    I don’t have a tattoo…and the only one I’ve ever thought about getting is 26.2 if I ever complete a marathon. My Husband on the otherhand doesn’t have any, but has at least 3 he wants to get.

  • Susan March 25, 2010, 11:11 am

    I’m terrified of needles of any kind, so tattoos are definitely not my thing! I didn’t even get my ears pierced until I was 18. I do have a rebellious side though – I’ve had my hair every colour of the rainbow. Bright fuschia was probably my fave 😉

  • Me-Linh @ Sweet and Sweat March 25, 2010, 11:12 am

    I really want one! I’m just so scared of needles. I’d also put it somewhere people can’t see though 🙂

  • Jes March 25, 2010, 11:15 am

    I have approximately a centimeter in diameter dark purple star on the left foot near my pinky toe. I wanted something I could hide at work but still show off if I wanted. I love it! I drew it on my foot off and on for over a year before I finally got the tattoo. I am a huge wuss, and it was seriously the longest 3 minutes of my life! LOL

  • Beth @ DiningAndDishing March 25, 2010, 11:15 am

    I want a tattoo very badly! I want a vine of three flowers, one for Europe, one for Australia and one for Africa which were the three places I visited during college. But I want it to be small and delicate and when I went to get one sketched out it wasn’t like that at all! I’d rather have nothing than one I’m not 100% happy with. But hopefully one day I’ll find an artist that can get it right.

  • Bethany (Not Unless I'm Being Chased) March 25, 2010, 11:20 am

    I have always wanted a tattoo but have never found the courage to go through with it. When I was younger, I wanted a dove in the same spot you have yours (for the same “hiding” reasons). Now, as I’m training for my first half marathon, I keep thinking I’d love to get something to signify that. Maybe a 13.1 on one of my feet? A 26.2 (someday) on the other? That way when I look at my feet, I can always think “those are the feet that carried me all that way.”

  • Katie March 25, 2010, 11:20 am

    I don’t have any. I’ve always thought that I wanted a small horseshoe on my hip, but after seeing how my skin did amazing feats of stretching during my pregnancy, no thanks.

    Funny story. My old tennis coach had dolphins jumping around her belly button. She got pregnant and after she gave birth they looked more like beluga whales. Thank goodness for lazer removal!

  • Kate March 25, 2010, 11:23 am

    Tattoos really arent my thing but I have one anyways! I got one as soon as I turned 18 and I regreted it 3 minutes later! Oops!

  • Cindy March 25, 2010, 11:25 am

    I have a sneaker with wings on the inside of my ankle. (The track symbol) I love it!

  • Ashley March 25, 2010, 11:27 am

    I am SO glad that is flax on your yogurt…at first I thought it was nutritional yeast and w/the rest of those ingredients I was thinking “SICK.” haha No tattoos over here..don’t think I’ll ever get one!

  • Ruth, Diet Procrastinator March 25, 2010, 11:30 am

    I’ve got a celtic knotwork band around my ankle. It looks snazzy with my short workout socks!

  • Caitlin March 25, 2010, 11:35 am

    I don’t have a tattoo but I always think I want a very small one on my foot. I have been thinking a tiny dove (because I love birds, as well as the Christian significance of the dove)! However, with me entering the workforce soon I do not know how easy it would be to cover up..?

    • Stephanie March 25, 2010, 2:13 pm

      Nylons 😉

    • Carly March 26, 2010, 11:45 am

      I use nylons – semi-sheer in black do the trick.
      Worst case scenario, there’s always products like Dermablend, which is a coverage cosmetic used to cover everything from tattoos to rosacea. It works pretty well!

      • Caitlin March 27, 2010, 8:49 am

        great ideas!! 🙂

  • Katie@ Two Lives, One Lifestyle March 25, 2010, 11:35 am

    My mom and her sister have matching shamrock tattoos my aunt designed which is a cool idea. My cousin, sister, and I talk about doing something like that. I just can’t decide where I’d put it! My mom also has a celtic design on her neck and my sister has “Know thyself” in Gaelic. I’m the odd-woman out with no tattoo!

