Picture Perfect

If you recall, immediately after we moved into our new house, the air conditioning system blew.  Suffice it to say that replacing an AC is extremely expensive.  Three cheers for homeownership, right?  Fixing the AC ate away our fun ‘decorate the house’ money we had diligently been saving for months.  Some rooms of our house [...]


Snore Solution + a Yard Update

I have solved the snoring problem! The problem was that I sleep on the right side of the bed, but on my left side because of the baby, so my pregnancy-inducing snoring was right in the Husband’s ear.  Someone suggested that I switch to the left side of the bed, but seriously – have you [...]


Weekend So Far

I’m a serious commitmentphobe.  When it comes to rugs, that is. Normally, I’m pretty good at deciding what I want, whether it’s in my price range, and taking out my wallet.  True story:  when I purchased my first car, I found it online, headed to the dealership, opened the car door, looked inside, and said, [...]


The nursery tour!   I must have pregnancy brain because yesterday, I spent the entire day telling people I was three weeks from my due date.  40 weeks minus 36 weeks is 4 weeks, not 3.  Meh.  Well, regardless, Happy 36 Weeks, BabyHTP!   I’m feeling pretty good this week.  I have really bad carpal [...]


From OMG Gold to ORB Beautiful

I forgot to mention my very favorite kind of workout buddy… The four-legged and furry kind! Check out… How to Pick Up Friends at the Gym   I had grand plans to take James on a  long walk this morning – he was definitely my motivation to pull myself out of bed.  But then I [...]


House Tour: Where We Got It

Lunch break! Just a grilled cheese with pea sprouts, an apple, and pickles.   Plus – hummus, chips, and carrots. House Tour: Where We Got It   I’ve gotten the questions “Where did you get your dining room chairs?” and “What color did you paint your living room?” about a dozen times, so I figured [...]


A Path Less Traveled

Peek-a-boo! This lunch was missing only one thing: salsa!  Otherwise, it had all the fixins of a perfect patio lunch – tacos with refried beans and hummus, carrots, and rice. Oh, and most importantly…   A big bowl of juicy watermelon.  So delicious. When I was growing up, my mother always told me that her [...]


Kitchen Tour

Happy April Fool’s Day!  There is no Maggie 2.0 in my life.  For what it’s worth, I would never clone a pet.  I just love the holiday and always do an elaborate blog prank (I think of them months in advance!).  I don’t think I’ll ever top Wealthy Tipping Point, in which I convinced a [...]


Blue Door

Whew.  The painting spree is complete.  The grand finale of the spree was painting the front door, which was previously a weathered dark green.  I really love cheerful, colorful doors, and during the house hunt process, houses got extra points for fun front doors.  So it made sense to upgrade ours ASAP.   My color [...]


Making a House a Home

Even though we’ve owned the home for only 26 hours, we’ve made lots of progress!  The Husband began to paint the nursery, which was really exciting. (The color is Sherwin Williams Cityscape.)   Our inspiration for the nursery is this image.  Although we’re not going to copy every part of it, my mother-in-law is going [...]



Last night, this was me: Fuel ‘er up!  Sunflower butter + banana smoothie and toast with cottage cheese: Today is a very special day…. We are closing on our first home!    If you’ve been reading for a while, you may remember we went through a horrible house buying experience this past summer.  After searching [...]


Ding Dong, The Deal is Dead

Unfortunately, we are no longer under contract for our first home.  Many of you have guessed this in the comments section or on Twitter.  While I am very sad to confirm that we lost the house, the entire process was eye-opening and educational, and I can’t regret all that we’ve learned.  I have lots of [...]


DIY in Our Future

Still reeling from the weekend!  Normally, weekends are for relaxation, but Saturday was super stressful because… we went under contract on a house and will close on July 22!  And it only took three rounds of negotiations and endless number crunching.  Heh.   Closing on a house is a very interesting process indeed.  We have [...]

Healthy Tipping Point