July 2011

This Counts as a Workout

After four hours of sweating, my legs and back are so sore.  I could hardly get out of bed this morning.  And I feel like eating my entire fridge.  Hmmm.  Sounds like I ran a marathon.   Naw – I just unloaded a 4-bedroom moving van last night.  Marathon, moving van, whatever.  Don’t worry – [...]


Run Together

Many people have asked about the Husband’s exercise habits.  He doesn’t do races like I do; instead, he really loves to golf.  He’s actually pretty good, if I do say so myself!   He probably golfs 3 – 8 hours a week and runs with me once or twice a week.   However, the Hus doesn’t [...]


Hold Onto the Memories

Yesterday was the obligatory “Help Your Friends Move” day.  Since Isaac and Nicole are ‘legally but not spiritually’ wed (spiritual wedding is in October), they are moving into together.   Specifically, Isaac is moving out of his 1,000 square foot townhouse and into Nicole’s one-bedroom apartment.     Apparently Isaac is sentimental because I think he kept [...]


Get Ready for The Great Fundraising Act

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that fellow blogger Susan of The Great Balancing Act was diagnosed with lymphoma.   Despite being hospitalized for treatment, she has managed to write some pretty incredible posts about everything she’s been going through:   A Long Hard Road: Discovering she has cancer. Cancer, Day One: What being in the [...]


Girls Like Us

I was a little nervous when the Husband poured vanilla almond milk into the scrambled eggs, but you know what?  It worked! It made the eggs more sweet than savory, but it was a very light sweetness and an interesting change.  Mmmm. On toast with watermelon and pineapple.   I stayed up SO late last [...]



As the Hus and I stepped out for dinner and drinks, my neighbor stopped us and remarked, “You guys are going out?!  Good for you!” I think that means we should get out more.  Heh.   Luckily, we had grand plans at Soul Gatrolounge a swanky little bar with awesome music and delicious eats.  If [...]


Heat Wave

As a Miami girl, born and raised, I’m used to a little heat and humidity.  But this is not running weather, folks: Ugh.   It feels so hot out there!  I was dripping on the dogs’ morning walk and knew that it just wouldn’t be safe to run outside.   No cloud cover at all. So instead [...]


Two Minutes to a Healthier You

I believe that small efforts really add up over time.  And guess what?  All you need to be healthier is two minutes a day.  Yes, just two minutes! What do you do in those two minutes?  You think about tomorrow and how you’re going to fit in your goals – eating better, exercising, meditation – [...]


A Walk Around PetsMart

It was so hot in Charlotte today that we actually drove to PetsMart to take James on a mid-day “walk.”  We roamed up and down the aisles, bought some doggie food, and left after 15 minutes.   Maggie comes on our PetsMart excursions, too, but I just put her in the cart and push her [...]


Lunch was delicious.  Have you tried these tempeh strips before?  Super tasty and convenient. I made a sandwich with hummus and tabbouleh, as well as steamed greens and cherries. So… The Husband and I spend a lot of time together.  Except when I go on a run or swim, he plays golf, or I leave [...]


Chewy Millet ‘Granola’ and Yogurt

WOAH!  I loved, loved, loved reading all the wonderful comments on the Green Your Period post.  If you have not checked out the comments, I highly recommend you do so – there are so many great tips and discussions going on.  And lots of juicy TMI gossip.  Of course.   I promise not to discuss [...]


A few weeks ago, I was browsing the shelves at Earth Fare when I came across organic tampons.  “ORGANIC TAMPONS?!” I thought with a huff. “What are they going to think of next?” However, based upon my recent cervical dysplasia issues, I thought I should pick up a box.  I’m pretty much willing to try [...]


5 Miles + 7 Links

Whoop whoop!  Guess who dragged her butt out of bed for a 5.0 mile run?   This is definitely something to CELEBRATE because I haven’t run so far by myself since MARCH.  In fact, I can count my 5K + runs since then on one hand.  Injuries blow, but the thing about most acute injuries [...]


Your Cleaning Tips

I had SO much fun reading your cleaning tips on the post about my new Daily Chore Calendar.  Here are just a few of the tips from the comments section: Kristin @ Iowa Girl Eats keeps a Swiffer sweeper behind her bathroom door and quickly cleans up the hair that ends up on the floor after [...]

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