  • Courtney March 25, 2010, 11:41 am

    My mom’s name is Joy too! I would love to get a tattoo. I’ve been wanting one for years, but my in-laws are VERY against them and while I don’t really care what they think at the same time I know it will cause a major problem and I dread it. One day I’ll probably get one that is not in a noticeable area.

  • kalli@fitandfortysomething March 25, 2010, 11:42 am

    love your breakfast i have got to try the un overnight oats and NO the week is NOT flying by for me 🙁
    no tattoos here though i almost got one of fish on my lower bak years ago……

  • Nicole March 25, 2010, 11:42 am

    I love tattoos. I’ve got a lot of them, on my arms, back, ribs, hands & feet, and I just love them all! I’ll be getting more, too. My favorites are the fruit and veggies on my feet and the roses on my shoulder.

  • Hannah Hawley March 25, 2010, 11:46 am

    I have four. A heart on my toe, a triquetra on my wrist, a mermaid on my foot/ankle, and a mermaid on my back!

  • Elisa March 25, 2010, 11:49 am

    I’d love to get a tat, but I’m a chicken… I’d love to have the Alpha/Omega sign, representing my Lord and Savior, but I don’t really want it visible for work reasons so it’d likely be hidden, like yours…

    But, I kinda wonder if having the Alpha/Omega signs in that area is appropriate considering what it represents! lol…

  • Kristin P. March 25, 2010, 11:49 am

    I got a tattoo in college, its a place you can’t see, I forget about it but when I see it I REALLY wish I hadn’t done it. You cant undo!!

  • Wendy G March 25, 2010, 11:50 am

    Totally getting one in May. I have been wanting one since I turned 18 (9 years ago…shudder…) but something always stopped me. I wanted to get one on my honeymoon last year in Hawaii but knew that I wouldn’t be able to swim and the flight home would probably be uncomfortable. Almost immediately after we got back, my husband was diagnosed with a life changing disease. This May, a local tattoo parlor is having a fund raiser and the money actually goes to the disease that he has. I couldn’t ask for a bigger sign that this is my time to get inked! I am going to get a hibiscus flower (reminds me of our honeymoon) and I think I am going to have my late mother in law’s initials in the leaves somewhere. She was one of the most amazing women I’ve ever known and miss her daily so it would be a nice memorial of so many things I love.

    • Caitlin March 25, 2010, 11:51 am

      that is beautiful 🙂

  • Julie March 25, 2010, 11:51 am

    I have 2 – a chain of daisies on my ankle and a celtic knot on my lower back aka a tramp stamp. I like them both, but whish I put more thought into the ankle one. I got them both when I was 19…I want another one but need to think of where to put it and more impotantly, what I want.

  • Morgan @ Healthy Happy Place March 25, 2010, 11:54 am

    I don’t think I’d ever get a tattoo. I can’t really think of anything I’d want permanently written on my skin!

  • Christie {Honoring Health} March 25, 2010, 12:01 pm

    I do have a tattoo that I got when I was 18 and while I can’t say that I regret it necessarily, I do sometimes wish I didn’t have it. It is the WRV logo (lame, I know) and it is at the top of my back and is about as big around as a 50 cent piece. I doubt I would ever get one again, for sure. My brother is covered in them, though.

  • Stacey March 25, 2010, 12:09 pm

    omg, it’s so funny that you mention this. Yesterday when I was coaching Girls on the Run, I was wearing a tank top and the girls said “You have a tatoo coach Stacey?!” It’s on my shoulderblade (how original) and I ALWAYS forget it’s there. I was like “ohhh yeahhhh, I guess I do” 😀 It’s a japanese symbol that means ‘laughter'<–again, how original! 😀

  • Molly @fuelherup March 25, 2010, 12:14 pm

    I have a pierced belly button, but I want to get a tattoo either on my upper back right below my neck or my inner upper arm. Still working up the courage, though!

