October 2009

Honour and Kyle’s Wedding

Congrats to the happy couple!  :) Honour and Kyle’s wedding was a smashing success! I’ve known Honour since I was about 10 years old, and she was just 8.  It was wonderful to get together with our old family friends to celebrate.   Honour and Kyle had an outdoor wedding at a country club.  I [...]


Scrounging for a Meal

I’m in Jacksonville with my Mommy!  It took me about 3 hours to get here because I kept getting lost.  I’m so absentminded!   I snacked on a muffin (homemade by Meghann) while driving. And then I picked up my mom and we went searching for an acceptable vegetarian lunch.  Mom went vegetarian a few [...]


Here Comes the Sun?

I woke up to a chill in the air! It’s currently 62 degrees (don’t laugh!) and I cannot wait to wear jeans today! :)   I made the ugliest batch of Flax French Toast for breakfast: I’m not sure why these came out so ugly, but they tasted good!  I had trouble flipping them in [...]


Laundry and Wine

I poured myself a glass of Merlot while folding laundry this afternoon. It was awesome. :)  And I ate two of these scrumptious homemade muffins that Meghann gave me at lunch: I worked until 8:30 and then the Husband took me to Chipotle for dinner.  :)  I tried the Burrito Bowl this time.  I had [...]


Urban Think Deli

I met my dear Meghann for lunch today at Urban Think Deli, a small cafe that is attached to a local bookstore in downtown Orlando. I was so happy to see Meghann! Our schedules have been conflicting lately. I ordered the Tempting Eve: My sammie contained sliced Granny Smith Apples, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, red [...]


Ten Miles

I learned an important lesson this morning...  It’s more important to listen to you body than your training plan!    Before I left for my run, I had a whole wheat bagel, PB, and a banana: I had a 17.0-miler scheduled and met up with the girls (including Katy, Megan, and Kelly) for a run. [...]


Respect the Distance

Thanks for your feedback about entering a Half Ironman!  I took a break from work earlier today to research some training plans and realized that a Half Ironman requires WAY more effort than a marathon does (major duh on my part) – like working out twice a day 4 - 5 times a week.  I [...]


Mustard Hearts and the Half Ironman

This morning, I was surprised with an emergency call from the doctor.  I had to go into the doctor’s office to get some test results – which were basically inconclusive and require more testing (before my insurance runs out).  I don’t think its really a big deal, but the whole run-around by my doctor and [...]


5 Good Years

Another British-inspired breakfast: Egg in a Hole is so delicious! I use a bicycle water bottle to cut out a hole in the bread, put the slices on a greased griddle, and drop an egg in each hole.  The result is a slightly runny center surrounded by toast.  Those Brits are so smart.  :)   [...]


Neatloaf and Key Lime Pie

Cooking new recipes stresses me out.  It calls for beer. I tend to make a huge mess of my kitchen! But, for once I actually made something delicious – Neatloaf! Neatloaf is vegetarian meatloaf.  :)  It includes brown rice, flax cereal, tofu, and loads of other goodies.  It’s topped with a BBQ sauce. Beth gave [...]


Try new recipes. The other night, the Husband came home from clinical with a grocery bag in his hand.  He held it up and proudly said, “I got my first gift from a patient today!” The patient had given us well over three dozen Key Limes.  “They’re organic,” the Husband said.  “Can you make a [...]


Stale Legs

Update your Google Reader!  www.healthytippingpoint.com/feed   I did not have the most pleasant run this morning.  Dry heaving on the side of the road was involved. :( Lately, I’ve noticed a pattern of bad run – good run – bad run – good run, especially when I run two days in a row.  What gives? [...]


Pumpkin Spice Pancakes

In honor of this week’s Blogger Secret Ingredient: Pancake Mix contest, I made Pumpkin Spice Pancakes for breakfast. I don’t have a detailed recipe to share, but basically, I made regular whole wheat pancakes and added about 1/4 cup of pumpkin puree and dashes of cinnamon. ground cloves, and nutmeg.   The result?  Soft, chewy, [...]


My Everything!

Writing, writing, loads of writing! This is my book folder.  All those papers are notes, legal releases, and narratives.  Each tab is a chapter.  This book is currently my EVERYTHING.  If  my apartment caught on fire, I would snag this, my wedding album, and my laptop.  :)   I snacked of Greek yogurt and granola [...]

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