Trip to London

Best Mates and Bowling

Meet the Husband's best mate from England, Chris! Don't they look like brothers?  Maybe it's the beard and red hair... :)   Our morning started off with a wonderful ride on the Underground to the Liverpool station, which I remember from our last trip.   Hello, Liverpool station! Side note:  High heeled black boots = worst [...]


Pump Me Up

I got my non-running workout on this morning!  Sometimes, it just so nice to do something besides run. My legs were very stiff when I woke up at 10 AM.  Running 4.1 miles + climbing 500+ stairs to the top of St. Paul's Cathedral did me in!  But I knew that getting some light movement [...]


Run London

I think we both had a lot of trouble sleeping last night (we woke up at 3:30 AM, ready to roll) and were relieved when it was finally 'time' to get up.  We got dressed quickly and hit the streets as the sun came up.  The Marble Arch looks so pretty early in the morning, [...]


Christmas in London

On Christmas morning at 6:45 AM, we arrived in London! We haven't done much yet except go through customs, travel from the airport, and SLEEP!  The jet lag killed me this morning, but now I think I'm well-adjusted (London is 5 hours ahead of Orlando).   The flight over was really fun! We flew Virgin [...]


Up, Up, and Away

Have I mentioned that I am a very nervous flyer? Don't let this smile fool you! I'm shaking in my boots! The answer? The Husband swears that Virgin Atlantic has free wine and beer on their flights, but I don't believe him... How can that be?!  I'm not taking any chances.  It's $8 airport wine [...]

Healthy Tipping Point