November 2009

A Foggy Morning

My favorite type of weather is chilly and foggy – you know when the air seems heavy with water, like it might rain any moment?  Love it.  It’s like that right now in Central Florida, and I was so happy to go for a run.   First, I had a mini breakfast with the Husband.  [...]


Tacos and Shot Glasses

I am so into these blue corn chip taco shells – they’re delicious (and they’re organic)!  The trouble with tacos is that the stuffing always falls out – I figured out tonight that little shot glasses, turned upside down, are the perfect way to keep them in place.  :)  It’s pretty much the only use [...]


A Delicate Subject

A Worried Fiancée sent me the following question, “I know you've said before that your journey to a healthy lifestyle began with an "intervention" from a friend.  I'm basically trying to do the same thing with my fiance.  He is somewhat depressed, mostly from his job, and has been coping by eating fatty foods, drinking [...]


Mini Meals + Many Snacks

Lately I feel like my eyes are too much for my stomach.  I hate wasting food!  I only made it through about 1/2 of lunch, and I’m not sure why. I did eat both delicious mini quiches, which consisted of 2 eggs, cheese, milk, spinach, and spices: And I tried to choke down this broccoli [...]


Safety First

Morning!  I am having some problems with both Healthy Tipping Point and Operation Beautiful, so if you recently e-mailed me, it might take a me while to get back to you.  Silly blogs! Technology hates me.   Breakfast, however, was delicious: I had a bowl of banana oatmeal.  I can’t believe I didn’t try oatmeal [...]


A Little TLC

I want to say THANK YOU for all the support about my LEEP procedure.  The blog world always surprises me because everyone is so supportive and kind.  I don’t want to needlessly scare other women who have to have the LEEP done in the future, as I received many e-mails from people who’ve gotten it [...]


Necessary, Part III

Side note:  I read today that only 70% of Americans wash their fruit before eating it.  Um, gross.  Not only is there dirt on fruit, but fruit is also covered in wax and pesticides.  Please wash your fruit!  :)   My lunch was delicious (and washed): I had two organic blue corn tacos, which I [...]


Back On Track Month Recap

Catching up on weekend posts?   Read my review of New Moon Read the tailgate recap from the Miami vs. Duke football game   Good morning!  I went on a glorious 5.0 mile run this morning.  It is very overcast and cool in Central Florida, which was a nice change from the hot, hot sun. [...]


Shopping and Thai

Shopping was a success in that I managed to post a LOT of Operation Beautiful notes!   Also, I saw SANTA!!!  He was too skinny to be the real Santa.  :) I don’t know what was wrong with me today – the Husband and Harry totally out-shopped me.  I just find malls really draining in [...]


Bundle Up!

I’ve been one busy writer all morning – I’m feeling productive!  I’m currently writing the “Food” chapter of the Operation Beautiful book, which is interesting and challenging.  The subsections of the chapter include discussion on our love affair with diets (and why they don’t work), mindful eating (basically the food philosophy you see on this [...]


No Slackin’ and New Moon Review

Morning!  I crashed at 10 PM last night, and woke up at 7:30 AM.  I feel like a new woman!   Wheatgrass and coffee helped, too.  :) And then I tackled my e-mail, which was entirely out of control.   I had intentions to do Yoga Sculpt afterwards, but I realized that I was essentially using [...]


UM vs. Duke Tailgate Recap

Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade! Today’s football game was extra special because 1) it was the last home game (but not the last tailgate) of the season and 2) we decided to upgrade our tickets to the swanky Club Level.  TOTALLY worth it!   My day started bright and early at 5 AM.  We were in a [...]


Hi friends!  Sorry to leave you hanging, but I didn’t get back from New Moon until midnight, and now it’s 5:45 AM, and I’m getting ready to leave for Miami.  We have our last home game to attend and tailgate at.  :(    New Moon was a-maz-ing.  I don’t care what the critics say, it [...]


Grad School Announcement and Two Success Stories

As I mentioned yesterday, I got into the University of South Carolina grad school program for Physical Therapy.  I was really excited to get in because there are only 18 spots available.    I literally killed myself for the last 6 months while studying for the GRE exam, shadowing a physical therapist, and surviving classes [...]