  • Lauren @ Running Examiner March 25, 2010, 12:17 pm

    I have a small tattoo above my left ear…it pretty much blends in to my hair 🙂 It’s a very small, stylized crown intended to symbolize strength. I often forget about it, but sometimes when I need the extra kick when I’m running or doing yoga, I think of my tattoo and remember that I AM strong! It helps 🙂

  • Jess @ Truly.Into.Fitness March 25, 2010, 12:19 pm

    I do:) I have a small outline of a heart on my foot close to my baby toe on my left foot:) I love it

  • Anon March 25, 2010, 12:20 pm

    I have 20 or so, including a half sleeve.
    I do not regret a thing! They make me so happy and have not thus far had an adverse effect on my career. And the boys dig ’em!

  • Courtney (The Hungry Yogini) March 25, 2010, 12:33 pm

    I have one on my hip, but after an unhealthy obsession with LA Ink, I’m wanting another 🙂 Really bad!

  • Rachel March 25, 2010, 12:36 pm

    I have a maple leaf (I’m a proud Canadian!) on the side of my lower back and a tiny “R” on my foot. My sister and I got the “R” together – both our names start with R and I was just about to get married and change my name so we got it in Brown – our maiden name. I love them both, but the R has a bit more meaning. During the Olympics I was pretty proud to have the maple leaf though!

  • Caroline March 25, 2010, 12:42 pm

    I have a thing for stars! I got two the first time, one on the front of my right hip and one on the back of my left. I also have one behind my left ear and want several on the top of my right foot, but haven’t gotten up the courage, I hear its the most painful place you can get one (thin skin, lots of bones, etc).

  • Megan @ Healthy Hoggin' March 25, 2010, 12:50 pm

    I just got my husband his first tattoo, and now I kinda want one, too! My problem is, I’m not sure what I want permanently on my body!! Being an illustrator, if it’s a picture, then I want it to be something I drew myself– perhaps a character from my first children’s book? (I’m dreaming outloud… that hasn’t happened yet!) I have a couple words in mind to, but I just haven’t had that “ah-ha” tattoo moment, I guess. 😉

  • Laura March 25, 2010, 12:52 pm

    I have one on my shoulder which was my first, it’s a star with music notes inside in front of a cloud in pinks and purples.

    Pink lotus blossums on each hip which I got when I was in recovery from an eating disorder.

    And butterflys flying up my back from above one lotus to the opposite shoulder.

    Mostly no-one sees them cause I don’t wear clothes that show them off but I love having them there for me!

  • jaimegirl March 25, 2010, 12:52 pm

    Caitlin—-my middle name is also Joy, and it was my mom’s maiden name and my grandmothers first name(yes, Joy Joy–Joy married a man with the last name Joy….)ha ha, funny coincidence. anyway, i don’t have joy tattooed on me but i do have a small moon tatoo from when i was 19 that i SO REGRET, and want removed as soon as i have the extra cash to do so…..

  • Angharad March 25, 2010, 1:03 pm

    They’re not really my thing but I like some on other people. To be fair, I only got my ears pierced for the first time last year (aged 25!!) so I’m not exactly a dare-devil in that area!!

    Exciting that Angela is coming to stay with you – I’m sure those’ll be some great posts!

  • Heather @ Side of Sneakers March 25, 2010, 1:08 pm

    I have 2- one the same places as you and one on the small of back- both places I could hide if I want to (or can’t see myself;)). I also used to have 13 piercings…Now I’m down to 3 (ears)…I’d say I definitely had a rebellious side…;)

  • Paige March 25, 2010, 1:19 pm

    I have 5 tattoos…some meaningful, and some just for fun.

