December 2009

Up, Up, and Away

Have I mentioned that I am a very nervous flyer? Don't let this smile fool you! I'm shaking in my boots! The answer? The Husband swears that Virgin Atlantic has free wine and beer on their flights, but I don't believe him... How can that be?!  I'm not taking any chances.  It's $8 airport wine [...]


Support Crew

5.0 wonderful miles on my favorite running trail on Earth! Florida Christmas is the best kind of Christmas - even better than a White Christmas!    The Husband didn't want to run, so he rode a bike alongside of me.  It was like I had my own support crew on the run! It was so [...]


Pre-Christmas Dinner

Road trip!  We drove to my in-laws' house on the coast for the night to celebrate an early Christmas.  We also dropped the dogs off because my in-laws are watching Maggie and James while we're vacation in London.   My sister-in-law is going to Orlando to stay at out apartment with her European friend (we are [...]


2010 Resolutions

Glorious run with the Husband this morning!  We did 3.0 miles in 28:47. :)  I am very much enjoying being in taper mode for the marathon.  I like shorter distances (you know, as opposed to 20.0 miles at once).    After the run, I did some last minute Christmas shopping!  I’m giving the Husband an [...]


A Wet Christmas

It’s almost Christmas!  :)  Christmas is my favorite holiday.  Although my family is not religious, my mother and father were raised Catholic so we always celebrated the secular versions of many holidays.  I just love the cheer and goodwill spirit that everyone seems to exude around Christmastime.   Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we’ll have [...]


Spanish Spaghetti

I must clean out fridge before we leave for the trip!   Presenting… Spanish Spaghetti: So easy to make, and packed with veggies + vegetarian protein!   Ingredients:   Whole wheat spaghetti Pasta sauce Black beans, drained Corn on the cob, removed from cob Green pepper Onion Raw spinach   I cooked the pasta as [...]


The Good Daughter

I was a good daughter today!  I drove about 2 hours north to take my dad to and from a doctor’s appointment.  I’m his “person.”  You know, the person you list down as your emergency contact.   :)   My dad lives in the middle of nowhere! To stay within the goals of the Responsible Spending [...]


The Traveling Athlete

Good morning!  :)  I had an invigorating run this morning!  It was very cool, and my thighs felt like frozen chicken breasts the entire time (now, it that doesn’t paint a visual for you, I don’t know what will).   I normally prefer to run in the evening, but I have a full day planned [...]



Tonight, I was laying on my couch watching Law and Order, thinking about how I never do strength training anymore.  Marathon training has sucked away my desire to do push-ups for some reason – I think I’ve reach a natural point of “I don’t want to exercise anymore” than I already am (which is approximately [...]


The Notebook

Good afternoon! :) I have been running around like a wild child today – I’m trying to wrap things up for our trip; do some actual work for the book; clean the apartment (we’re going an apartment swap with a friend of a friend from London); and generally pull my life together.  I feel like [...]


Coffee Oatmeal

Because sometimes you need a double dose. And today is one of those days!   Coffee oatmeal is flavorful, bitter, and delicious.  If you love coffee, and you love oatmeal, you will LOVE coffee oatmeal! :) My oatmeal contained:   1/2 cup oatmeal 1/2 cup vanilla rice milk 1/2 cup brewed French vanilla coffee 1 [...]


Blizzard!! (The Ice Cream)

I am addicted to PUMPKIN YOGURT.  It’s amazingly delicious AND it’s such a healthy addition to my diet.  You know I eat Greek plain yogurt everyday, but the addition of real pumpkin has so many benefits. Pumpkin Yogurt rocks because:   1/4 cup serving has 150% of your Vitamin A needs (including LOADS of beta-carotenes, [...]


New WTM Record

This morning, I hit a new weekly total mileage (WTM) record: 36.5 miles in 7 days!   In the 4 years or so that I’ve been running, I have rarely run over 30.0 miles a week – maybe only once or twice.  And I KNOW I’ve never broken 35.0 miles before!  :)  My body prefers [...]


Afternoon in Action

Discovered the sports photography mode on my camera!   And what happens when you slow the shutter speed way down: As well as how hard it is to take pictures of Corn hole in action: Obviously, I just played with my camera and participated in a Corn hole tournament all afternoon long! :) Pretty sweet [...]