  • Natalie Rae March 25, 2010, 1:23 pm

    I got my first tattoo right out of college during a hard time- I still love it- it is the word faith scrolled across my wrist in “ladylike” font. My other tattoo I usually forget I have- it is a small sketched heart on my upper neck. My next tattoo will be the word faith – scrolled in “ladylike” somewhere on my body- I am thinking down side in a hideable size… these will be my only three- and lead to my favorite bible verse- 1 Corinthians 13- “… faith, hope, and love” 🙂

    I say go for it if you want another- but make sure you love it- maybe hang the design on the way for 6 months and then if you still like it- it is the one for you! 🙂

  • Kiersten March 25, 2010, 1:27 pm

    I have one tattoo. I got it a little over a year ago. It’s the National Eating Disorder Association symbol and the words “Live Learn Love” along the side of it. Here’s what it looks like:

  • Hillary [Nutrition Nut on the Run] March 25, 2010, 1:42 pm

    Tattoos are NOT my thing…not at all!

  • Jenna March 25, 2010, 1:54 pm

    thats the same with my belly button- it has just become a part of me!
    but i must say i am not a tattoo person!!

  • Stephanie March 25, 2010, 1:56 pm

    So where is the picture of yours? 😉
    I have two (though technically I like to say three, since the last one took two sittings). I have my husband’s name on my foot and a phoenix on my arm/shoulder/clavicle. Lots of people like to tell me the whole kiss of death thing with his name, but we’ve been together for almost 8 years, so I am not really worried.
    I am looking to fill half my arm with birds! Can’t wait for more 🙂

    • Caitlin March 25, 2010, 3:03 pm

      haha it would be an inappropriate pic

  • kerry March 25, 2010, 2:03 pm

    Funny you posted this about tattoos!! I actually decided last night i really want one for sure! I’ve been debating about it for ages! But my BF doesn’t like them and doesn’t see the point of me getting one! hmmm..

  • claudia March 25, 2010, 2:07 pm

    I have 2 one on my upper middle back that i designed it is a sun with the face of the aztec calendar and this one on my inner right

    it’s the OM!

  • Jolene ( March 25, 2010, 2:16 pm

    I like when guys have lots of tattoos (like a full sleeve). I don’t have any tattoos, but if I was going to do it, it would be a LOT or nothing.

  • Jenny @ JennyLikesToRun. A teenager with a healthy twist on life :) March 25, 2010, 2:25 pm

    I would LOVE a tattoo. I think (when done accurately and tastefully) they are beautiful works of art. I plan to get quite a big piece once I turn 18, something that means a lot to me and represents my life up to that point. I’ve already chosen it actually (took me three years to decide on something to fulfill the criteria) and I can’t wait to have it permanently on my skin 🙂

  • Erin March 25, 2010, 2:49 pm

    I currently have two. One on my lower back above my hip (I honestly can’t ever remember if it’s above my left or right hip) and one on the top of my left foot near my toes. The one on my hip is a crescent moon surrounded by a line of stars. On my foot is the word “spot” which was the name of the first dog my husband and I adopted. You can see the one on my foot depending on what kind of shoes I have on, but otherwise you wouldn’t know I had any at all!

    I really want to get more. One to represent my running and another to represent my other dogs. Still trying to decide what and where, though.

  • Ellen Collis March 25, 2010, 2:50 pm

    When I was 18 I said I wanted a four leaf clover on my ass…thank GOD I didn’t go through with that. I’m not a tat kind of girl really, but I have plenty of rebellious sides. Most come in the forms of vodka..and wine 🙂

  • Mary March 25, 2010, 3:04 pm

    I really want to get a tattoo. the only thing is that I didnt know what I’d get or if I had anything significant to get. so I’ve decided that after I run my first marathon I’m going to get a 26.2 tattoo somewhere. that I think would be the only significant thing that I could look at and remember and be like ” YEAH! I did THAT!”

  • Kristin (Cook, Bake and Nibble) March 25, 2010, 3:11 pm

    I love tattoos; I have three now- my first one, which I got on my shoulder, is my Zodiac sign (Leo; it’s a lion’s tale), my second is a Ramones lyric- one of my faves and it was for my dad “I’m not afraid of life”, on my ankle and my third and byfar the most pain yet was “Strength” across the left side of my ribcage.

    I just think tattoos are beautiful- they can be works of art, especially when they are unique. Mine all symbolize something! I plan on getting a few more, as well!


  • kace@no guts no glory March 25, 2010, 3:14 pm

    I used to want a tattoo on my lower belly, but not any more. I have a bunch of surgical scars there now that I actually prefer; they have a great story behind them and they make me feel super tough : )

  • Cassie @ A Very Busy Mind March 25, 2010, 3:26 pm

    I def have a rebelious side, but no tattoo (yet). I want a symbol for “strength” on my foot…just haven’t found the right symbol yet.

  • Samantha March 25, 2010, 3:53 pm

    This week is flying by!! Ohh how exciting having Angela come stay with you!! Can’t wait to hear about it!

  • Nikky March 25, 2010, 3:59 pm

    My uncle owned a tattoo shop when I was growing up, so everyone in my family has lots. My mom doesn’t look like it since most are pretty small, but she had 36 at last count (I think she’s gotten 3 since then, about 10 years ago). I only have 1 right now, one of my good friends and I share an April 10th birthday, so we went out when we turned 18 and both got eighth notes (like the choir/music theater dorks we are!) on the inside of our wrists. They’re pretty small, but I love mine.

    I’d love to get something that says, “May angels lead you in” on my ankle for my grandparents (who raised me), and my brother who died last year. I haven’t ironed out the details yet though, if it’s going to be forever I just can’t go out and pick a random thing from a book. It has to mean a lot to me.

  • Maria (realfitmama) March 25, 2010, 5:02 pm

    I actually have 3 tattoos. The first one I got when I was 18 years old and my husband (boyfriend then) got it for my birthday. It’s a sun fish on my left shoulder blade.

    My second he also got me within that same year. That one is a sun on my right ankle.

    My 3rd tattoo is my most favorite. I I got it on my 30th birthday (12 years after my first one) and it is a peace sign with my oldest daughter’s name curving over the top and my youngest daughter’s name curving the bottom.

    I want another one on my wrist, but I have to work up the courage!!

  • Franziska ( March 25, 2010, 5:03 pm

    I do not have a tatoo – wanted one in college and never got around to it. Now, I think I am over it 🙂
    hey, like your post about adding raw oats into yogurt. I eat oatmeal every day (hot) and also try to avoid the high sugar cereal so this is a great idea – thanks!

  • maria March 25, 2010, 5:45 pm

    I wouldn’t mind having one, but I can’t imagine anything that I would want on my body forever. I think I am too ambivalent and change my mind far too often to permanently commit to anything–besides my husband! 🙂

  • Mason March 25, 2010, 6:48 pm

    I just got mine a week ago! I got a shark tooth on the top of my bum cheek. I wanted it kind of on my hip, but I didn’t want anyone to see it even when wearing a bikini, so it’s always covered up. I’ve loved sharks for as long as I can remember (weird, I know) so my mom got me a shark tooth necklace. On the necklace I also have a ring that says ‘strength’, that word means soo much to me. So when I decided I wanted a tattoo I knew for sure it was going to be a shark tooth or the word strength. I actually told my mom I was getting the word and came back with the shark tooth! Hahaha. I kind of want to add the word on top of the tooth but then people will be able to see it. Oh well, the shark tooth means strength to me and whenever I find myself in a rut, I remember not only do I have the necklace but now the tattoo too 🙂

  • Crystal March 25, 2010, 7:17 pm

    I have 4 tattoos, as of right now.

    I have…
    – a black gecko on the back of my neck
    – a full colour, fairly big dragonfly in the middle of my upper back
    – a black leo symbol on the side of my left calf, just above my ankle
    – a black dragon symbol on the back of my right calf right below where my knee bends

    I want to get some more colourful tattoos. I have some ideas but I’m not exactly sure where on my body I want them.

  • Kristin March 25, 2010, 8:42 pm

    I have 4 tattoos and I don’t regret any of them.
    1st I got for my 14th birthday and it is a small moon and stars on my inner heal.
    2nd I got when I was 16, it is the heart design from the album, Heart’s greatest hits but it also has some extra stuff drawn in. haha
    3rd is a fairy crawling across a leaf on my upper back.
    4th is the molecular structure of Sucrose. I call my boyfriend “Sugar” and that is on my forearm.

    The first three are not necessarily my taste now but they represented who I was at those ages, 14, 16 and 18 and that means a lot to me.

    I am getting another tattoo when I am in Hawaii this fall and I have two additional ones that I have been thinking about for years.

  • Kath March 25, 2010, 8:43 pm

    I should probably get a 26 tatoo. But I probably never will!

  • Amy (Up and Running!) March 25, 2010, 9:08 pm

    I have three tattoos. My first was a rose on my hip, and then I got butterflies on my shoulder. Then I decided to “go big or go home” if you will, and I got a tiger backpiece. I wanted them in places I could hide them for job purposes in the future…I like them…I don’t think I’ll ever regret getting them. I’d rather regret doing something than regretting not doing something…you know?

  • Katie March 26, 2010, 10:10 am

    I have two tattoos: an anchor on my left inside ankle and the word “grace” on my right hip. Like yours, no one can see it even when I’m in a bathing suit. Its just for me, to remind myself that, though I’ve made some big mistakes in my life, God freely gives grace.

    My sister and I want to get matching heart tattoos on our feet (a tiny heart close to my right pinky toe) for our dad who died in 2008. I’m still going back and forth on it but I’ll probably do it.

  • Carly March 26, 2010, 10:40 am

    I have 6 tattoos, one of which will eventually be a back piece. I’m not addicted to being tattooed, and I’m extremely selective with each piece’s imagery, design and the artist doing it.

    For me, it’s not about rebellion or making a statement. If I’m wearing a t-shirt, jeans and running shoes, no one can see a thing. I get tattooed because it reminds me of where I’ve been and where I’m going.

    • Caitlin March 26, 2010, 11:18 am

      i think i like the way you think!

  • Allison K March 26, 2010, 6:17 pm

    I am so late to this party, but I love my tatoos and love talking about them!
    I have six tattoos (which sounds like alot to me, and I own them!)
    1.I have a turtle tattoo that I got at 18 that was totally my “I’m 18 and I do what I want” tatoo. It’s above my left breast, low enough that it only shows when I want it too.
    2.I have a daisy tatoo on the 2nd toe of my left foot–It’s from a song that I learned at Girl Scout camp-working at camp was a huge part of my life and who I am as a woman…my two best friends have the same tatoo.
    3. I have the word “vicious” tattoed on my right foot–it’s a memorial tattoo for my cousin who died in a skiing accident.
    4. I have the word “hope” written on my’s almost on my lower back, but I like to think it’s higher than a “tramp stamp.”
    5. I have a waterlily tulip tattoed on my right shoulder-my husband bought it for me as 23rd birthday present.
    6. I have a damask-type design on my right shoulder blade, but in the middle I have my wedding anniversary date in binary code.

    Even with 6 tattoos three of which are visible to me, without having to crane my neck around, I still forget that they are there! I love them, as they all mean something and symbolize something to me.

  • Ashley @ Good Taste. Healthy Me March 29, 2010, 9:47 am

    I could never get a tattoo. I have commitment issues! I’d want it gone in about two weeks! haha.

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